14 best books on finance

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is required before purchase.

Finance books are of interest to more than just economists and entrepreneurs. Today they are popular with people of all ages and professions. Benefits help improve one’s literacy, stabilize and improve one’s financial situation. For many, it was the start of a whole new life.

In our rating we have selected 14 best books on finance by domestic and foreign authors, which are a tool for increasing capital, improvement and personal growth. They were created in different years, but despite this, adapted to modern realities.

Works are written in accessible language, without nonspecialized, obscure terms and phrases. They will be useful to housewives and businessmen, teachers and workers, students and retirees, that is, all those who are interested to get a step above and ready to move forward without fear of difficulties and the unknown.

Ranking of the best books on finance

Rating of the best books on finance1I Will Teach You to Be Rich, Ramit Ceci5.0
2Think and Get Rich, Napoleon Hill4.9
3You are money: live like a rich man, even if you are not, Farnoush Torabi4.8
4Outplay Wall Street, Peter Lynch4.7
5The Richest Man in Babylon, George Samuel Clayson – 5th place4.7
6MBA in 10 days. The most important of the world’s top business school programs, Stephen Silbiger – 6th place4.7
7How the Economy Works, Ha-Joon Chang – 7th place4.6
8Rich Woman, Kim Kiyosaki – 5th place4.5
9A Random Walk on Wall Street, Burton G. Melkyl – 8th place4.5
10The Road to Financial Freedom. A professional approach to trading and investing, Eric L. Nyman – 9th Place4.5
11The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham4.5
12Where the money goes. How to manage the family budget properly, Julia Sakharovskaya4.5
13The Financial Book for the Young, the Beautiful and the Moneyless, Susie Orman4.4
14How to make a personal financial plan and how to implement it, Vladimir Savenok4.4

I Will Teach You to Be Rich, by Ramit Ceci

Rating: 5.0

Topping the list is the world-renowned guide for anyone and everyone on how to set up their own lives so they never run out of money and live the life they want. It will be a real master class for those who want to raise their self-esteem, grow financially, and be more economically literate. The author dialogues with readers, describing situations and giving examples from life in quite accessible language, sometimes with humor and self-irony.

r. Ceci will tell you not only how to manage your personal finances wisely with everyday spending, but also teach you how to plan your budget properly, how to work with banks and investments, and how not to save money, but to earn more. His main motto and message to all those striving for a better future: “Practical action is better than theoretical knowledge!” This means that only by making your own mistakes, experiencing setbacks and hardships can you achieve your goal and come to the success you desire.

Many people don’t like all the writer’s advice at first, but a gradual realization leads to the conclusion that, indeed, real little joys today are better than mythical dreams of something unfulfilled. Readers understand that by cutting back on something not very important, there will always be money left over for something very meaningful for yourself and family.

Think and Get Rich, Napoleon Hill

Rating: 4.9

Second in the ranking is a bestseller by an author who is recognized as one of the best writers of financial literature of the 20th century. The first publication saw the light of day in 1937, and over the decades the book has been translated into other languages, reprinted, and edited to reflect today’s economic market. It holds the absolute record for the number of copies sold in the author’s lifetime. Many modern readers are surprised at how applicable his thinking is to current realities.

What does Napoleon Hill – philosopher and psychologist of success and self-help? He uses the example of half a thousand real people to recommend a path that will lead to wealth and perfection. The author used personal research he conducted over several years, selecting some of the world’s brightest business elite and tracing the stages, from starting his own business to stability and wealth.

The work is for all thinking people who want to be happy. It will help not only to improve the financial situation, but also to become a leader in all spheres of life. The book will be relevant to students, housewives, athletes, and teachers. Experts strongly recommend it for reading.

You are money: live like a rich man, even if you are not, Farnoush Torabi

Rating: 4.8

The bronze medalist of our rating is the book that taught many people not how to become rich, but how to be rich. The author, a journalist by training and an economist by vocation, is today one of the world’s best-known financial analysts. The work is written in an easy-to-understand style. The reader will not find generic phrases in it. f. Torabi gives practical advice on how to improve your life and become successful not only in your eyes but also in the eyes of others.

It takes a little trickery if you are just at the beginning of your journey to financial stability and prosperity. The author will tell you how to impress your interlocutor, how to save money without forgetting about small joys and pleasures, and how not to turn your life into a boring and joyless.

The book will be a handbook for those who do not yet know how to avoid mistakes in the first stage of developing their own business. According to reviews, many who have had success consider it to be the manual that gave them the impetus and led them to their goals. The work is recommended for ambitious people at the beginning of their career, it is recognized as one of the best books on finance for young people under 30, but it will also be useful for the older generation.

