Top 5 gearbox additives

*Review of the best, according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not constitute a buying guide. Consultation with a specialist is necessary before purchase.

Many used car owners are bothered by manual transmission problems such as noise and vibration, oil leaks and difficult shifting. Introduction of special additives into the gear oil often becomes a lifeline (in the case of the prospects of overhaul of the unit). The number of sceptics has fallen considerably these days, t. k. Confront the arguments of real consumers is becoming increasingly difficult. You can find a wide range of innovative products in auto stores. They differ in price, mode of action, and end result. Expertology expert advice to help first-time motorists make the right choice.

Recommendations for choice

When a car has driven more than 250,000 km before the accident, additives of this group start acting more efficiently. km, the time has come to make a choice. Buy a transmission additive or send the car in for repair. All transmission fluid additives can be categorized into several groups.

  1. Cleaning or detergentThe additives improve drivetrain performance by removing deposits of all kinds from the surface of the parts. The action of such compounds lasts long enough.
  2. Additives based on molybdenum compoundsReduce friction in gears and splines, resulting in less noise and vibration, and softens gear shifting. Products from this group take effect as soon as they get into transmission oil.
  3. Renewing additives(revitalizants) are designed for cars with heavy wear on transmission parts. Working principle is based on filling of scratches, scrapes and microcracks, formation of strong film of cermet. One of the most important compounds in revitalizants is boron nitrate. The effect of the application becomes noticeable only after 20-50 hours.

Only 5 gearbox additives made it to our review. It has proved itself in the cars of Russian users and received high marks in the reviews.

5 best additives in gearboxes

NominationThe placeNamePrice
Top 5 gearbox additives2
  • QUI MOLY Getriebeoil-Additiv
  • 685 €
    3Suprotek MCP1 312 €
    4RVS Master
    1 600 €
    5XADO Revita
  • zant EX120 for gearboxes and reduction gears
  • 985 €
    6VMPAVTO Resurs-T659 €

  • QUI MOLY Getriebeoil-Additiv
  • Rating: 5.0

    <li></div><p>QUI MOLY Getriebeoil-Additiv” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/2231666196291-785-.jpg” title=”</p><li>QUI MOLY Getriebeoil-Additiv”><p>One of the most popular additives for manual transmission in domestic motorists is a German development</p><li>QUI MOLY Getriebeoil-Additiv. This is the conclusion reached by experts after analyzing reviews on thematic forums and pages of Internet stores. We recommend this preparation for mechanical transmissions with considerable wear of details. Thanks to molybdenum compounds, restores surface of gears, synchronizers and shafts. As a result the transmission becomes quieter, heats up less and shifts more smoothly. The additive is poured into the transmission oil at each oil change at the rate of 20 ml of the drug per 1-2 liters of lubricant. The composition heads the podium of our review.<p>Among numerous users’ reviews we can mention such advantages of the additive, as noise reduction in transmission, smooth gear shifting. There are some skeptical statements in Runet about the uselessness of the drug.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Worn parts are restored;</li><li>the noise in the transmission decreases;</li><li>makes it easier to shift gears;</li><li>Reduces operating temperature in the gearbox.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>You have to wait a long time for the effect to appear (up to 400 km of mileage).</li></ul><h3>Suprotec transmission</h3><p>Rating: 4.9</p><div style=Suprotec MCP

    The second place in our review takes tribososostav Suprotek MKPP, which in 2019 became a diploma winner of the domestic competition “100 best goods of Russia”. Experts note the ease of use of the composition. 100 ml bottle is enough for a single filling into the warmed-up gear oil. The product contains inclusions of liquid metal, which is responsible for restoring the geometry of teeth and splined joints. The molecules of the additive retain lubricant, thus reducing friction. Eventually, mechanical transmission problems such as noise, poor rollability, and hard to engage gears should disappear.

    According to the opinion of car owners, the additive has a beneficial effect on worn gearboxes. Even if you can not eliminate the problem completely, a certain improvement of operation of the transmission is observed.


    • the noise is reduced;
    • gears shift more smoothly;
    • Rolling is improved;
    • the geometry of the parts is restored.


    • high price.

    RVS Master5

    Rating: 4.8

    RVS MASTER<tr></div><p>5″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/56816666196291-955-.jpg” height=”399″ title=”RVS MASTER</p><tr>5″><p>RVS Master is widely used in mechanical transmission units</p><tr>5. Composition based on magnesium silicates (up to 90%), forsterite (up to 5%), plasma expanded graphite (up to 2.5%) and amphibole (up to 2.5%) can be used both for preventive maintenance and for restoration of gearboxes, axles and transfer boxes. Experts note the elimination of wear of the surface up to 0.5 mm. The additive reduces friction, thus reducing wear and tear in wintertime. 60 ml product is designed for adding to 5 l of transmission oil.<p>Not many local car owners have tested the Finnish additive so far, but the first reviews are positive. The compound decreases the noise and whistling in the transmission, restores the clear shifting of gears.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>universality of use;</li><li>economical consumption;</li><li>restores worn parts;</li><li>transmission noise is reduced.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Few reviews in runet.</li></ul><h3>XADO Revita<li>zant EX120 for gearboxes and gears</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=XADO Revita<li></div><p>zant EX120 for gearboxes and gears” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/80916666196291-365-.jpg” title=”XADO Revita</p><li>zant EX120 for gearboxes and gears”><p>XADO Revita is an additive that can protect against wear and restore the performance of mechanical transmission components</p><li>zant EX120 for gearboxes and gears. The composition is sold in tubes of 9 ml, for the prevention manufacturer recommends pouring one portion into the transmission or gearbox, and to restore the nodes will require two tubes. Full revitalization occurs within 50 h or 1.5 ths. km of run. According to the assurance of the developers, the level of noise and vibrations after adding the product to oil reduces by 10 times, improving the smoothness of shifting. Positive effect on details in the transmission is due to the formation of the ceramic-metal coating on the surface of worn parts. As a result, geometry is restored and burrs and sinks are eliminated.<p>In reviews the users praise the additive for its effectiveness and ease of use. From the disadvantages they point out the long time of revitalization.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Noise and vibration are noticeably reduced;</li><li>Softer shifting of gears;</li><li>easy to use;</li><li>versatility.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>long revitalization time.</li></ul><h3>VMPAVTO Resurs-T</h3><p>Rating: 4.6</p><div style=VMPAVTO RESURS-T

    The last in the top five of the best additives for mechanical transmission is a domestic development of VMPAVTO Resurs-T. One 50 ml bottle should be added to 1 or 2 liters of lubricant. All depends on whether the product is used for prevention or repair. The preparation not only restores worn-out parts due to nanoparticles, but also extends the oil service life up to 5 times. It’s worth mentioning that RVS MASTER is compatible both with synthetic and mineral oils. Eliminating noise, easing gear shifting, etc. are mentioned by experts as a positive effect on manual transmissions. Affordable price should be credited as an asset of the additive.

    Domestic motorists are satisfied with the ratio of cost to quality of the product, ease of use and effectiveness. Disadvantages include uncomfortable packaging.


    • affordable price;
    • restores powertrain parts;
    • Increases the life of the oil;
    • noise reduction.


    • inconvenient for use packaging.
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