8 best chemistry textbooks

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Schools begin to study chemistry in grade 8. There are quite a few requirements for textbooks in this subject. Our experts have found out which textbook on the discipline teachers and students consider the best. The following factors were taken into consideration when compiling the rankings:

  1. sequence of the material presented;
  2. qualitative deciphering of definitions;
  3. The presence of test exercises and problems of varying intricacy;
  4. The presence in the set of a workbook for the teacher, a notebook for students.

Each of the presented textbooks has its own characteristics of presenting information. It’s worth getting to know them better.

Rating of the best chemistry textbooks

The best chemistry textbooks by Russian authors1Chemistry. 9 grade. Textbook.Guzey L.s. et al.4.9
2n. e. Kuznetsova Chemistry 8th grade4.8
3o. s. Gabrielyan Chemistry textbook for 8th grade4.7
4e. e. Minchenkov General Methods of Teaching Chemistry4.6
5Chemistry. 9 class. Shelinsky & Yurova4.5
The best books on chemistry by foreign authors1Freemantle M. Chemistry in Action. Part 14.9
2Inorganic Chemistry, Volume One, Shriver, Atkins,4.8
3Analytical Chemistry. Problems and approaches. Volume 1. Ed. r. Kelner, J.-m. Merme, M. Otto.4.7

The best chemistry textbooks by Russian authors

Chemistry. 9 grade. Textbook.Guzey L.s. etc.

Rating: 4.9

CHEMIS. 9 CLASS. GUZEI L.S. et al.webp

At the top of the rating is a two-level textbook for the ninth grade. The publication includes materials aimed at an in-depth study of the subject. The book outlines the new achievements of science, offers current methods of teaching. The textbook is accompanied by a workbook and teacher’s manuals. It is noteworthy that the textbook begins with a section titled “Let’s Remember Last Year.”. The following will cover liquid, atomic, and molecular crystals.

Educators love the clear presentation of the material, in which the need to memorize information is minimized. The student begins to understand the essence of the practical application of knowledge. This makes it easier for the teacher. That’s why the book is the best option for beginners.

n. e. Kuznetsova Chemistry 8th grade

Rating: 4.8


The following rating participant is appreciated by many teachers. Organic chemistry is comprehensively and intelligently presented in this textbook. Pleased with the information available to school minds, a separate section with the methods of modern science. The text presents various practice works and laboratory experiments. At the end of the paragraphs are suggested exercises, including creative exercises.

o. s. Gabrielyan Chemistry textbook for 8th grade

Rating: 4.7

o. s. Gabrielian A primer on chemistry for 8th grade.webp

Within the framework of the eighth-grade course, the Gabrielyan methodological guidebook is offered. The author of the book is a professor and honored teacher of the Russian Federation. The textbook complies with the State Educational Standard. Students like the colorful pictures, interesting assignments, and different questions. All of them promote active learning.

It is now used by many classes. There is clarity and meaning to the information. It talks in detail about chemicals, and the Mendeleev table is displayed on the flyleaf. Among the disadvantages stand out the mismatch between the tasks and the age of schoolchildren. Some of the formulas have to be memorized by heart.

e. e. Minchenkov General methods of teaching chemistry

Rating: 4.6


This textbook covers more topics than other textbooks. Everything written is backed up with arguments. The publication is read with great interest. Reviews about it are mostly positive. The book is hard to find in print, but it is widely available in electronic form.

Chemistry. 9 class. Shelinsky and Yurova

Rating: 4.5


The rating concludes with a guide that introduces students to the types of metals, the possibility of their use in various areas of life. In this book, students will learn about the nature of chemical bonds, the structures of objects, the theory of second-order conductor solutions, and t. d. At the end of the course, students are given an abbreviated introduction to the basic chemistry of organic elements.

The best chemistry textbooks by foreign authors

In all developed nations, the study of chemistry is given a special place. This science is only beginning to gain popularity in Russia. Therefore, all those who want to add to their knowledge in this field should definitely get acquainted with the works of European scientists who consider chemistry to be the field of the future.

Fremantle M. Chemistry in action. Part 1

Rating: 4.9

Freemantle M. Chemistry in action. Part 1

Fremantle’s handbook in two volumes is perfect for preparing for the Unified State Exam. It helps fill in the gaps in the school curriculum. It is an excellent choice for chemistry students. All material is displayed in simple and comprehensible language. It has all the necessary information about modern science. There is no unsupported theory in the textbook. It includes historical data, excerpts from popular publications, many examples and photos. There are also schematic tables and graphs. Topics are outlined in a standard sequence.

Worth noting that the textbook has not been published since 1998. It can be found in libraries, online e-version. It is found in stores that specialize in the secondary sale of prints.

Inorganic Chemistry, Volume One, Shriver, Atkins

Rating: 4.8

Inorganic Chemistry, Volume One, Shriver, Atkins,

Next in the ranking is a valuable publication on inorganic chemistry, which has been compiled by specialists from America and Great Britain. The authors are engaged in pedagogical activities. In their book, they go into detail about theory concepts, including chemical bonding models, acid theories. Particular attention is paid to current problems of science.

The textbook is beautifully illustrated and contains a wealth of background material, many problems of varying difficulty. The book is published in Russian in two parts. It is a good choice for students and teachers of chemistry to broaden their knowledge.

Analytical Chemistry. Problems and Approaches. Volume 1. Ed. r. Kelner, J.-m. Merme, M. Otto.

Rating: 4.7


The latest textbook was created by respected scientists from the science organization in Europe. It is recommended as the primary guide to the basics of chemical analysis for students and teachers in institutions of higher education. Topics covered are computer technology, chemometrics, physical methods of analysis, process control technologies, etc. d.

In Russian the manual is published in two volumes under the ak. Zolotova. It is available online for download. Reviews about it are mostly favorable. This is a great option for those who are fascinated by chemistry and want to tie their life to this science.

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