The 6 best books by Vladimir Kolychev

Russian writer Vladimir Kolychev is the author of militants and detectives. Many readers who do not perceive this genre of literature, with great interest discover the criminal world. This is a fascinating read, worthy of attention on a par with other works by famous writers. So we decided to make a rating of the best books Kolymogorov and share our opinion on his work.

Rating of the best books by Vladimir Kolychev

NominationplaceThe bookrating
Rating of the best books by Kolychev1We are one team5.0
2In love and very dangerous4.9
3Lady Mafia4.8
4A bullet for a soloist4.7
5♪ Conductor, hit the brakes ♪4.6
6Veteran of gangster wars4.5

We are a brigade

Rating: 5.0

We are one brigade Kolychev

The first book to be ranked, it recounts the events of the ’90s. In the story, two convicted comrades are about to go into business of their own. In making a profit, they are hindered by competitors. Then one of the accomplices decides to strengthen his brigade and take revenge.

The work was the opening of the “We’re a Brigade” series. It is written based on a true story of people. A compelling narrative captures from the very first lines. Everything is here – male friendship, leadership charisma, unconventional situations. This is a great option for fans of the crime genre and detectives.

The merits

  • Excellent description of the 90’s;
  • fascinating plot;
  • easy to read;
  • eventful.


  • no.

In love and very dangerous

Rating: 4.9

In love and very dangerous

The book “In Love and Very Dangerous” tells the story of a good boy who was constantly bullied by his classmates. They called him a “punching bag”. Thanks to his strength of spirit, he achieves great success. The story will tell how he became, how he fought for the girl he loved.

The book is easy to read and fairly quick. It is full of unexpected events. There are some brutal scenes in it. The work will show the reader how a person can change in order to achieve their goal. The book is sure to be appreciated by fans of crime fiction.


  • thrilling plot;
  • unexpected turns of events;
  • easy to read.


  • no serious disadvantages.

Lady Mafia

Rating: 4.8

Lady Mafia

Like the previous books in the rating, “Lady Mafia” is written in simple, clear language. It tells the story of a girl who heads a local gangster group. There comes a turning point in her life when she falls in love. The heroine is presented quite vividly. It is described in great detail.

Judging by the reviews, some scenes of violence are described in too much detail. Otherwise, no complaints about the work. It is recommended for all girls who have lost faith in themselves. Men will also like this book. Perhaps after reading it they will realize that they should not seek intrigue on the side when a wife is waiting at home.


  • gripping storyline;
  • cautionary tale;
  • Interesting description of the characters.


  • There are very violent scenes.

Bullet for the Soloist

Rating: 4.7

Bullet for the soloist

At first glance, the plot of the book “Bullet for a Soloist” seems trite and hackneyed, but in fact it is not so. An arrogant and proud guy becomes a famous singer thanks to an influential producer. The artist had it all – fame, money, popularity, millions of female fans. And then something happens that is impossible to predict..

Rich and vivid story read in the same breath. It is written in a lively and clear language. The story conveys the hidden truth about show business and leaves a lot of impressions after reading it. The ending will not be predictable. Reviews of the book are only positive.


  • mass of events;
  • A fascinating plot;
  • Addresses topical issues.


  • no.

Conductor, hit the brakes

Rating: 4.6

The conductor pulls the brakes

Next in the ranking is a book about a hitman named Radik Ulich. He fought in Chechnya and in Afghanistan. After the end of the war, he still has skills and memories. One day he receives an order to kill his own friend. Whether or not he will fulfill it, you can find out by reading this piece.

According to reviews, the content is gripping from the first pages. The book will appeal to fans of action movies and dramas. This is a story about true male friendship, about a sense of duty, and about freedom. Every fan of Kolymchev’s work should have a print edition.


  • sharp plot;
  • touches on important themes of life;
  • a lot of good reviews.


  • not found.

Gang War Veteran

Rating: 4.5

Veteran of gangster wars

Our rating is rounded out with a story that depicts the events of the rogue nineties. The hero of the book, Oleg, lost his job, his car, and his money. It’s hard for him to get back on his feet after such blows of fate. He continues to fight for his place in the sun. The writer’s work teaches us not to lose faith in ourselves, to be stronger and to withstand life’s hardships with dignity.

Minor drawbacks include elements of violence, foul language, brutal murders. The work has an age restriction of 18+.


  • interesting plot;
  • The atmosphere of the ’90s is conveyed in detail;
  • Draws you in from the first lines.


  • For adult readers only.
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