5 best shock absorbers for UAZ Patriot

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Before buying it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Along with a powerful engine, an important element of the SUV is the suspension, because it depends on the passability and comfort of the car. One of the main parts are shock absorbers. They are constantly stressed, especially with regular off-road visits. Our tests show that on average shock absorbers on UAZ Patriot last for 60000 km of run. After that they must be replaced, and to find the original is not a problem, but it is more reasonable to pick up other options – and we will tell you what.

Structure of the front suspension of the UAZ Patriot

“Patriot” is equipped with a front suspension of a dependent type, it belongs to the spring type. Steerability and stability is ensured by the reliable locking of the front axle with special transverse rods. They move in the vertical plane only, thus resisting lateral displacement due to forces that occur during sudden maneuvers and turns.

When driving on poor quality roads, the suspension is subjected to high shock, vibration, and strain. These negative phenomena are damped by springs and shock absorbers. The suspension of this type has the following positive qualities:

  1. simplicity of design;
  2. Increased stability in off-road and cornering situations;
  3. ground clearance and track does not change during driving;
  4. high drivability.

The SUV has a reliable and strong running gear, these advantages are provided by the main functions of the dependent suspension. For a more detailed understanding of the structure of the front suspension, it is necessary to consider what the main elements it consists of:

  1. longitudinal and transverse struts;
  2. double-sided cotter pins of ball type;
  3. Twisted springs mounted on supports;
  4. knuckles, as well as hubs;
  5. transverse stabilizer bar secured by special tie rods; – stabilizer rod; – stabilizer bar secured by special tie rods.

One of the main parts of the front suspension are shock absorbers. They are different in design from the rear ones, so they are more compressed. That’s why you can’t swap shock absorbers. In unloaded condition, their length is 539 mm, and in compressed – 365 mm.

Warning! Shock absorbers identical in brand, model and manufacturer must be installed on the same axle. Otherwise the car will have imbalance, which will have a negative impact on its stability and drivability.

Features of regular shock absorbers on the UAZ Patriot

Before proceeding to the selection of shock absorbers, you should study the principle of operation and features of the suspension on the UAZ “Patriot”. The design of shock-absorbing struts includes the following elements:

  1. housing;
  2. rod;
  3. piston.

Together these parts are able to dampen the vertical vibrations. Under load, the shock absorber rod lowers and transmits tension to the piston, it displaces oil through a small hole into another compartment of the housing. The damping system is designed to compensate for the lack of clearance between the rimpull system and the operator.

From the factory there are shock absorbers on the UAZ with the following catalog numbers:

  1. 3162-2905006 – front.
  2. 3162-2915006 – rear.

When choosing shock absorbers from other manufacturers, you should consider the dimensions of the original parts.Front shock absorbers have the following dimensions:

  1. maximum length – 539 mm.
  2. Minimum length – 365 mm.
  3. Stem diameter – 22 mm.
  4. The body has a diameter of 52 mm.
  5. The stroke of the piston rod is 174 mm.

Rear struts have these dimensions:

  1. Maximum length – 559 mm.
  2. Minimum length is 350 mm.
  3. Stem diameter is 14 mm.
  4. The body in diameter is 51 mm.
  5. The stroke of the piston rod has 210 mm.

Original shock absorbers are not difficult to find even in a small car store, and they have an affordable price. However, their technical characteristics and quality leave much to be desired, so they do not have a long service life. In aggressive operating conditions, after 25000 km of mileage the body will sway, there will be vibration and increased rigidity of the suspension.

When to change shock absorbers on UAZ “Patriot”?

At the first signs of failure of a shock absorber on the Patriot, you should make a diagnosis to determine the cause of this result, and perform repair work. It is strictly forbidden to continue operation with a breakdown, because there is a probability of more serious problems with the suspension. We recommend installing new shock absorbers in such cases:

  1. jammed strut;
  2. A shock absorber is leaking;
  3. the chocks are broken.

It will be necessary to replace the shock absorber struts and in the case if the damping of impacts from any of the sides of the car does not happen. You can perform the repair work yourself, for this you need to start with preparatory measures:

  1. Wash the vehicle.
  2. Treat threaded joints with a penetrating lubricant.
  3. Prepare a tool kit, which includes a hammer, a jack, and wrenches.
  4. For safety, the vehicle must be secured in a stationary state with wheel chocks.

Our recommendations for the right choice

The latest modifications of the Patriot received an updated transmission, although the shock absorbers decided to leave the old ones, contrary to the wishes of car owners. Fans of off-road vehicles almost immediately after the purchase of this car seek to replace the shock absorbing struts with more technologically advanced. When selecting new shock absorbers you should pay attention to dimensions. It is important to consider that the size of the front and rear struts are different, so the mounting dimensions and piston rod movement features are different.

