12 best 3-in-1 DVRs

*Editor’s review of the best. About the selection criteria. this material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is necessary before buying.

Video recorders 3 in 1 have become a real hit of sales over the past 5 years. The idea of combining 3 devices in one housing has resonated with those who do not want to spend a lot of money to buy each item separately. The front-mounted dashboard and windshield are a big plus: they do not obstruct the view of the situation on the road. However, you should remember that universal items (especially inexpensive ones) are rarely good at all the functions they perform.

For this rating, the Expertology team, together with analysts from the service, has selected 12 of the best 3-in-1 DVRs. The following parameters were the criteria for product selection:

  1. the quality of the main function (shooting video);
  2. quality of auxiliary functions;
  3. Performance and reliability of the main structural elements;
  4. price point;
  5. comparison of additional factors (amount of supported memory, battery capacity, etc.).d.)

How to choose a good DVR 3 in 1

When choosing a 3-in-1 DVR there are many features and parameters, which ordinary users may not even guess about. Therefore, in order to choose a quality product, we recommend paying attention to the following aspects:

  1. Lens.The cheaper the DVR, the less information you’ll find about the lens fitted. And the more likely that its lenses are made of polymer. This is not bad, but the number of aberrations and distortions of the image in such models will be more than in devices with glass lenses. Moreover, as they age, polymer lenses yellow, reducing video quality even further. So the best choice is DVRs with a glass lens.
  2. Sensor. The camera element responsible for detail. We strongly recommend to consider devices with matrix from 2 megapixels, as only from this value you can get a detailed picture.
  3. Processor.Probably the most important element in the design of a DVR. It determines the resolution of the received frames. Just remember a simple thing: The best devices are based on Ambarella A7L chips.
  4. DVR type. In fact, by type we mean performance. You must be aware of the fact that many devices are made in the form of a rearview mirror. They are convenient to use, but if you do not know how to navigate on the side mirrors or do not have a rearview camera, then this option will not suit you. In this case it is better to choose a classic variant in a separate case-box. Choose them by type of mounting: on a magnet, on a bracket or on Velcro. Also pay attention to the package. It might make sense to buy a model with two cameras?
  5. Supported memory space.If your black box is capable of shooting in F
      If you want HD and above, then it makes sense to look at the Micro SD with memory from 128GB. The data processing and recording speed will be enough to handle such volumes efficiently. If you want to shoot in HD, go for 32-64GB.
    • Night shooting mode. Very important and very necessary thing for those who often move around the city or highway at night. Please note that not all devices are capable of providing a decent quality of night shooting. In this case, the most acceptable will be the choice of DVRs with a matrix of 4 megapixels and above.
    • Motion sensor, G-sensor.The need for these sensitive elements in modern DVRs is not even discussed. G-sensor, or impact sensor, reacts to a blow to the car body and automatically turns on the recording, or takes a series of pictures and sends them to the user’s mailbox (in more expensive devices with a wi-fi module). Motion sensor reacts to motion in the image capture area, and also activates the camera.
    • Supports GPS, GLONASS. Standard function of combined devices. In most cases 3 in 1 recorders have only GPS module. Those models, which provide communication with GLONASS satellite system, cost a little bit more expensive. We recommend choosing models that support both systems.
    • Radar detector function.There is an unspoken rule: a universal item cannot be good at everything at once. Usually if the DVR has a good anti-radar, then the quality of the footage is at a low level. The same order applies vice versa. It’s dangerous to make recommendations here, because the quality of this feature varies a lot from model to model. However, if your budget is limited, look at those inexpensive options that catch the main radar complexes like “Strelka”, “Kordon”, “Avtodoriya”, “Robot”, etc.d.

Rating of 3 in 1 DVRs

Nominationlocationproduct nameprice
Rating of DVRs 3 in 11Roadgid X7 Gi
11 450€
2SilverStone F1 Hy
id X-Driver (GPS)
12 990€
3Mio MiVue i85 (GPS)9 030€
4Artway MD-109 Signature 5 in 1 Dual (GPS)8 690€
  • ne X-COP 9100s (GPS, GLONASS)
  • 19 990€
      Signature (GPS, GLONASS)
    8 990€
    7SHO-ME Combo Smart Signature (GPS, GLONASS)9 590€
    8Intego VX-685MR (GPS)8 340€
    9Cenmax Signature Alfa (GPS)10 900€
    10Artway MD-104 Combo 3 in 1 Super Fast (GPS)6 190€
    11Inspector Cayman S (GPS)10 400€
    12Artway MD-161 Combo 3 in 1 (GPS)6 400 €

    Roadgid X7 Gi
    id GT (GPS, GLONASS)

    Rating: 4.9

    Expensive DVR on Ambarella A7LA30 chip with Sony Exmor IMX322 sensor. Even though the camera resolution is only 1.3 megapixels, the quality of the device is quite high. The viewing angle of the 6 lens is 135 degrees. Combined radar detector can detect signals of 12 complexes at a distance of up to 900 meters.

