15 best books for men

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not intended as a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is required before purchase.

Despite the well-established opinion that men prefer reading to a completely different recreation, statistics refute this. According to her data, only 5% of the stronger sex is inferior to the weaker sex. The ratio of Russian men to women who read daily – 56% to 61%. Of course, everyone’s preference is different. Men will never pick up a romance that many women read. So what are the most popular books among a strong audience?

We have compiled a list of the best classic and contemporary works that most interest men. The rating was based on reviews by regular customers and opinions of professional experts.

Rating of the best books for men

Nominationplacethe bookprice
Best business books for men1Naked Business, Richard Branson538€
2The Millionaire’s Secret, Fisher Mark49
3The Power of Habit, Charles Dahigg449€€
The best adventure books for men1Leadership on Ice. Shackleton’s Antarctic Odyssey1 030€
2King Solomon’s Mines, Henry Rider Haggard6 930€
3Heart of Darkness. Tales of Adventure, Joseph Conrad164€
Best detective books for men1Make a number, John Verdon433€
2The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle318€
3Death Trap, Rex Stout55€
Best fiction books for men1War of the Worlds, Herbert Wells429€
3Hour of the Bull Ivan Yefremov156€
4Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Adam Douglas550€
The best history books for men1The Outcasts Victor, Hugo487€
2The Snake Charmer, Yavdat Ilyasov189€
3Favourite, Valentine Pikul970€

Best business books for men

Naked Business, Richard Branson

Rating: 4.9

Naked Business by Richard Branson

Naked Business is one of the most sought-after books of the last decade. Its author shares his own experience, tells how he started his own business, what he had to face on the way to success, how he overcame all the difficulties and eventually became the owner of a successful business. Branson himself noted that he did not rant, but simply wrote the whole truth.

One of the peculiarities of the work is that the author used quotes and notes which he put in his own notebook. Guided by the stated rules and advice, it is possible to turn any business into a profitable one, which has been proven more than once by the testimonials of entrepreneurs who have realized their dreams and achieved the desired wealth and success.

Branson gave attention to other, no less important, topics: the attitude in the team and career development, he told what he values in his employees and what principle he uses to recruit them. He will tell how he conducted difficult negotiations, which did not always end up the way a businessman wanted, and how he learned his lesson from all this to get 100% results, who his idol was and who he always looked up to in the world business elite. The bestseller will be a great start for men who have already set ambitious goals, and are bravely moving forward.

The Millionaire’s SecretFisher, Mark

Rating: 4.8

A Millionaire's SecretFisher Mark

Second in the ranking is a book by the famous financial consultant and economist who has come a hard way from an inexperienced entrepreneur and managed to become a successful businessman. This is a real guide to action for those who still doubt their success and talent and never dared to start their own business. The book is written in an easy to understand language and is a quick read. It is recommended not only for people who want to go into business. The work will help to achieve real results in all areas of life.

Mark Fisher’s book is a real motivational bomb. It has helped many newcomers to start a business from scratch, and existing entrepreneurs to expand their business. It will appeal to a male audience of all ages, from teenagers to seniors. Experts recommend paying close attention to The Millionaire’s Secret.

The Power of Habit, Charles Dahigg

Rating: 4.7

The Power of Habit by Charles Dahigg

The Pulitzer Prize-winning book by the famous American journalist raises the question of the power of habit and can turn conventional wisdom upside down and greatly expand the boundaries of action. Many people do not want to change anything. They have a habit of getting up in the morning, eating breakfast, going to work, eating dinner when they get home, and going to bed. And so on, day after day.

ch. Dahigg offers dramatic lifestyle changes. He stresses, however, that habit both hinders and saves in many unforeseen situations. The same is true of business. Making a clear system and strictly following it, you can not only become a successful entrepreneur, but also reach any, even the most unrealistic heights. The book will be an invaluable acquisition and will help change for the better.

