12 best DVR mirrors

It is not recommended to drive in Russia without DVR. First of all, you lose out on some great shots of the funniest moments. Secondly, you will not be able to help people who are in search of eyewitnesses to this or that accident. Thirdly, you risk not being able to prove your innocence in case of an accident. And these are only three main reasons why you should use a DVR! More often than not, drivers opt for a traditional device, made in the form of a separate device. But we recommend paying attention to DVRs that are also a rearview mirror. They don’t occupy a separate space in front of the windshield, resulting in a wider view. Also, such a device can not be put in the glove compartment when you leave the car – malefactors definitely will not steal it, as recognized in the rearview mirror expensive DVR is very difficult. In short, let’s take a look at the best models present in the Russian market.

Rating of the best DVR mirrors

Best inexpensive DVRs to replace your rearview mirror1Dunobil Spiegel Solo2 990 €
2Artway AV-6012 427 €
3Artway AV-6101 549 €
Best car DVRs in the car rear view mirror design in the mid-range price segment1Roadgid B
  • ck WIFI, 2 cameras, GPS
  • 10 990 €
    2Vizant 957NK8 300 €
  • mtec Dual M4
  • 3 490 €
    4Artway MD-161 Combo 3 in 16 890 €
    5Artway MD-160 Combo 5 in 17 927 €
    The best DVRs in place of a premium rearview mirror1TrendVision MR-71011 490 €
    2TrendVision aMirror 1214 989 €


    13 990 €
    4TrendVision MR-715GNS10 320 €

    Best inexpensive car DVRs to replace your rearview mirror

    Dunobil Spiegel Solo

    Rating: 4.5

    Dunobil Spiegel Solo

    One of the most affordable DVRs, shaped as a rearview mirror. The picture is displayed on the right side of the mirror. The lens used is simple, but the angle of view is not bad – it is 120 °. Unlike most conventional DVRs, Dunobil Spiegel Solo offers as much as a 4.3-inch image. That is the diagonal screen is comparable to some GPS-navigator. Traffic police inspector will see every detail of the accident on this display.

    This one records video in F resolution

      HD. The sound is additionally recorded, and not every video recorder has a microphone. However, if you want to reduce video weight you can disable microphone – it is done in the corresponding settings section. Along the way, the device records the date and time, which can also be useful in certain cases.

      Movie recording can start automatically. We have a shock sensor inside the black box to thank for this feature – it detects when the car is set in motion. If the car is parked in a deserted place, it will not hurt to activate the motion detector. In this case, the video will begin immediately after a person is detected in the frame.

      Powered by this DVR from the onboard network, as well as from a built-in battery. To store data, you should use a memory card with a maximum supported capacity of 32 GB. You can use the traditional connection to the micro-USB connector to transfer material to your computer.


      • Large enough screen;
      • There is a function of cyclic recording;
      • There is a G-sensor;
      • There is a motion detector in the frame;
      • There is a possibility to record sound;
      • Shooting in F resolution
          l HD;
        • The built-in rechargeable battery can be used;
        • Low cost.


        • The viewing angle is still not too large;
        • There are some defective copies;
        • Not the best night time recording quality.

        Artway AV-601

        Rating: 4.4

        Artway AV-601

        This rearview mirror is a little less tall and a little wider. Here, too, is a screen diagonal of 4.3 inches. But now it takes up not half of the mirror’s area, but about a third. This means that the rearview mirror is still convenient to use for its intended purpose.

        In contrast to the above considered instance, this device has an input for another camera. So, with the DVR it is possible to shoot what is happening from the front, and from behind.

        The cost of DVR is not great. In this regard, the manufacturer has splurged only on a tiny matrix – its size is only 1/4 inch. But it is made on CMOS technology, so the picture is written with the correct color rendering. Shooting is done in 1440×1080 resolution at 30 frames per second. By the way the date and time are superimposed on the image, which will certainly need a traffic police officer. Sound can be recorded along with the picture. If necessary, the built-in microphone can be turned off. Note that the sound from the external camera is not recorded in any case.

        Of course, this supports cyclic recording. This means that you will need to format the memory card only in some extreme case. As for the lens, it has a viewing angle of 120 °, if you measure it diagonally. I am pleased that the lenses are made of glass – usually manufacturers of inexpensive gadgets opt for plastic.

        The software part of the video recorder can not be called complicated. In the menu you can activate the auto-start recording. Also available on timer and file recording after power off. The capacity of the battery installed here is 180 mAh.

