The 6 Best Pusher Tuggers

Best according to the editorial opinion; *Review of the best according to the editorial opinion. Selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. You should consult with a professional before buying.

Residents of Russia’s northern regions benefit a lot from motorbike-pushers. They feel confident on snow-covered expanses, helping to move anglers and hunters. The equipment is often used for making firewood or photo shoots in nature. A distinctive feature of the motor-pushers is the installation of the toboggan module in front of the crawler unit. As the sledge kneads the snow, the tracks do not get buried when moving. Expertology experts advise to pay attention to several technical characteristics when buying a motor-pusher.

How to choose a reliable sidecar

Self-propelled machines are different both externally and internally.

dimensions and weight.You should start your search for a pusher motorcycle with the overall dimensions and weight.

  1. If the equipment is to be transported by car, preference should be given to the most compact and lightweight models.
  2. Those buyers who live near forests, lakes and rivers, the more heavy and bulky equipment will do.

Engine power.The Mukhtar 15R is equipped with a four-stroke gasoline engine. The power of the unit should ideally correspond to the gross weight of the vehicle.

  1. The heaviest work is ready to do motor-pushers, equipped with an engine capacity of 15-20 liters. s. They have the power to move loads weighing up to 500 kg.
  2. If the load does not exceed 200 kg, it is better to choose a motor tugger with 8-10 hp engine. s. It can cope with the task at hand, while economically consuming gasoline.

Transmission.To transfer the torque from the engine to the tracks is used a transmission. It comes in two flavors.

  1. The reduction gear ensures smooth starting and does not have a “free-wheeling” action. However, the unit is not designed for heavy loads, and its repair will cost a lot to the owner.
  2. Variator is more expensive, but in the case of overload it simply slips the belt. In the worst case you will have to replace the belt, avoiding serious damage. In addition, the variator allows you to unlock the full power potential of the motor.

Suspension. There are two types of suspension for power pushers. Depending on the operating conditions in some models, it is possible to change one design for another.

  1. Easy to operate, with an affordable price. Since snow is required to cool the slope, it is not recommended to use the technique at other times of the year.
  2. Rolling suspension is considered all-season. However, in loose snow the technique with such a suspension behaves worse than a skliz.

Equipment set. When comparing the cost of different pushers, do not forget about the equipment models. Some manufacturers, trying to attract the customer at a low cost, include in the basic set a minimum of options. Often even a sledge has to be purchased additionally. Each potential buyer will have to determine for himself the optimal set of options.

After a careful study of the domestic market Expertology experts have chosen 6 best pusher-towels. These models have been successfully tested by users in harsh environments and have received positive feedback.

The 6 Best Pusher Tugboats

6 best pusher-trucks1Uragan Sibir goose. 500158 590 €
2Tofalar 500105 000 €
3MUKHTAR 15R NEW179 900 €
4KOiRA Bogatyr 20 R.120 377 €
5Norka 500 Compact 20 l.s.93 900 €
6Albatross-L872 000 €

Hurricane Siberia goose. 500

Rating: 4.9

Uragan Sibir goose. 500

Reliability and good cross-country ability helped the Uragan Sibir to become the winner of our review. Experts liked the approach of the manufacturer, which offers each customer to collect equipment with the desired set of options. The base is a non-separable frame on which is located the Chinese motor Loncin LC192F or

  • fan 460 20 l. s. Instead of a budget slick suspension can be ordered with a surcharge on the roller-balanced. The model is equipped with tracks width of 500 mm, LED headlight output of 18W. On the front there is a gray sled 1600x920x320mm with a bump, a metal ridge and overlays. Here is also a seat and steering wheel with controls. Optional features include electric starter, heated grips, windshield, chain soothsayer, etc. d.

    Users are happy with the cross-country capability and roominess, reliability and ease of use. Some owners miss some options in the base.


    • simplicity and reliability;
    • capacity;
    • affordable price;
    • A large choice of options and configurations;
    • cross-country ability.


    • few options in the base configuration.

    Tofalar 500

    Rating: 4.8

    Tofalar 500

    The silver medalist in our review was a Tofalar 500. Experts have evaluated such advantages of the model as an affordable price with a good equipment, high maneuverability and reliability. The Russian manufacturer provided the possibility of installing a movable module both in the front and in the rear. Carrying capacity of the equipment remains within the limits of 500 kg. Spring-loaded roller suspension feels good on any surface. As an asset of the model should be brought an attractive appearance, thanks to which the Moto-towbiker stands out among competitors. The machine is powered by a 4-stroke gasoline engine with an output of 15 liters. s. It is able to accelerate mototoksilor up to 40 km / h.