The best adventure books for men

Leadership on Ice. Shackleton’s Antarctic Odyssey, Alfred Lansing

Rating: 4.9

Leadership on Ice. Shackleton's Antarctic Odyssey by Alfred Lansing

The work of the American journalist and author ranks first among the best adventure books for men. It is recognized as one of the most authentic literary creations describing the expedition to the shores of Antarctica, and will appeal to all those who are passionate about travel and want to learn more about the discoverers and about leadership in all situations of life. The action begins in 1914, when Captain Ernest Shackleton has assembled a crew to cross the South Pole.

A ship falls into an ice trap. As a result, the members of the expedition would face arduous trials in the planet’s harshest climate, and they could not count on help, because it was too far from civilization. But Shackleton was able to free his assistants from snowy captivity, with the entire crew intact.

This story of a fascinating journey and a happy rescue is even more interesting because while working on the book, the writer interviewed the surviving members of the ship at the time and used the diaries of another eight, but now deceased sailors. With accurate descriptions of even the smallest details, the reader is immersed in the real atmosphere of ice, strong winds, and freezing.

King Solomon’s Mines, by Henry Rider Haggard

Rating: 4.8

King Solomon's Mines by Henry Rider Haggard

In second place in the ranking is a book by the classic of world adventure literature, Henry Rider Haggard. All his works are based on real facts and his own research. Despite being over a century old, the novel is strikingly dynamic and never gets old, and is interesting not only when you first read it. A repeated reading reveals more and more interesting details and details of events.

A gripping storyline from the very first page. Haggard’s rich imagination makes the work be read by both boys and young men and men of age. The main character is Allan Quartermaine. Henry Curtis turns to him with a request to find his brother, who has gone in search of untold riches and disappeared there. After persuasion, he agrees.

After a long expedition Curtis, his friend John Hood, and Quartermaine find themselves in a country where the ancient treasures of the Biblical King Solomon are hidden. The journey will be a true test for the hunter and adventurer Allan. But he will find the treasure and return home. The book is sure to appeal to men and would make a great gift for fans of the adventure genre.

Heart of Darkness. Tales of Adventure, Joseph Conrad

Rating: 4.7

Heart of Darkness. Tales of Adventure by Joseph Conrad

The third place rating among books for men in the adventure genre goes to the famous novel by Joseph Conrad, published in 1902. The author had begun writing the work after eight years spent in the Congo. The reader will be able to appreciate the plot and dynamism, and the vivid descriptions of African flora and fauna are breathtaking. At the center of the story is Marlowe, an English sailor who travels deep into the Black Continent.

The bulk of the book is devoted to an account on his behalf of a journey down a tropical river. Fearful and sometimes gruesome details of aboriginal life frighten the civilized European. The book raises the theme of the psychological struggle between man and nature, sometimes irreconcilable and leading to tragic consequences. But what strikes Marlowe most is a character named Kurtz, the embodiment of primal instincts and vices.

The book is recommended by readers and experts as one of the best works that amazes by the realistic nature of the events described and allows you to immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of Africa, to uncover its secrets and mysteries, to learn more about such a distant and mysterious continent for us. The writer’s craftsmanship is recognized not only by readers and critics, but by such great masters as Green, Hemingway, James.

The best detective books for men

Make a number, John Verdon

Rating: 4.9

Make a Number John Verdon

The best detective work for men was recognized as a psychological detective, which was the debut work of the American writer and in a short time has captured the attention of millions of readers around the world. Sharp plot, with a brilliant sense of style, it became a bestseller in a short time, and its author put on a par with the famous and recognized writers of our time.

John Verdon created the character of Dave Gurney, who has no ability to show emotion, but is great at solving the most complex puzzles and solving intricate crimes. The storyline begins with the anonymity that Mark Melleri receives. Their author seems to know all the mysteries and read the addressee’s mind. Scared to death Melleri turns to an old friend – detective Gurney. And then the game begins, which soon becomes deadly for the detective as well. The number of new victims grows, each unsolved puzzle leads to a brutal murder.