We recommend to check shock absorbers with utmost responsibility for compliance with the original. On the market there are a lot of models from unscrupulous manufacturers, the quality of such products is noticeably lower than that of the original product. The greatest attention should be paid to welding sites, as well as marking, the latter is performed percussion-point method.

The world manufacturers of components for automobiles spend much effort to acquire a reputation, that is why they care about quality, high technical characteristics and resistance to wear of their products. At the same time they in every possible way resist the proliferation of fakes and the appearance of defective products. When buying struts in an auto store you need to pay attention to such nuances:

  1. matching the marking on the shock absorber with the number in the catalog of the UAZ Patriot;
  2. Quality of thread and surface of the stem;
  3. cylinder tightness;
  4. The presence on the surface of the part of scratches, chips and other damages;
  5. condition of the collar seal.

During the choice it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of the automaker, which can be found on the official website or in the off-road vehicle manual.

The best shock absorbers for UAZ “Patriot”

The choice of new shock absorbers for the UAZ “Patriot” is complicated by the large number of possible options on the market. It is important to take into account the peculiarities of the car, as well as the structure, size and functionality of the shock absorbers. The choice of the product is also influenced by the exploitation of the vehicle. In case of moderate driving one should give preference to soft shock absorbing struts, and for speed lovers – to hard products. We tested dozens of different variants, which allowed us to make a list of the best shock absorbers for UAZ Patriot.

The best shock absorbers for the UAZ Patriot1Trial
  • AG
  • 1 751 €
    2RusAm Damp D3 Hardcross6 500 €
    3HOLA CFD1 730 €
    4RIF SA1 400 €
    5KENO KNU1 170 €

  • AG
  • Rating: 4.9

    Trial<li></div><p>AG” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/65016666196291-295-.jpg” height=”444″ title=”Trial</p><li>AG”><p>AG model from the brand</p><tr>ial<li>fit perfectly as a replacement for original shock absorbers. The developers have made a number of additions to the design, including a gas strut, due to which it was possible to provide full control over the road, sacrificing a little comfort and softness of movement. After installing these shock absorbers there was a noticeable reduction in vibration, providing additional safety at high speed. The sturdy construction guarantees a long service life.<p>Rear shock absorber</p><tr>ial<li>AG (03508) has the following characteristics:<ol><li>stem diameter – 15 mm;</li><li>Stroke is 209 mm;</li><li>Case diameter – 51 mm;</li><li>top mounting option – bushing/eye;</li><li>type – oil with low-pressure gas boosters;</li><li>maximum length – 551 mm;</li><li>Minimum length – 342 mm.</li></ol><p>Brand</p><tr>ial<li>specializes in the manufacture of parts for cars and trucks. The lion’s share of the assortment is aimed at automobiles of domestic manufacture. The combination of modern production technology, high-performance machinery and highly qualified employees makes it possible to manufacture large batches, thus reducing the final cost of parts. Therefore, the company offers affordable cost, high quality products, as well as guarantees protection against defects and counterfeit. The manufacturer gives a one year warranty on each part.<p>Review of the user patriot87 (the owner of UAZ “Patriot”) on drive2: “After 50000 mileage, I decided to replace the regular shock absorbers on the model AG from the company</p><tr>ial<li>. Immediately after installation I noticed decreased vibration, after another 5000 km of run increased smoothness, which was reflected in the comfort. Please note that the kit does not include the top bushings, so you will have to buy them separately”.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>high quality assembly;</li><li>resist the occurrence of vibration;</li><li>have high-quality sealing, which reduces the probability of leakage.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>the manufacturer does not provide the product with top bushings.</li></ul><h3>RusAm Damp D3 Hardcross</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=RusAm Damp D3 Hardcross

    These struts differ from the standard valve-throttle struts in the way they work. Developers decided to increase the rod diameter and install the bandage ring of continuous type on the piston, thanks to which the stable behavior of the car on the road is ensured. RUSAM Damp” shock absorber improves steering response, decreases roll, and at the same time provides smooth motion on a low-quality road surface. Characteristics of rear shock absorbers RusAm Damp D3 (167.00.00):

    1. type – low pressure double tube shock absorber with high energy absorption capacity.
    2. stem diameter – 20 mm
    3. Piston diameter with continuous bandage ring – 35 mm;
    4. body part diameter is 51 mm;
    5. maximum length – 583 mm;
    6. minimum length 367 mm.