        Despite its low price, the Artway AV-601 DVR comes with a second camera. It shoots at 720×480 pixels, and its lens angle of view does not exceed 90g.


        • Has a composite video input;
        • Comes with a second camera;
        • Battery operation is possible;
        • The mirror stays big enough;
        • The quality of the video recording is good;
        • Looping recording mode is available;
        • There is a mute microphone;
        • Quality glass lenses;
        • Low price.


        • No some useful sensors;
        • Problems in the dark.

        Artway AV-610

        Rating: 4.3

        Artway AV-610

        This DVR has a very low price tag – in Russia you can buy it for about 1500 rubles. It is because of the low cost that it got into our rating. Perhaps this model was created exclusively for those who only need the DVR for peace of mind. The fact that it copes with its task, but not in the best way. Although there is even a G-sensor, which starts recording video automatically. The product also received a battery. But its capacity is only 1020 mAh – enough only for a couple of minutes of video.

        Inside this DVR-mirror there is a CMOS-matrix, which size is 1/4 inch. With this sensor the picture is recorded only in 1280×720 pixels and at 30 frames per second. The viewing angle is only 90 °. In a word, the parameters are not the best. The picture is clearly not satisfactory to all. Even glass lenses do not save you with these characteristics – license plates are well distinguishable only in very good light.

        Unlike the above models, here the picture is displayed on a very small screen, about the size of a matchbox. But the rearview mirror area is as big as possible. As for the software, it’s hard to find fault with it. Here there is support for cyclic recording mode. It has a timer switch, which is useful, if you want to continue recording video after you leave the car. There is also a motion detector in the frame.

        The advantages of

        • Battery operation is possible;
        • A good mirror;
        • There is a G-sensor;
        • There is a motion detector in the frame;
        • There is a switchable microphone;
        • Cyclic recording mode is available;
        • Very low cost.


        • The battery capacity is enough only for 2 minutes of video recording;
        • The picture is recorded in HD resolution;
        • Very small display;
        • Narrow viewing angle.

        Best DVRs to replace your rearview mirror in the mid-price segment

        Roadgid B
      • WIFI, 2 cameras, GPS
      • Rating: 4.9

        Roadgid B<li></div><p>ck WIFI, 2 cameras, GPS” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/60916666193611-4212.jpg” height=”407″ title=”Roadgid B</p><li>WIFI, 2 cameras, GPS”><p>This device is on the verge of the mid-budget segment. The price for it is almost 10 thousand. rubles! However, there is no doubt that soon the DVR will lose its novelty status, after what the price will go down smoothly. In this case, we would feel free to recommend it for purchase!</p><p>The manufacturer of this model did not try to impress the buyer with the minimal thickness of the device. Here this parameter reaches 38 mm – a very decent figure. It is unlikely that this will bother you. Thick mirror adequately behaves on the windshield – it does not shake, which allows without any problems to use it for its main purpose. Not to mention the competent implementation of the display – in most cases, it is almost completely transparent, resulting in it almost does not distract the driver. From time to time it displays indications of what the speed limit is now. The built-in GPS-module and the corresponding database help the video recorder to know about it.</p><p>This model is able to write the picture at the maximum resolution of F</p><ul>l HD. It does so at 30 fps. You can start recording automatically. The field of view of the lens is 170 degrees, which can be called an impressive result. Can not fail to please and good glass lenses, thanks to which all state numbers of nearby cars perfectly read. However, much of the credit for this goes to the 1/2.8″ CMOS sensor.<p>Roadgid B</p><li>The ck WIFI comes with a rear camera. Its viewing angle – only 140 degrees. The image is recorded in the same 1080p resolution. The result should be saved on a microSD card. It’s nice that the DVR even supports a 128-gigabyte drive. And it has a built-in Wi-Fi module. It serves to connect to your smartphone so you can update the database and firmware.<p>It remains to add that this model included a battery capacity of 380 mAh. It will allow the device to continue to shoot video even if the voltage in the car’s onboard network is lost for some reason. Or if you banal forget to connect the DVR by USB-cable.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>The diagonal screen is 9.66 inches;</li><li>It can control the distance and driving in the lane;</li><li>Good picture quality;</li><li>There is a rear camera;</li><li>Touch control is implemented;</li><li>Built-in GPS-chip;</li><li>Voice prompts are available;</li><li>There is a Wi-Fi module;</li><li>The optics were created with glass lenses;</li><li>It is possible to record audio.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Cost – not the lowest.</li></ul><h3> Vizant 957NK</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=Vizant 957NK

        Already significantly more expensive DVR. If the devices considered above in this rating had a screen on the left side of the mirror, here it is positioned right in the center. But its diagonal is brought up to 7 inches. And it displays not only the image from the camera, but also, for example, GPS-navigator.