Readers praised the writer’s style and original plot without the lyrical digressions that are not very welcomed by male audiences. Many look forward to the new books and detective stories about the tireless detective and his team.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle

Rating: 4.8

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Conan Doyle

The second place of the rating goes to the classics of the detective genre, which will never get old and will enjoy great popularity among reading men. For over 120 years, the great Sherlock Holmes has been the main character, overshadowing many other, no less popular characters. No detective can match his observation, logic, and resourcefulness. Noticing the smallest details, he is able to piece them together, leading to unpredictable, and, most importantly, correct denouements.

The interesting storyline is reinforced by the presence of Holmes’ faithful companion, Dr. Watson. It is on his behalf that the tale is told of mysterious and terrible crimes, which are invariably solved, and the real villains receive the punishment they deserve.

The collection includes the detective novels The Painted Ribbon, Scandal in Bohemia, The Union of Redheads, and other no less interesting works by Arthur Conan Doyle. Many are familiar with the book from school age, but they enjoy rereading it again. Those who have not yet learned about the adventures of the detective and his assistant are definitely recommended to read the novel, which promises an interesting and fascinating pastime.

Death Trap, Rex Stout

Rating: 4.7

Death Trap Rex Stout

This classic detective will interest not only fans of the American writer and his legendary hero Niro Wolfe. It will appeal to all men who prefer crime stories with a gripping plot and unpredictable denouement. The book included in our rating will be the best gift for any holiday and just for no reason.

The action takes place in New York City, where one by one intelligence agents begin to die. Military generals and high-ranking officials receive anonymous letters that cite industrial espionage as the reason for the murders. The possibility of reporting to the police is completely excluded due to the sensitivity and secrecy of the case. General Fife, having never figured out the spy, turns to a famous detective who, along with his assistant, will stop the sale of scientific and technological secrets, expose the true criminal, and induce him to commit suicide the same way he wanted to get rid of the man who tried to catch him.

The novel is part of the Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin series. Many who read it, wanted to continue to get acquainted with the detective and his methods of work.

The best books for men in the fiction genre

War of the Worlds, Herbert Wells

Rating: 4.9

The War of the Worlds by Herbert Wells

Every lover of the science fiction genre is familiar with the great work, published in 1897. It is the one that tops the rankings in this category. This was the first experience in world literature where an author described an alien invasion of Earth. The story is told on behalf of the protagonist, who becomes an eyewitness to the events taking place in southern England. Despite the might of the British army, the Martians defeat the Martians and begin their mass extermination.

The story begins with increased human interest in Mars, where a few years before the events described, scientists recorded a strong flare. The hero visits an observatory where he can observe celestial objects approaching Earth, and many mistake them for meteorites. After the fall, intelligent creatures are chosen from the capsules, which subsequently become victims of an unknown virus.

Wells described life on Mars in great detail and created an image of alien aliens. He was interested in the mysterious planet until the end of his life, even publishing a scientific paper based on the research of astronomers of the time. More than one generation of boys was raised on the works of the writer. And as adults, they are delighted to return to a novel that, 120 years later, has not lost its relevance.

Bull Hour, Ivan Yefremov

Rating: 4.8

Hour of the Bull by Ivan Yefremov

Science fiction novel by Soviet scientist Ivan Antonovich Efremov – in second place in the rating in this category. It will appeal to fans of socio-philosophical works that explore the theme of the cosmos and the world of the future in fascinating ways. Planet Tormance is a haven for Earthlings fleeing totalitarian rule. Only on it the doctrine of communism did not spread, and, contrary to predictions, the inhabitants did not die out and self-destruct.

The first settlers went to Tormans more than 130 years ago, and current Earthlings are very interested in their fate. It features an oligarchic society as opposed to communist society. It was divided into short-lived and long-lived. The first are cheap labor. The latter represent the elite. Full power belongs to the Council of Four.