Outplay Wall Street, Peter Lynch

Rating: 4.7

The honorable fourth place of the rating goes to an invaluable handbook, which leads all concerned to a stable financial success. The author began his working life fairly early, taking a part-time job at a golf club to help support his family, and from the age of 10 he rotated through the circles of millionaires and company owners. He listened to their conversations about stock prices and then became convinced that their predictions were correct. As a young man, when he had no money to study, he realized that he could make decent money in the stock market.

Peter Lynch led a foundation whose funds were able to grow by 2,700%. At the height of his success, he decided to leave his place of service and begin writing books. Thus, readers were able to learn how an ordinary man from a not-so-wealthy family has every chance of success and financial independence. The author will reveal the secrets of investing. Will use his personal example to tell the story of failure and mad luck.

A large number of questions will be parsed and a lucid answer to each of them will be obtained. The author has excluded professional jargon. The book is fascinating and humorously written, accessible to people who are not very versed in the nuances of stock economics. But it will also be of interest to investment fund specialists, managers and executives.

The Richest Man in Babylon, George Samuel Clayson

Rating: 4.7

The Richest Man in Babylon, George Samuel Clayson

The bestseller “The Richest Man in Babylon” is a unique book. The author immerses the reader in an ancient world, where he shows the lives of different characters not just in everyday life; his goal is not narrative, but to teach increasing prosperity through the example of an initially poor character. Even in ancient Babylon it was possible to become rich and independent by implementing simple principles of financial management.

Remarkable: the work is not just a fantasy by George Clayson. He based it on the parables of ancient Babylon from the cuneiform tablets found in Mesopotamia, immortalized by a scribe who transferred to paper the wisdom of Babylonian traders. The author’s work has been in demand among bankers and insurance agents since the middle of the last century, when the work first saw the light of day.

The book is easy to read, the proposed rules are very simple to understand and implement in real life, there are no complex formulas and terms. “The Richest Man in Babylon” is a classic of financial literature that everyone who wants to improve financial literacy should become familiar with.

MBA in 10 days. The most important of the programs of the world’s leading business schools, Stephen Silbiger

Rating: 4.7

MBA in 10 Days. The most important of the programs of the world's leading business schools, Stephen Silbiger

Unique in its kind book “MBA in 10 days” is a compilation of the key knowledge for doing business and improve corporate profits. Silbiger has created the quintessential theory and practice given at business schools of international stature, including Harvard, the universities of Chicago and Pennsylvania, and the business school at the University of Virginia–the latter where the author himself studied. Figuratively speaking, it is as if the reader is visiting famous forum programs, leafing through the pages of. Silbiger has conveniently structured the information into topics that are conventionally given 10 days to study: marketing, corporate ethics, accounting, organizational behavior, quantitative analysis, finance, operations management, economics, strategy, jurisdiction, and as a bonus the intensive includes lessons on negotiating, public speaking, public speaking, and leadership growth.

The book has been reprinted four times. “The Most Important of the World’s Leading Business School Programs” should be read by managers at all levels. This is a unique concentrate of knowledge that will save you the time and money of attending real business school events.

How the Economy Works, by Ha-Joon Chang

Rating: 4.6

How the Economy Works, Ha-Joon Chung

Cambridge economist Ha-Joon Chang explains in plain language how the world economy works, reveals its concepts and offers interesting ideas, not new but not obvious to everyone, that can help businesses reach their own efficiency gains in the pages of How the Economy Works. Chung is not unsubstantiated – he uses historical facts, analyzes the activities of enterprises, considers from all sides different theories from classical to Keynesian, without getting hung up on his own vision of the issues, and shows that there is no single correct approach to describe the principles of the world economy. Using examples of inequality in China, the state of industry in the U.S., and currency prognostication, the author explains how the market works, how the economy affects everyone’s life.

A Rich Woman, Kim Kiyosaki

Rating: 4.5

A Rich Woman, Kim Kiyosaki

The psychology of men and women is structured differently, so are the views on financial planning of the different sexes. Kim Kiyosaki, wife of the creator of the “Rich Dad” series, has released the book “Rich Woman,” in which she shares her own secrets to becoming and financially independent. Her main message is to get out of dependence on men, relatives, and the government, and to strengthen your own position in life, including money. You don’t have to wait for a prince to find freedom and happiness.

The book “Rich Woman” has become a bestseller, especially in the face of rising divorce rates and the number of single ladies. Readers almost unanimously thank the author for the information and motivation and support, and for many the publication becomes a starting point on the road to a new happy and independent life. By the way, according to Robert Kiyosaki, an independent woman becomes a better partner for her man, whose success also grows if he strives for it.

The Accidental Walk on Wall Street, Burton G. Malkiel

Rating: 4.5

A Random Walk on Wall Street, Burton G. Malkiel

A find for shareholders and investors, Burton G’s book. Malkiel’s “A Random Walk on Wall Street.”. In it, the author explains how to properly manage money and assets, how to navigate and act on long-term and short-term strategies for investing finances. From the book, readers will learn about Wall Street terminology and learn how to chart their own course in its world.