        This DVR supports the connection of a second camera that is included. This allows you to capture the front of the car and the interior at the same time. Or you can use the remote camera as an analogue of parking sensors. The picture from the main camera is recorded at a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and 30 frames per second. If there was an accident, the impact sensor will definitely feel it – the video file will have the appropriate tag. Also thanks to the G-sensor the automatic start of video recording is implemented. However, video recording begins after the motion detection in the frame, if the appropriate detector is activated in the settings.

        The built-in camera includes a pretty good lens. However, the manufacturer does not specify whether they are made of glass or plastic. Viewing angle is also not specified, but it is very wide – people in the reviews do not complain. The device has a microphone. In short, the video will not be silent.

        Vizant 957NK video recorder is powered only from the on-board network, built-in battery here. But, as already mentioned above, the product has a full-fledged GPS-navigation. As a mapping service here is installed “Yandex.Navigator”. Its work requires synchronization with a smartphone, which will provide the DVR-mirror Internet traffic. However, you can do without a smartphone – if you insert a SIM card, the maps will update over 3G networks.

        You can actually install some other applications here. The fact that it uses not its own firmware, but the operating system Android 5.0. For data storage is designed for 16 GB of permanent memory. But it is better to write the video on a microSD card, the maximum capacity of which is 32 GB.


        • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G modules are present;
        • There is an FM transmitter;
        • It is possible to connect a second camera;
        • It uses the operating system Android;
        • The second camera is already included;
        • Good viewing angle;
        • Large touchscreen display;
        • There is a GPS navigator;
        • Videotaping in good quality;
        • There is a shock sensor and motion detection in the frame;
        • There is a microphone.


        • No built-in battery;
        • The cost won’t suit everyone;
        • GPS-signal is occasionally lost;
        • Built-in weak processor.

      • mtec Dual M4
      • Rating: 4.7

        S<li></div><p>mtec Dual M4″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/6616666193611-112.jpg” height=”185″ title=”S</p><li>mtec Dual M4″><p>Buying a very inexpensive DVR, made in the form of a mirror, you expect to get a very thick and massive device. But the creators of S</p><li>mtec Dual M4 tried their best. The thickness of their creation does not exceed 8 mm! The other dimensions are fine, it is quite comfortable to look at the passengers sitting behind.<p>In this case, the screen is located on the right side of the mirror. Its diagonal is 4.5 inches, which allows you to not strain your eyes when working with menus and configuring the device. The display is able to boast of a touch layer, which further simplifies the task.</p><p>On the back of the DVR is not particularly bulging camera lens. The picture with its help is written in resolution F</p><ul>l HD, the frame rate is 30 fps. The lens uses glass optics, which is a wide-angle. This results in a diagonal viewing angle of up to 150 degrees. Not a record value, but in most cases it is enough. The license plate numbers are clearly seen, and the image is accompanied by the time and date. The device can write and sound. Of course, you can protect the video from being overwritten with a few simple actions. The device is also able to automatically start shooting video and conduct parking monitoring.<p>In the box with the video recorder you will find an additional camera. It is usually attached to the rear window. Whether you need it or not is up to you to decide. We just want to mention that it uses a more modest matrix, so you can not hope for good quality video.</p><p>Power to the device is provided by vehicle’s onboard network. But if the voltage in it fails, the video recording will continue, because the product has its own rechargeable battery. Its capacity is only 200 mAh, so a long battery life is definitely not going to be.</p><h4>Advantages of</h4><ul><li>Possible auto-start recording;</li><li>There is a motion detector in the frame;</li><li>Comes with a rear camera;</li><li>Very modest thickness;</li><li>The screen is quite large;</li><li>Touch control is supported;</li><li>Not a bad angle of view;</li><li>Uses quality optics;</li><li>Low cost.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Can shake even on a smooth road;</li></ul><h3> Artway MD-161 Combo 3 in 1</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=Artway MD-161 Combo 3 in 1

        In our rating we have already reviewed a few DVRs, which are supplemented by a GPS-navigator. But some manufacturers have gone even further. For example, the Artway MD-161 includes a radar detector! As a result, there are three devices hidden under one casing. And all this for only 6-7 thousand. rub. Needless to say that buying these devices separately would cost a lot more? And they would block the view much more.