The work, despite its half-century history, does not lose its relevance and is read with pleasure by both middle and older generations of men. This book will especially appeal to those who lived during the Soviet Union and can draw parallels with reality. Experts also advise young people to pay attention to the greatest work of the XX century.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Adam Douglas

Rating: 4.7

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Adam Douglas

On the third line of the rating is the work of the English writer, which was originally heard by radio listeners, and after the tremendous success, a book version was released. It instantly became a bestseller, and its author was the youngest recipient of the Golden Pen award for exceeding a million copies of his work. New computer games have been created based on the novel, and many of the world’s musicians use quotes and winged expressions in their songs.

A peculiarity of the author’s style is a thrilling and humorous account of the adventures of earthlings in outer space. Arthur Dent protests the demolition of his own house, but his friend tells him of more terrible secrets, and just seconds before the Earth explodes, they find themselves on a spaceship. And that’s where the story begins, which generates genuine interest and laughter from the situations Douglas describes. And even ordinary objects become animate, endowed with reason.

The book would make an excellent gift for men of any age. The heroes will be able to surprise by their actions and behavior. The absurd but stunning world of Galactica will astound you with its realistic descriptions. Despite the many comic moments, the attentive reader will discern wise and serious reflections.

The best historical books for men

Outcasts, Victor Hugo

Rating: 4.9

The Outcasts Victor Hugo

The greatest novel of world literature takes the first place in the rating of the best historical books. It was published in 1862, and it took three decades to create. Hugo showed two opposite types: the convict and the righteous. He wanted to emphasize the vast gulf between people of different estates, and how from good to evil and back again the individual human individual goes. The main outcast is Jean Valjean. He will conquer the path of moral formation and lead an honest life.

The novel covers not only the events from the time of Valjean’s release from hard labor until his death. The reader is immersed in the past, where he learns about the battle of Waterloo, the development of the sewers of Paris, and many other interesting moments. Also, the author opens the veil of the future, telling about the revolution of 1848. He manages to describe both the inner experiences of the characters, and the environment in France at the time.

The historical work became a classic of the 19th century. It interests people of different nationalities, religions, and ages. The book is sold in regular and gift editions, so it can be purchased for personal use, and you can make an expensive gift for men who prefer classics.

The Snake Charmer, Yavdat Ilyasov

Rating: 4.7

Snake Charmer Yavdat Ilyasov

In second place in the rating is a work about the great scientist, poet, and philosopher Omar Khayyam. It will appeal to those who love the mysterious East and want to lift the veil of secrecy of time. Throughout the narrative, the reader is given the opportunity to enjoy the philosophical verses of Khayyam. During his long life he has suffered many ordeals. It was the slander and misunderstanding of those around him, disgrace and poverty.

But no matter what situation the poet was in, he always fought for justice and differed from everyone not only in his talents but also in his progressive views. In the nearly one hundred years since his life and death, his name has been littered with many legends, some of them questionable and seemingly unlikely.

Favorite, Valentin Pikul

Rating: 4.6

Favourite Valentin Pikul

All men interested in the history of Russia, will like the following book, included in our rating. Valentin Pikul is a Soviet writer, whose books have sold more than 20 million copies. copies. The author’s main focus is naval and historical themes. Favorit tells the story of the major events that occurred in Russian power in the second half of the 18th century.

The main character – Grigory Alexandrovich Potemkin-Tavrichesky, a prominent public figure and statesman, one of the favorites of Catherine II. The book does a good job of portraying other, equally important characters of the time. Readers will learn about the great scholar Mikhail Lomonosov, the fleet admirals Samuel Greig and Grigory Spiridov, Counts Razumovsky and Stroganov, the founder of the national theater Fyodor Volkov and the rebel Yemelyan Pugachev.

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