    In their reviews, the owners praise the equipment for high-quality construction, good cross-country ability, economical fuel consumption. But because of high demand we have to wait more than a month for delivery.


    • affordable price;
    • permeability;
    • cost-effectiveness;
    • maneuverability;
    • beautiful design.


    • shortage in the sales network.


    Rating: 4.7


    A lot of positive feedback from the domestic users to the Mukhtar 15R NEW. Experts attribute the success of the model from the famous brand IRBIS to the reliability and maintainability of the equipment. One of the advantages of the sidecar is the possibility of different layouts. Steerable sled or ski module can be installed at the front. Wheels instead of skis are available for summertime use. With the help of gasoline equipment users clean roads from snow, perform leveling of areas with light soil. The driving force of the motor-pusher was a Chinese motor

  • 15 liters of power. s. It is started by hand or electric starter. The transmission of torque to the tracks with a width of 500 mm is implemented through the Safari variator and the Buran reversible reducer. The maximum speed of the model is limited to 45 km / h.

    Owners liked the easy change of suspension, versatility, rich equipment. Minus is considered a modest carrying capacity (200 kg).


    • reliability;
    • maintainability;
    • multifunctionality;
    • rich set;
    • easy change of suspension.


    • modest payload.

    KOiRA Bogatyr 20 R.

    Rating: 4.6

    KOiRA Bogatyr 20 R

    Experts called the KOiRA Bogatyr 20 R a unique motorcycle tugger. It beats many competitors in the parameter of its own weight (105 kg). At the same time, the model demonstrates bogatyr strength, t. k. more than 500 kg lifting capacity. The vehicle is equipped with Chinese engine

  • The KP 460 F with a capacity of 20 liters. s., which consumes about 3.5 liters of gasoline per hour. It starts manually. Torque is transmitted through the Safari variator to the 500 mm wide tracks. The suspension is represented by large (200 mm in diameter) wheels with a rubber rim on spring-loaded axles. In the design there is no casing on the engine, but it does not affect the performance. the manufacturer should be praised for the use of glossy powder paint, which reliably protects the metal elements from corrosion.

    In their reviews, users praise the Bogatyr for tractability, unpretentiousness, good cross-country ability to reinstall the module. They did not like the wet fabric seat.


    • ease;
    • good load capacity;
    • passability;
    • unpretentiousness.


    • the fabric seat gets wet.

    Norka 500 Compact 20L.s.

    Rating: 4.5


    Experts have discovered several advantages of the Minka 500 Compact. The monolithic frame is made of 3-mm metal, to which is attached a layer of laminated plywood, the engine bed and the variator. The technique is equipped with a gasoline engine capacity of 20 liters. s., Torque distribution by Safari variator. It comes standard with a motorcycle chain with a simple and convenient tensioner. Large capacity, lightweight composite tracks for reliable snow grip. The manufacturer has taken care of a quick change of suspension, to change the squeeze on the rollers without special tools can be for 30 minutes. To protect the equipment from rain, snow and ice there is an easily removable thick cover.

    Many owners report on forums about the reliability of motorcycle trolley Norka 500 Compact and affordable price. They call the bearings the weak point of the equipment.


    • a strong frame;
    • affordable price;
    • powerful motor;
    • reliability.


    • short-lived bearings.


    Rating: 4.5


    The most affordable price stands out against the competition motorcycle tug Albatros-L8. It can not boast of high output (8 liters), but it can be easily. s.) and carrying capacity (up to 210 kg). But the equipment is so compact that it can be transported in a car trunk. Weight without equipment is 70 kg with dimensions of 1100x470x610 mm. The model is equipped with a Japanese Honda GX240 motor, which consumes only 325 g of gasoline per hour. There is no problem with the manual start of the engine. Thanks to an even distribution of the driver’s weight between the tow vehicle and the sled, the manufacturer has managed to achieve excellent cross-country ability. And the track width is only 380 mm. For the transfer of torque is responsible two-speed gearbox with automatic centrifugal clutch.

    Owners are happy with the compactness and lightness of the machine and its affordable price. To the disadvantages they refer a ball bearing, which makes the motorcycle tilts on the side.


    • affordable price;
    • Compact and lightweight;
    • economy;
    • good cross-country ability.


    • often falls on its side.
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