The 25 Best Love Movies for Real Romantics

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Love is the driving force. For her people are willing to do the craziest things, she overcomes all obstacles, brings happiness, and sometimes excruciating pain. Thousands of books have been written about love, and hundreds of movies have been made. This is exactly the kind of movie we are going to talk about today. What kind of difficulties stand between the two lovers, what they are ready to sacrifice and what they will do to overcome obstacles and circumstances – about this and much more learn from our selection.

The Expertology editorial staff has prepared a review with 25 love movies for incorrigible romantics.

Rating of the best love movies for true romantics

Rating of the best love movies for true romantics1“Eternal Sunshine of the Pure Mind.”5.0
3“The Great Gatsby”4.9
4“The Artist.”4.8
5“Hasten to Love.”4.8
6“Home by the Lake.”4.8
7“Boyfriend from the future”4.7
8“La La Land.”4.7
9“Blame the Stars.”4.7
10“Sweet November.”4.6
11“One Day.”4.6
12“Talk to her.”4.5
13“P.S. I love you.”4.5
14“The Whale.”4.5
15“Remember Me”4.5
16“The Age of Adaline.”4.5
17“500 Days of Summer.”4.4
18“Forgive me for my love.”4.4
19“Water for Elephants!”4.3
20“He and She.”4.3
21“The Best in Me.”4.3
24“Love and Other Drugs.”4.1
25“If Beale Street Could Talk.”4.1

“Eternal Sunshine of the Pure Mind.”

Movie Rating: 5.0

  1. Melodrama, sci-fi.
  2. USA, 2004.
  3. Duration: 117 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 8.0.

The story of Joel and Clementine began completely by accident, when a man, instead of the usual route to work, took a train in the other direction and went to the sea. A sandy seashore and a bright girl with blue hair changed his gray and dreary life once and for all.

They made it all the way back together… As they talked, Joel realized they had a lot in common, as if he had known Clementine for years. Very soon he begins to realize that this feeling is not deceptive or accidental, they really knew each other, moreover, were in a pair of.


Movie Rating: 4.9

  1. Melodrama, comedy.
  2. France, Germany, 2001.
  3. Length: 122 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.9.

The Jean-Pierre Genet film was acclaimed and brought international fame to Audrey Tautou, the leading actress. The film tells us that all the events taking place are interconnected in the most amazing way. Even the flight of a tiny insect can create a hurricane somewhere far away, and the actions of a lonely, sweet and quiet girl named Amelie change the lives of different people, bring happiness and paint the world with bright colors.

It all begins with an ordinary box containing childhood memorabilia that once belonged to an unknown boy. When the box is returned to its owner, the protagonist changes, and henceforth every action she takes affects those around her like a butterfly effect, causing in the fates of some the lightest whiff of the wind, and in others, a powerful hurricane.

“The Great Gatsby

Movie rating: 4.9

  1. Drama, melodrama.
  2. Australia, USA, 2013.
  3. Length: 143 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.9.

This poignant drama is based on the classic American novel of the same name by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The story opens the viewer’s eyes to the era of the twenties of the twentieth century. At that time, wealth gave people a number of privileges and ensured a special position in society, but could not guarantee happiness. A brilliant and pathos-filled world full of lies and deceit creates a lot of difficulties and it is not clear how to remain yourself and not to lose the most valuable.

Nick Carraway, who came from the Midwest to New York to pursue his own American dream, writes a story of impossible love and human tragedy. Becoming the neighbor of the millionaire Gatsby, known for his parties and easygoing attitude to his fortune, Nick finds himself involved in the world of the aristocracy and witnesses the events that are a reflection of modern mores.

“The Artist.”

Movie rating: 4.8

  1. Drama, melodrama.
  2. France, Belgium, 2011.
  3. Duration: 96 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.9.

French filmmaker Michel Hazanavicius’ film was received favorably by audiences and critics alike. In the picture, he went back to his roots when there was only a picture on the screen that wasn’t accompanied by words.

The story tells the story of public favorite and gorgeous beauty George Valentine. He’s a silent movie star, confident of his irresistibility and indestructible success in Hollywood. One day, after accidentally meeting a pretty girl, George decides to give her a patronage in the world of screen success. But circumstances play out in such a way that Peppi is destined to play a fateful role in the fate of everyone’s favourite.

“Hasten to Love”

Movie Rating: 4.8

  1. Drama, Melodrama.
  2. USA, 2002.
  3. Length: 117 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.9.

The film tells the story of Landon Carter, a high school student. A guy lives for one day, preferring classes to fun hangouts and booze. The admonitions of his mother and the indignation of the teachers do not help: Landon continues to behave as before, falling deeper and deeper, but he does not care much, because he is the idol of the school.