    If the vehicle has a heavy body, it is better to give preference to more rigid shock absorbers. RUSAM brand takes responsible approach to production of its products; unique design of shock absorbers ensures smooth running, stable operation and long service life. That is why RUSAM struts are very popular among car owners, and various product tests show the highest results.


    • the piston has a long service life;
    • Provides comfortable driving in off-road conditions;
    • stem has a reinforced design.


    • Not suitable for cars with massive bodywork.


    Rating: 4.7


    This model is two-tube shock absorbers of oil type. They are not designed with a gas spring, but the system is rigid and has a positive impact on the drivability of the vehicle. The rack contains a special oil with high content of various additives, they protect against cavitation, and also prolong the life of the product. We were not able to verify the exact service life, but judging by the reviews of car owners, the shock absorber can easily withstand 60000 – 100000 km mileage, but much depends on the conditions and operating peculiarities. 24-month warranty from the manufacturer, but it is provided only for replacement of shock absorbers in a circle.

    Oil shock absorber has a dual tube design. This system has a simple, but robust, structure. The combination of wear-resistant elements and quality hydraulic fluid ensures a long service life as well as high technical characteristics. Production from brand HOLA corresponds to international quality standards – ISO/TS16949. Specialists exercise strict control at each stage of production, which decreases the possibility of defects, ensures long service life and guarantees high technical characteristics.


    • Are protected from cavitation;
    • rigid in corners;
    • 24 months official warranty.


    • there is a low-quality counterfeit.

    RIF SA

    Rating: 4.6

    RIF SA

    RIF shock absorbers take the rank of the most reliable shock absorbers in our list. The model is ideally suited for installation instead of standard struts and does not require additional modification of suspension. The product increases the stability of the car on the road, as well as increases the car’s ability to withstand heavy loads. After installing the rear and front struts “RIF SA” users note a significant increase of energy capacity of the entire suspension. Even if the car is fully loaded, the RIF shock absorbers are perfectly capable of coping with the assigned tasks.

    In the manufacture of reinforced shock absorbers developers used R-AIR technology, which increased the maximum hydraulic load. Inside the product there is a sealed chamber, made of high elasticity rubber. The oil does not foam, does not boil, and retains its original qualities throughout its service life. The maximum length in tension is – 500 mm, and in compression – 300 mm.


    • suitable for cars with a large mass;
    • have a long service life;
    • Increases the driving characteristics of the off-road vehicle.


    • high price;
    • Availability of fakes on the market.


    Rating: 4.5


    The main advantage of this model is its affordable price. At the same time the product has high technical characteristics. The piston moves smoothly in both directions, resulting in smooth operation, preserving the sharpness of motion. After installing the front struts the car more confidently enters the turns, as well as withstands high loads off-road.

    The maximum length of the shock absorber is 567 mm, and in the compressed state the size of the product is reduced to 400 mm. KENO KNU uses modern technologies, as well as high quality materials and modern equipment. This provides high quality, reliability and long service life.

    Review by papa_ol (the owner of UAZ “Patriot”) on drive2: “I’ve looked through many options before I chose KENO KNU shock absorbers. First of all attracted by the low cost. I installed them myself, not without problems, but I saved a lot of money. I am very pleased with the shock absorbers, they are smooth, but on the road they provide sharpness of motion.


    • The price is 15% lower than that of analogues;
    • long service life;
    • smooth running.


    • It is difficult to find a set in retail.

    How to increase the articulation on the UAZ “Patriot”?

    If a car owner is not satisfied with shock absorbing ability of suspension on UAZ “Patriot”, he should increase articulation. We recommend to install Tocico or Kayaba, designed for GAZelle. Although our research shows that the best articulation is provided by shock absorbers of Monroe brand, but they are more expensive. Simultaneously with the replacement of shock absorbers new springs should be installed. After this repair the car does not bounce, it is less sensitive to irregularities in the road, and the distance to the bump increases.

    For a comprehensive replacement will require such elements:

    1. Springs Fobos 15082 – 2 pcs;
    2. Monroe D 4432 – front shock absorbers;
    3. Monroe D 4445 – rear.

    It is necessary to redo the fixing elements. Installation of rear shock absorbers is carried out on the rubber-metal type joints, and from the bottom there are assembled Zhigulevsky from the reactionary rod, but beforehand they should be shortened by 4 cm. On the front shock absorbers similarly perform the bottom bracket. On top connect the Uaz and native bushings.

    Choice of shock absorbers is an important and responsible event, which affects the stability, steering, as well as the comfort of driving the vehicle. When buying such an important element, you should consider a large number of different nuances, including dimensions, workmanship, technical characteristics, brand credibility and so on. We have made a rating of the best options, which we were able to compile on the basis of extensive research.

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