6 best seat heaters

Cars below the TOP configuration often do not have heated seats. And it is very useful in the winter, when it is cold outside and the cabin from the heater warms up only after 20-30 minutes (first, all the heat of the antifreeze is sent to the engine to bring it to operating temperature, so the coolant circulates in a small circle). To solve the problem, they came up with the built-in seat heating. It is connected to the onboard network, and the heating elements are located on the foam under the liner or under the covers. Let’s find out how to choose such a device and which models are most trusted by buyers.

How to choose a seat heater

Here are the main parameters for choosing a system for heated car seats:

  1. Type of heating element. Carbon fiber or wire. The first option will last longer, because it perfectly withstands deformation and pressure. But the product with carbon fiber will build more expensive. Price of systems with wire heaters is more affordable, but their service life is shorter.
  2. Installation method. There are models mounted under the seat upholstery on foam. This allows you to make the heating system completely invisible and keep the factory interior. But this method of installation is quite complicated, because you’ll have to ream the covers. A simpler option is a seat cover, but then you need to pick up the color so it looks harmonious.
  3. The size of the heating area.Can be from 37×29 cm to 49×100 cm. There are both children’s and adult versions. Measure your seat in the car to see which overlay will fit. Too much will hang down, and short will be knocked out of the interior.
  4. Quality covers.Heated seat covers can be made of textile, polyester or imitation leather. Pay attention to the color, so that it is not stained, and the durability of the materials.
  5. Connection method. Some models are connected to the onboard network of the car in a hidden way through the terminal block. The thermostat button is moved outside, while the cigarette lighter is left free for other needs. This installation is more complicated and may need the help of a specialist. Another way to connect to the cigarette lighter through the plug. You can do it yourself, but if you use a video recorder in the car or need to charge your phone at the same time, there will be inconvenience.
  6. Power. Available in 32 to 70 watts per seat. The greater the number, the faster the heat will be felt and the higher the temperature can reproduce the device.
  7. Complete set.Car seat heating systems are sold as pairs (for front two seats) or individually.
  8. Location of the wire outlet and its length. Most often the power cable comes out on the right, which is designed to install directly to the driver’s seat to run the cable along the tunnel. But in the passenger’s seat such a wire exit will be directed to the doors and will have to turn the cable 180º. Then consider its length, so that the size is enough to the cigarette lighter.
  9. Number of modes. The more there is, the more accurately you can adjust the temperature for a comfortable stay, depending on the weather outside and the microclimate in the cabin. The number of steps of regulation can be from 2 to 8.

Rating of the best seat heaters

In compiling the top 6 best seat heaters, we focused on the above characteristics, selecting products with the most optimal performance. We took into account the experience of those, who use such devices in cars and left their reviews about them. This approach has helped to identify the best models for seat heating that will definitely suit you.

Nominationseatproduct nameprice
Rating of the best seat heaters1Emelya UK-23 650€
2DOMETIC MagicComfort MH-40S2 250€
3Skyway S022010161 800€
  • NE AHC-SF-03
  • 2 150€
    5Emelya Emelka1 700€
    6AVS HC-1801 300€

    Emelya UK-2

    Rating: 4.9

    Yemelya UK-2

    In first place is a product from the brand “Emelya” with the model “UK-2”. Heating is made in the form of 4 plates, which are mounted under the seat upholstery. If the car has covers, the panels can be placed under them, which simplifies installation. The total power consumption of the system is 140 watts (70 watts per seat), and this helps you quickly feel the heat even through thick winter clothing. Carbon fiber is used as a heating element, so the equipment lasts for many years, despite the weight of the user and frequent bending. The heating is programmed to turn off automatically in 30 minutes after start-up, which is quite enough to warm up the cabin from the heater. You won’t need to remember to turn it on, and the on-board network won’t waste power.

    According to reviews, the owners like the heater because of the ability to smoothly adjust the power with a rotary switch. A total of eight modes, and the change of parameters is easy to control by color indication (from green to red) and numbers.


    • Protection against sparks and short circuits;
    • Breakdown awareness;
    • Automatically turns off after 30 minutes;
    • Eight modes of heating.


    • If you turn off the ignition after 15 minutes, when you start the engine again, the heating will not turn on automatically;
    • On a 4, it only warms up for 4 minutes and then shuts off.

    DOMETIC MagicComfort MH-40S

    Rating: 4.8


    And here’s a heater for the seat, which is available as a ready-made overlay. It is fixed to the car seat with four rubber bands. The dimensions of the device are 100×45 cm. It connects via a plug to the cigarette lighter and the cord has a switch with two modes. On the former, the heater consumes 20 watts, and on the latter, 45 watts. The plug has a lock and will not fall out from the vibration while driving. If a power surge or short-circuit occurs, a built-in fuse protects the mains and the device.