Handsome, independent, cruel to outcasts, Carter commits yet another transgression, after which the principal makes him stay to clean up after school, pull up behind and play in the school play as punishment. Among many students, there on the stage, Landon meets a girl named Jamie, who is destined to change his world once and for all.

“Home by the Lake”

Movie Rating: 4.8

  1. Fantasy, drama, melodrama.
  2. USA, 2006.
  3. Duration: 99 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.8.

Oscar-winning Sandra Bullock and the talented Keanu Reeves make their second feature film together. Fantastic melodrama that shows beautiful and all-conquering love outside of time and space. When Kate moves out of her designer home after a painful breakup, she leaves a letter in the mailbox with some explanations for the new tenant, which turns out to be lonely architect Alex.

It is later revealed that his father built the building, and the letter contains some inaccuracies. Then a man decides to reply to Kate, using the same mailbox. What a surprise for the characters when both, after a brief correspondence, realize that they live in different times: he two years earlier and she later, and there is only one bridge between them – the same mailbox.

“Boyfriend from the future”

Movie rating: 4.7

  1. Sci-fi, drama, melodrama.
  2. UK, 2013.
  3. Length: 123 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.8.

Oscar-nominated director Richard Curtis has directed a charming sci-fi melodrama that tells the story of how love at first sight doesn’t always come out the first time.

A young promising lawyer and a handsome man learns from his father on New Year’s Eve that all men of their family have the gift of time travel. Lake decides to change his life and find a girl by using his superpower. In London, where he moves, he finally gets acquainted with the very. Tim and Mary fall in love at first sight, but due to a temporary incident they go from being a couple to being strangers again. Tim is not ready to give up and tries again and again to win the heart of his sweetheart, each time going through another first date.

“La La Land.”

Movie Rating: 4.7

  1. Musical, Drama, Melodrama.
  2. USA, Hong Kong, 2016.
  3. Duration: 128 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.8.

Director Damien Chazelle’s terrific musical has received multiple Oscar nominations, repeating the record of “Titanic.”. The charming acting duo of handsome Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone delighted the world of moviegoers.

Mia, who works in a movie studio cafeteria, serves coffee between auditions, but dreams of one day becoming the second Ingrid Bergman, despite perpetually unsuccessful auditions. Meanwhile, Sebastian, who dreams of a bohemian jazz cafe, collects items that used to belong to great jazz musicians and plays simple tunes for bar patrons. After a chance encounter, the two fall in love, but as luck and success begin to favor them, their relationship goes sour.

“Blame the Stars.”

Movie Rating: 4.7

  1. Drama, Melodrama.
  2. USA, 2014.
  3. Duration: 133 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.8.

The film is dedicated to a very urgent and complicated theme and is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. Cancer patient Hazel is not happy even when the disease temporarily recedes. Attending cheerleader meetings, she one day meets Augustus Waters, who falls in love with her at first sight.

Day after day he tries to win the girl, proving himself worthy of her. At some point, the impenetrable Hazel gives up. Going on a journey together, both find the meaning of life again, forgetting about the circumstances and fatal diagnoses.

“Sweet November.”

Movie Rating: 4.6

  1. Drama, melodrama.
  2. USA, 2001.
  3. Duration: 119 min.
  4. Kinopisc: 7.7.

The film stars the beautiful Charlize Theron and the inimitable Keanu Reeves. Although the film did not receive prestigious nominations and awards, that did not stop it from becoming a favorite of millions of viewers around the world. A love story told from the screens, changing the course of life and human thinking, doesn’t leave even the most unemotional people indifferent.

Nelson is a successful advertising agent who thinks only about work and sometimes completely forgets about feelings and that it is possible to live a full life at all. For him, it’s all about his career. Things change when Nelson meets Sara, a stunningly beautiful and very cheerful girl, full of energy and radiating light. Its rays gradually illuminate Nelson’s gray world, causing him to take a fresh look at his surroundings.

“One Day.”

Movie rating: 4.6

  1. Drama, melodrama.
  2. USA, UK, 2011.
  3. Length: 103 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.7.

A light romantic love story about feelings that begin in adolescence and last for many years. Two complicated people, Dexter, a dabbler of fortune and a ladies’ man with boundless ambition, and Emma, modest but sharp on the tongue, who cherishes the dream of changing the world for the better, meet at a graduation party.

The evening ends badly, and they decide to remain good friends, promising each other to keep in touch no matter the circumstances. As the years go by, each of them falls in love and tries to build a relationship, changes jobs, houses, but what remains unchanged is their strong friendship. It is only after twenty years that Dexter and Emma realize that there is something more that connects them, namely, love.

“Talk to her.”

Movie rating: 4.5

  1. Drama, Melodrama, Detective.
  2. Spain, 2002.
  3. Duration: 112 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.7.