        If we talk only about the DVR, he is able to boast CMOS-matrix, which size is 1/3 inch. 8 megapixel resolution allows you to write a picture in very good quality. It can easily be compared to what the front cameras of expensive smartphones can do. Also, the DVR has a glass lens, which provides a 140-degree angle of view, if measured diagonally.

        The picture is recorded by the product in 1920×1080 pixels and at 25 fps. Video recording can start automatically – for example, if in the frame detects motion or triggered by the shock sensor. The driver can also set the timer to turn off. Video recording continues even after the device is disconnected from the onboard power – there is a 500 mAh battery. You will need a memory card with the DVR. Its maximum capacity is 32 GB.

        Now let’s move on to additional functionality. There is a 4.3-inch display on the left side of the mirror. It can display not only the image from the built-in camera, but also the card. GPS-navigator works properly, when driving on the route, it regularly provides the driver with voice prompts. Can complain only about the “cold start” when it takes a long time to find satellites.

        Radar detector also works properly. It is sharpened for several radar bands. It is also able to warn of complexes “Strelka” and “Avtodoriya. The camera database can be regularly updated.

        Probably one of the best DVRs of this type! It only lacks the ability to connect the second camera.


        • There is a microphone;
        • High-quality video recording;
        • There is a motion detector and shock sensor;
        • Cyclic shooting is available;
        • A wide viewing angle;
        • Possible work from the built-in battery;
        • Built-in GPS-navigator;
        • Can be used as a radar detector;
        • Large enough display;
        • The camera database can be updated.


        • It is not possible to connect a second camera;
        • Rather complicated settings;
        • The device is too heavy (it shakes more than the regular mirror).

        Artway MD-160 Combo 5 in 1

        Rating: 4.6

        Artway MD-160 Combo 5 in 1

        Want to throw out of the car’s cabin all the electronics, replacing it with just one device? In this case, you need a DVR Artway MD-160. It is made in the form of a rearview mirror. The screen is located in the left half, and its diagonal is 4.3 inches. This is quite enough to make adjustments and quick video review. However, its shooting is not the only thing this device can do.

        This model includes a GPS-chip. It allows the electronics to determine exactly where you are. Then it is checked against its own database. As a result, the device has the ability to warn you about the cameras ahead and speed limits. It is done by voice. Also, the DVR has its own radar detector, which reacts to a variety of camera types.

        As for video recording, it is done in F

          HD at 25 fps. Recording starts automatically, for which we should thank the G-sensor. If the car is at rest, the motion detector in the frame can be useful. Fixing the image is done with a lens with glass lenses and CMOS-matrix, the size of 1/3 inch, and a resolution of 8 megapixels. Viewing angle – 140 degrees, if you measure it diagonally. Not a record, but not enough value can not be called. The important thing is that the picture is practically undistorted, so you can read the license plates without any problems.

          The DVR comes with a detachable camera. It is waterproof, so it can be placed somewhere under the trunk lid. In this case you get the analogue of a parking sensor!

          Unfortunately, this model also has a number of disadvantages. The most annoying thing can be a loud, non-switching-off sound, which is produced when you turn the power on or off. Also, the manufacturer could give the opportunity to adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector, this is very missing. As for the radar detector, you can complain only about the lack of support for K-band.


          • There is a built-in radar detector;
          • Comes with an additional camera;
          • The lenses of the lens are made of high quality glass;
          • Good quality video;
          • There is a motion detector in the frame;
          • Voice prompts are available.


          • The firmware is not finalized;
          • The price can not be called particularly low;
          • There is no support for the K-band;
          • Excessively loud signal when turning on and off.

          The best DVRs in place of the rearview mirror of the premium segment

          endVision MR-710

          Rating: 4.9

          TrendVision MR-710

          A rare case when the DVR is available in two colors at once. The body of the first is painted in gray, and the second – in black. In any case, the body will be made of plastic, and the price will be about 11 thousand. RUB. The picture is displayed on the 4.3-inch display, which occupies the central part of the mirror. At the same time, the areas under the screen and on its sides remain very large.

          This model differs from many competitors with a wide viewing angle – it reaches 147 ° (diagonally). To keep everything in one frame, while getting rid of the overly strong “fisheye” effect, the manufacturer has added the ability to shoot at a resolution of 2560×1080 pixels. If you think that your computer won’t be able to stably play back such a picture, you can choose the standard video recording in the F

            l HD – the frame rate will increase to 60 fps.