    This heater is notable for the lumbar support, which relieves stress on the spine and makes long journeys easier. This action is possible due to the split type foam inserts across and along the back of the seat. Pay attention to the product for those whose “native” car seats have already lost their original shape or did not have lumbar support from the factory.


    • easy installation;
    • easy connection to the car’s power grid;
    • There is a small side support;
    • built-in fuse.


    • it is difficult to clean if it gets dirty
    • high cost;
    • You will need to buy two at once;
    • Takes onboard power socket (you need a double for the recorder).

    Skyway S02201016

    Rating: 4.7

    Skyway S02201016

    And here is another heater in the form of a seat cover. The dimensions of the soft panel are 950×470 mm. It’s quite thin and simply placed on top of the seat, secured with rubber bands and straps. The device consumes 3A and works from the cigarette lighter. The wire exit is located on the right side, so it is convenient to run from the driver’s seat along the tunnel with the gearbox rocker. But from the passenger seat the cable will have to be turned 180 degrees. Dark gray color looks great on black and gray car seats. The heating element itself is made of carbon material inside and is amazingly flexible. The mains cable length of 125 cm is optimal for laying the communication in a concealed way.

    We liked the seat warmer system for the anti-slip interior. It doesn’t ruin the velour upholstery, but it locks securely to the surface, and it doesn’t slide off as the user regularly sits and stands up.


    • Stitched in sections to keep the filler from bunching up;
    • beautiful dark gray color;
    • there is a thermostatic regulator;
    • the heating element is made of carbon material.


    • wire exit on the right – at the front passenger it will be directed to the door and it will have to be turned around;
    • if you use two capes and a video recorder, you’ll need a tee.

  • NE AHC-SF-03
  • Rating: 4.6

    AIR<li></div><p>NE AHC-SF-03″ style=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/4001666193251-656-.jpg” height=”400″ title=”AIR</p><li>NE AHC-SF-03″><p>Car seat heater from the manufacturer AIR</p><li>The NE measures 100×49 cm. It is an anatomically shaped cape, attached to the seat with straps. We use a carbon fiber heating element inside that can take the load very well. From the heater comes a wire with a regulator that sets the work at 30 or 45 watts, which allows you to adjust the work of the device according to the weather. Light indicator shows if the heating is on or off. A 135 cm power cord is convenient for organizing concealed laying. The outside of the device is lined with textile, pleasant to the touch. Polyester is used inside to give rigidity to the structure. All components are environmentally friendly and hardwearing. Reviews show that there is no unpleasant smell from the materials when the heater is installed in the cabin, although this is not uncommon among products from the low price segment.<p>Experts liked the product because of the increased width of 49 cm, which is suitable for large C-Class cars of previous generations, where the regular heater was not installed. Narrower pads would not look natural on these seats.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>A plug with an anti-dropout lock;</li><li>easy assembly;</li><li>works in two modes;</li><li>convenient switch.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>the manufacturer does not recommend to keep the heater on for more than 30 minutes, and there is no automatic shutoff.</li></ul><h3>Emelya Emelka</h3><p>Rating: 4.5</p><div style=Emelya Emelka

    Even owners of the most modern cars with TOP configuration, which have electric heating of two rows of seats, may need this model. The fact that if you install the child seat in the back, you can not transfer the heat from the heating elements under the cladding, so you need an additional narrow device carpet pad. This allows you to put the baby in a warm place and not to wait until the interior of the car warms up. Adjustable heating power of 60W. Connection here is simple and plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter.

    Users in reviews recommend this model for heated, recessed child car seats. It has the optimal dimensions of 60×31 cm, which narrows to 25 cm on the back. Thanks to this well thought-out shape the overlay easily fits into any child seats and does not bunch up on the sides. At the bottom there is a cutout for the inter-foot safety belt, so the use of this heater does not interfere with the secure fixation of the child in the car.


    • has the PCT certificate;
    • you can adjust the temperature;
    • compact dimensions of 60×31 cm;
    • Cutouts for the strap-lock between the legs.


    • You need to buy a double for the cigarette lighter.

    AVS HC-180

    Rating: 4.4

    AVS HC-180

    One of the most affordable models for seat heating AVS HC-180 completes the review. Users recommend it in reviews as quality, no problems with it and it lasts a long time, so we added it to the review. The device is available in black and gray color and fits harmoniously into most car interiors. The device has a size of 99×48 cm and a power of 36 W, which provides low power consumption. Heating has three modes of operation and auto-off function. Maximum heating temperature is 65 degrees.

    The peculiarity of this cape is a clever cut, in which the side parts are trimmed with synthetic leather. Most competitor products have textiles in this spot. But during boarding, this area is subjected to increased friction, and it is here that the first scuffs and holes appear. Thanks to the combined use of materials, the heated cloak will last longer.


    • Universal mounting with elastic straps;
    • safety thermostat;
    • easy connection;
    • low power consumption.


    • takes a cigarette lighter jack;
    • the edges can be stitched not very smooth.
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