The legendary Pedro Almodovar directed a terrific melodrama, which in its time won an Oscar for best screenplay. The film has been loved by thousands of people for its amazing combination of talented acting and interesting plot.

Marco works as a journalist and sets out to interview a famous female torero. He soon realizes that he is in love with Lydia, but has no time to confess his feelings because of a tragedy: at a bullfight Lydia is wounded by a bull, after which she falls into a coma. After spending 24 hours in the hospital near his beloved, he meets Benigno, who has been caring for Alicia for a year, who is also in a coma. A man gives Marco advice to talk to Lydia.

“P.S. I love you.”

Movie Rating: 4.5

  1. Drama, melodrama.
  2. USA, 2007.
  3. Duration: 126 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.6.

The picture is an adaptation of Cecilia Ahern’s first and successful novel. Directed by Richard La Gravenes who also did the adaptation of the script. Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank stars in the film, which paid off more than five times at the box office.

Her heroine loses her beloved spouse, Jerry, but continues to communicate with him through letters. After the tragedy, Holly withdraws into herself, until at one point she discovers a record in which her husband writes that one after the other seven letters to her will come. They all contain instructions for her to follow. Fulfilling everything, Holly gradually comes to life, transforming into a confident and happy person. Now she understands that love can defeat even death.


Movie rating: 4.5

  1. Drama, melodrama.
  2. USA, 2008.
  3. Duration: 93 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.6.

Todd Kessler’s picture, starring Elizabeth Arnois and Jesse McCartney, has received plenty of positive reviews from critics and the common man. The film tells the story of seventeen-year-old high school student Natalie as she prepares to go to university.

One day in chemistry class she is paired with Keith for a lab. In conversation, they begin to argue about their outlook on life. Natalie is annoyed with what her partner thinks and all attempts to change it fail. Working together brings the guys closer together, and Keith talks more and more about himself. A girl doesn’t notice how she’s abandoning her friends and her boyfriend, trying to spend all her free time with Keith. But he’s holding something back, hiding a secret.

“Remember Me”

Movie rating: 4.5

  1. Drama, melodrama.
  2. USA, 2010.
  3. Duration: 112 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.6.

Robert Pattinson, who played the lead role in the film, said he did not immediately discern originality in the script he was sent, and only when he got to the finale did he realize that the story deserved much attention.

Tyler Hawkins is a handsome student living an ordinary life filled with problems and little joys. Fights, strong male friendships, disappointments, grieves – it’s not that, there’s something important missing that makes people do crazy things and feel happy every morning after waking up. A casual acquaintance Ellie becomes the missing puzzle, though Tyler initially has an affair with her solely for selfish purposes, as she is the daughter of a cop who has long complicated his life.

“The Age of Adaline”

Movie Rating: 4.5

  1. Drama, melodrama, fantasy.
  2. USA, Canada, 2015.
  3. Length: 113 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.6.

The title role in the film was played by the charming Hollywood actress Blake Lively. Unusual melodrama will especially appeal to those who were satisfied with the film “The Mysterious History of Benjamin Button” or were looking for something similar.

A young woman, after losing control of her car on a slippery road, after an accident, unexpectedly received a gift – she stopped aging. Now Adalyn could live a long life and look forever young, but there was a second side to the coin: loneliness. Soon acquaintances and loved ones begin to notice that she looks beyond her age. Adalyn realized that over the years, the discrepancy in appearance with her date of birth would begin to arouse even more suspicion, then the woman deliberately withdrew from everyone, keeping herself and her emotional state safe. Everything changed when Adalyn met a man for whom she was willing to give up a gift she desired.

“500 Days of Summer”

Movie rating: 4.4

  1. Melodrama, comedy.
  2. USA, 2009.
  3. Length: 95 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.6.

The movie’s tagline states that this is a picture about love, not a love story. And this is pure truth, as it is the best of its genre. The viewer gets to know Tom Hansen, a man who does the unusual job of creating texts for greeting cards. Making people a little happier, the man himself is just waiting for his happiness. He lives in the belief of a chance encounter with the one and only, who will bring a miracle into his life.

One day a sweet and frivolous girl Summer appears in the office, who hardly pays any attention to Tom, while he immediately realizes that she is the one. When they get into a relationship, the hero begins to realize – the path to happiness is totally unpredictable and funny.

“Forgive Love.”

Movie rating: 4.4

  1. Melodrama.
  2. Italy, 2006.
  3. Duration: 104 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.6.

Spanish film by Joaquin Llamas, based on the novel of the same name by Mochia Frederico, is an example of sensual and vivid melodrama. The film is a remake of the Italian romcom of 2008, so you can compare two love stories with the same plot, but completely different atmosphere.