Melkil has devoted his life to the study of investing; he is a recognized expert in the field. The book was first published 40 years ago. Since then, the author has been constantly working to improve it, updating the material, and each time he proves that making an investment portfolio of securities from randomly selected indices, in most cases, is superior to carefully selected and thought-out packages in terms of profitability. A vivid quote from the book to this effect: “The market itself is so efficient at pricing stocks that even a blindfolded chimpanzee, sword darts at random to the Wall Street Journal newspaper, can build an investment portfolio that is no worse than the one put together by professional managers.”.

In addition to an introduction to the world of investment and instructions for investors, the author provides a comparison of the returns on securities and other sources of investment, such as life insurance or the purchase of real estate.

The Road to Financial Freedom. A Professional Approach to Trading and Investing, Eric L. Nyman

Rating: 4.5

The path to financial freedom. A professional approach to trading and investing, Eric L. Naiman

The book “The Road to Financial Freedom. A Professional Approach to Trading and Investing” is a telling title that fully reflects its content. It is a textbook for anyone wishing to gain financial freedom by gambling. The author’s language is clear and easy, so complex terms and algorithms do not seem prohibitive, and the approach to sound investing is achievable. Neiman discusses the techniques and strategies of professional traders, the right approach to the stock selection process and the game, so that the risk to the player is minimal and justified, building business even in times of crisis. Private investors, bank employees and major financiers are interested in the book.

The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham

Rating: 4.5

The economist and investor Benjamin Graham has managed to create a manual that is used by millions of people around the world. Written seven decades ago, republished many times and translated into many languages, it tops the list of the best financial works, and the methods proposed by the author do not become obsolete and enable newcomers to become full-fledged participants of the stock market.

The main idea of the book is to help the beginning investor understand and compare the real value of stocks and their quotations on the stock exchange. The author provides clear definitions of speculation and investing. Once these concepts were considered identical, but even today laymen have such associations. It’s not really an easy path to enrichment, it’s hard work that relies on careful analysis to avoid unforeseen risks.

Lots of practical examples will make the reading more understandable and accessible. Each chapter is self-explanatory, so even beginners will have no difficulty reading. The author strongly recommends to study the companies whose shares are the most interesting at the moment and not to pay attention to other people’s opinion, but to rely only on your own objective vision of the situation.

Where the Money Goes. How to intelligently manage a family budget, Julia Sakharovskaya

Rating: 4.5

The work of the Russian author, an experienced financial consultant Yulia Sakharovskaya. It gives everyone the opportunity to change their lives for the better, to learn how to manage a family budget and how to invest money wisely. Many modern people do not know why their plans are not always implemented. And even a stable income does not bring satisfaction in life. It is all the result of not knowing how to manage your own money.

The book was written by the modern financier and is very close to local realities. It will be easy and simple for the reader to understand the methods using a variety of examples. The book is recommended for both men and women. It will help you plan the family budget properly, spend wisely, and get rid of unnecessary expenses.

A Financial Book for the Young, the Beautiful and the Moneyless, Susie Orman

Rating: 4.4

The publication is written specifically for young people who have not yet learned to properly plan their income. Its author is a well-known financial consultant and motivator. Susie Orman hosts television shows, columns in magazines, and participates in Internet projects. She is recognized as one of the best business coaches not only in the U.S. but around the world.

The book caused genuine interest among many people who do not know where to start and what to do to become financially independent. Many readers were able to really use the advice and change their lives. The book has become a handbook and helped to get rid of credit obligations, to learn how to allocate funds wisely, to save on unnecessary costs, prioritizing the more pressing.

The work is not only appropriate to American realities. It will be understandable to modern Russian youth. Lots of commentary and examples help you better comprehend and absorb what you read. Experts recommend the book as the first financial aid on the way to independent life.

How to make a personal financial plan and how to implement it, Vladimir Savenok

Rating: 4.4

The review concludes with a book by a Russian independent expert on finance and investments. It will be useful to all those who can work and earn, boldly pursues his goals. The author tells you step by step how the path to success and independence begins. It will teach you how to properly allocate your money, while avoiding unnecessary expenditures and not economizing on the important things.

The analyst will show by example how to make money work for you, where it is better to invest it and how to get good dividends. The author will talk about ways of development and personal growth. Having experience working both in Russian and foreign companies, he offers his own method which helped him to enter the list of influential financial consultants.

The work raises the question of how to find the funds to implement plans and channel them in the right direction. The book is understandable to the domestic reader, not replete with professional slang and highly specialized terms. It will be useful to the young generation, middle-aged and elderly people, with an economic education and those who are far from financial topics, will help clean up the family budget, stabilize the situation and gradually improve it many times over.

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