            Of course, the loop recording mode is available. This means that you can buy an inexpensive 8GB memory card – that’s enough. If the G-sensor felt the impact, the corresponding video file is distinguished by a special name – it will not be overwritten. Autostart recording is also available, including when a moving object is detected in the frame. Along with video can record audio. If you do not need it, the microphone can be turned off. Also available here and connect an external camera. However, the video recording channel is still one, from the second camera picture will not be saved.

            If many of the above devices additionally have a GPS-navigator, this feature does not. There is no radar detector. You can see that the manufacturer has put all the money into the main components. In particular, the device received a glass lens – is partly thanks to them the picture is written in such good quality. He also gave his creation of HDMI-out, due to which the resulting video can be viewed on your monitor or TV. The device menu is not slow at all – for this you should thank 2GB of RAM. It remains to be regretted that the permanent memory here is much less – only 128 MB.

            The black box is powered by the onboard power grid. If you want to continue shooting video when the car engine is turned off, you can use the built-in battery, the capacity of which is 300 mAh. A full charge lasts about 20 minutes of video.


            • There is an HDMI output;
            • You can connect an external camera;
            • Nice and large display;
            • There is a built-in battery;
            • The quality picture is recorded;
            • Very wide viewing angles;
            • Microphone can be switched off;
            • There is a motion sensor in the frame and G-sensor;
            • You can select a loop recording mode.


            • The price won’t appeal to everyone;
            • No GPS navigator.
            • There is no second camera in the kit;

            TrendVision aMirror 12

            Rating: 4.8

            TrendVision aMirror 12

            Usually DVRs, existing in the form of a mirror, have a relatively small screen, located in the left or right half.

            endVision aMirror 12 is an exception to the rule. Its manufacturer has decided to opt for a huge display, the diagonal of 11 inches. As a result, it takes up almost the entire area of the mirror. You can not do without such a screen, because the DVR has a full-fledged operating system Android, which implies a lot of menu items.

            This model turned out to be a real combine. With its help you can listen to music, watch videos and perform other actions. It has a GPS chip, so there is nothing to stop you from opening the “Maps” application to plot your route. Also, surprisingly enough,

            endVision aMirror 12 can shoot video! It does this with a 2-megapixel sensor and a relatively modest lens, the viewing angle of which does not exceed 140 degrees. Processor power is more than enough to write the picture in 1920×1080 pixels and at 30 frames per second. You can see license plates clearly and many DVR buyers need nothing more. The image can be accompanied by audio – there is also a microphone.

            Start recording is automatic, for which you should thank the built-in G-sensor. The screen can display a picture from the second camera that is available in the kit. If you are not too lazy to place it, of course. As a result, this model turns into a parking sensor. Just do not hope for luxury video quality of the incoming images – auxiliary camera transmits it only in HD resolution.

            But this is not the end of the features of this model! The device can be used as an FM transmitter! It also has built-in Wi-Fi and 3G wireless modules. Therefore, we recommend that you immediately stock up on SIM-card. It will allow the device to regularly update the database, which contains the locations of cameras and other trouble awaiting the driver.

            Video here is written to a memory card. The device supports a maximum of 128 gigabytes of storage. The black box is powered solely by the onboard network of the car. The lack of a built-in battery is probably the only serious drawback of this model.


            • There is a GPS;
            • Android 8 operating system is installed.1;
            • Not bad quality of the picture;
            • Comes with an additional camera;
            • There are Wi-Fi and 3G modules;
            • There is a microphone;
            • The screen is huge;
            • FM transmitter is available;
            • Do not forget the shock sensor.


            • There is no built-in battery;
            • The interface speed is not the best;
            • The price can not be called low.

            VEGA TOUCH

            Rating: 4.7

            Playme VEGA TOUCH

            This DVR has all the features you would expect from a buyer. For example, it can boast a fairly wide viewing angle – here this parameter is 146 degrees. Also, the device has an additional camera, which can be placed inside the car or somewhere under the trunk lid. In the second case, the device turns into an analogue of parktronic. And there is a radar-detector supporting “Strelka” and other complexes engaged in speed tracking. Warning of the nearest camera and the current speed limit is done by voice.

            The device included and GPS-chip. It allows the DVR to understand exactly where it is now. This further improves the performance of the radar detector, because it can also navigate to the database containing the locations of all the cameras.