The story of a thirty-seven-year-old director who works in a creative agency begins when he meets a very young seventeen-year-old Nikki. Despite all reason and warnings of his friends, a stormy romance flares up between them. Everyone around them is against the couple, and even the closest people don’t give their support. Will the characters be able to retain their feelings against all odds?

“Water for Elephants!”

Movie rating: 4.3

  1. Drama, melodrama.
  2. USA, 2011.
  3. Duration: 116 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.5.

The film shows the viewer the times of the Great Depression. Jacob, who lives in America, becomes a veterinarian, but after his mother and father die he decides to abandon his studies and join a circus, where he meets a strikingly beautiful girl, a virtuoso rider, the star of “Benzini” show

Marlena and Jakob like each other immediately and soon realize that it is true love which they cannot resist. But their relationship is hampered by the fact that the girl is already married to the local trainer, the charming, charismatic, and cruel August.

“Him and Her”

Movie Rating: 4.3

  1. melodrama, comedy.
  2. France, Belgium, 2016.
  3. Length: 120 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.4.

The picture of great love tells the story of one family, and the events take place against the backdrop of bright sunlit Parisian boulevards. One day the ambitious writer, who cannot stand criticism, meets in a bar with a master of classical literature.

A charming and witty girl takes it upon herself to edit his lyrics without even bothering to ask permission. Despite shared interests and a weakness for the same writers, Dostoevsky and Joyce, their first date doesn’t go smoothly at all, but He and She have no idea that against all odds they are destined to walk side by side for another forty-five years.

“The Best in Me.”

Movie rating: 4.3

  1. Drama, melodrama.
  2. USA, 2014.
  3. Length: 118 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 7.2.

The film is based on the amazing novel by Nicholas Sparks. Michael Hoffman’s picture tells the love story of Dawson and Amanda, whose love was born in childhood, when it makes no sense to make serious plans for the future.

In spite of this, the high school romance developed quite rapidly, making the girl’s father worried. At one moment, fate divides the couple for twenty long years. Having met again, when Amanda came to her native town to come to the funeral of a loved one, they both realized that their former feelings have not died out, and are ready to flare up again, even in spite of the fact that each of them has their own obligations and concerns now.


Movie rating: 4.2

  1. Ireland, UK, Greece, France, Netherlands, 2015.
  2. Duration: 119 min.
  3. Kinopoisk: 7.0.

A picture about love, where the events unfold in the near future. People are scared of life in these hard times. After reaching a certain age, they are arrested and sent to a special hotel where they have to find a couple in forty-five days, otherwise they will be turned into animals and end up in the forest.

David is one of thousands just as lonely, imprisoned. He realizes he can’t find a companion here in the time frame given, so he decides to run away. This event turns his life upside down, for it is in the company of hermit fugitives that David meets the one.


Movie rating: 4.2

  1. Drama, melodrama.
  2. France, 2011.
  3. Length: 108 min.
  4. Movie rating: 7.0.

A comedy melodrama starring the charming Audrey Tautou will make you smile and cry. The film is based on the French novel of the same name that became a bestseller. Its author, Fonkinos David, decided to try his hand at directing, taking his brother, cinematographer Fonkinos Stefan, as his assistant.

Fragile Natalie has gone through the hardest trials, which not everyone can endure. After losing her beloved husband, a girl realizes that her life will never be the same again. Becoming a widow at a young age, Nathalie is head over heels in her work. One day she kisses Marcus, an unsightly colleague, completely by accident, and this insignificant event proves fatal, changing his and her fate.

“Love and Other Drugs.”

Movie Rating: 4.1

  1. Melodrama, Comedy.
  2. USA, 2010.
  3. Length: 113 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 6.8.

A film about an ideal, at first glance, couple once again makes it clear that a lot of problems are often hidden behind a pretty picture. Maggie and Jamie begin their relationship as a light fling, but soon realize that they have fallen madly in love with each other.

Everything would be all right if not for the secrets they keep from each other: the man can´t tell her about his strong feelings and Maggie dares not tell Jamie about the terrible diagnosis – Parkinson´s disease, which will soon make her a helpless person.

“If Beale Street Could Talk.”

Movie Rating: 4.1

  1. Drama, Melodrama.
  2. USA, 2018.
  3. Duration: 119 min.
  4. Kinopoisk: 6.3.

The picture is about the relationship of nineteen-year-old Tish and twenty-two-year-old sculptor Fonny. They’re busy getting ready for their wedding, and the girl is overjoyed because she’s pregnant.

Nothing overshadowed the characters’ lives until one day Fonny is accused of raping Victoria from Puerto Rico. A young man is sent to juvie, convicted of a crime he did not commit. Now the lovers have to content themselves with meeting each other only rarely and believing in miracles. When Victoria leaves the U.S. to go back home, Sharon, Tish’s mother, decides to go after her to find out the truth and prove Fonny’s innocence.

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