            If we talk about the main function of the DVR, it is performed by CMOS-matrix, the diagonal of which is 1/2.7 inches, and resolution – 2 megapixels. It has a G-sensor, so the recording starts automatically. The device has a motion detector in the frame, which can be useful for parking. At a time like this, the built-in battery is not superfluous. But don’t expect it to provide very long battery life. Still, in DVRs, it is primarily intended to provide the device with energy for proper saving of the file in case of an accident, when the voltage in the onboard power system abruptly fails.

            The screen here is located in the center of the mirror. With a 5-inch diagonal, it has a resolution of 854×480 pixels. It is touch-sensitive, so there will be no problems with operation. As for saving the material, it is stored on the microSD memory card. The firmware recognizes 64-gigabyte drives at the most.

            Alas, but Playme VEGA TOUCH is only at the end of our selection. This is due to the presence of serious design flaws. Some users regularly turn on their DVR screen without any need. Also, the device can be annoying, constantly reminding you to fasten your seat belt. This occurs in cars, in the onboard network, which often have a voltage sag below 12 V. By the way, the power cord here is obviously not long enough.


            • Comes with additional camera;
            • Not a bad picture quality;
            • There is a microphone;
            • A very wide viewing angle;
            • It has GPS;
            • Not forgotten G-sensor and motion detection in the frame;
            • It is possible to work from the built-in battery;
            • You have a radar detector.


            • Short power cable;
            • There may be some problems with the software;
            • High cost;
            • There are interferences in the sound.

            TrendVision MR-715GNS

            Rating: 4.7

            TrendVision MR-715GNS

            Would you like to get your hands on a black box that records a picture in near-perfect quality?? In this case you should consider buying

            EndVision MR-715GNS. This model saves video in F
              l HD at 45 fps. This makes the picture smoother than with other devices of this kind. And if you agree to put up with the standard frequency, you can increase the resolution to 2304×1296 pixels! In this case, the detail will seriously increase. And it’s important, because the angle of view of the DVR is as much as 160 degrees. At this setting, the standard resolution makes it impossible to see the license plates of any distant cars. With a higher one this problem is not observed.

              The product uses a CMOS-matrix. As for the lens, it consists of high-quality glasses. Not forgetting the microphone. In a word, it is impossible to pick on the DVR’s construction – there is a reason that they ask a pretty tangible money for this model. The device even has its own rechargeable battery. And quite, I must say, capacious. Its full charge may be enough for 40 minutes of video recording. Also

              The endVision MR-715GNS can be powered by the on-board network and capacitor.

              No expensive car DVR can do without G-sensor, the so called shock sensor. Here too it is present. Thanks to it the device is able to start the process of video recording automatically. The product also includes two memory card slots. That’s how many of them are needed for better reliability. However, no one is stopping you from using just one storage unit. By the way, the DVR is ready to recognize as much as a 256-gigabyte card!

              High price

              EndVision MR-715GNS due to the presence of a GPS-chip. It is needed here so that the device can check with the database containing information about the cameras located in the city. As a result, the DVR was able to warn you that you’d better slow down. And he is also ready to offer a CPL-filter, which is attached with a magnet. It will improve the picture at times when there are difficult lighting conditions. For example, when the sun is leaning toward sunset and you’re driving straight toward it.

              Otherwise, this is a typical DVR. Somebody will be surprised only with presence of HDMI-junction, due to which one can display the picture on the monitor or TV set. By default, it is displayed on its own display, the diagonal of which is 4.3 inches. Its resolution is low, so do not hope for a colorful and clear images.


              • Can record in higher resolution;
              • Available at 45 fps;
              • There is a polarizing filter;
              • Very wide field of view;
              • Quality glass lenses are used;
              • Presence of GPS;
              • Warns about the speed cameras;
              • Long battery life;
              • There is a microphone;
              • It is possible to install two memory cards.


              • There is no additional camera;
              • Not the best display;
              • Rattles while in motion;
              • Not particularly stable operation of the software;
              • Excessively large size of the mirror;
              • Not the best build quality.


              Now you know about which DVR mirrors are the best. Only a few years ago there were only five or six models on the market, and they were far from perfect. Now the number of such DVRs exceeds several dozens. Fortunately, with our help you are spared the trouble of choosing. Now you just need to decide on the amount and figure out which of the disadvantages you are willing to put up with (they are, as you may have noticed, even in the top models).

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