    Below we said that the anti-radar with this kind of functionality is weak, but with the Neo

  • X-COP 9100s the situation is slightly different. First, it works in 360 degrees, that is, it can detect a radiation source in the back. Secondly, the device does not produce any misfires: all active radar systems without exception are detected, including those not marked on the map (mobile). Of course, in the rest of the X-COP 9100s is quite a conservative gadget: 220 mAh battery, mount on a tape and support for up to 128GB of memory does not combine with the market leadership. Therefore, only the fifth place.


    • The device has a high recording quality, night mode;
    • continuous recording function;
    • 2 memory card slots;
    • Good performance of the built-in radar detector;
    • GPS and GLONASS modules.


    • Low capacity battery;
    • high price.

      id Signature (GPS, GLONASS)

    Rating: 4.6

    RECXON<ul></div><p>Signature (GPS, GLONASS)” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/73316666195971-8912.jpg” height=”421″ title=”RECXON</p><ul>The models with the GLONASS satellite system are a bit more expensive<p>The preference between SHO-ME and RECXON models among the users is divided almost equally. However, we put the last recorder higher in the rating because of the banal gain in shooting quality. It is based on Ambarella A7LA50 processor, which complements the same 4-megapixel OmniVision OV4689 sensor and 6-lens lens. The power of the new chipset allowed to increase the recording resolution to SuperHD, as well as expand the viewing angle to 170 degrees.</p><p>As for the radar detector, the RECXON</p><ul>It also does not shine in the Signature, identifying only 10 complexes from a distance of 500-700 meters. The device accepts flash drives up to 128 gigabytes and has a small battery 280 mAh. Yes, and it’s also about a third cheaper than its previous competitor.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>reasonable price;</li><li>high quality imaging;</li><li>Wide view angle of the lens and the availability of night mode;</li><li>GLONASS and GPS support;</li><li>simple and intuitive interface.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>short radar detection range.</li></ul><h3> SHO-ME Combo Smart Signature (GPS, GLONASS)</h3><p>Rating: 4.5</p><div style=SHO-ME Combo Smart Signature (GPS, GLONASS)

    First representative of the rating, which support GLONASS. It’s based on the Ambarella A12A chipset and 4-megapixel OmniVision 4689 matrix, which shoots in F resolution

      HD at 30 frames per second. Finally, in the DVR appears adequate night shooting mode, in which you can make out the license plate number and other small nuances, even in the dark. In general, it is one of the main advantages of this camera.

      Please keep in mind one small detail: if your device has several functions at the same time, you will definitely not get good performance of all at once. Otherwise, its cost would have soared many times over. Same here: SHO-ME Combo Smart Signature has a good main function, but it is not very good as an anti-radar. Only 8 defined complexes, no back work and 1 kilometer of detection range. If you are in pursuit of quality all at once, then pay attention to the models above in the rating or buy the gadgets separately.


      • Availability of GLONASS and GPS tracker systems;
      • High quality of night shooting;
      • Quick operation of the video recorder;
      • pleasant design.


      • frankly weak anti-radar.

      Intego VX-685MR (GPS)

      Rating: 4.4

      Intego VX-685MR (GPS)

      Another representative of the rating in the form of rearview mirror, which contains a radar detector and GPS-tracker. The resolution of built-in CMOS-matrix is 2 megapixels, and the resulting video file has the following quality indicators: 1920×1080 pixels at 30 frames per second. Main camera view angle is 160 degrees. However, as you have already realized, there is another remote camera, which can be deployed in the cabin or extend to the rear window.

      The 5-inch display of Intego VX-685MR is great to look at and allows you to watch the nuances of interest to you on the go. Built-in radar detector, in general, does not appear in the descriptions of official dealers, so we can conclude that it is only for beauty. Although, let’s face it, sometimes it really comes in handy. As for the rest, there is nothing to highlight: all the key features of the model we have listed above.


      • The presence of a second camera in the kit;
      • Viewing angle of the main camera 160 degrees;
      • A wide display (diagonal of 5 inches);
      • nice design.


      • weak radar detector.

      Cenmax Signature Alfa (GPS)

      Rating: 4.3

      Cenmax Signature Alfa (GPS)

      A product by Akasa, which shows excellent results in terms of video. The maximum recording resolution here is 1920×1080 pixels, but the picture is even better than in the SuperHD-apparatus Artway MD-104. Perhaps this is the result of painstaking work on the shooting aspects, rather than on the functions of the radar detector. Video processing is handled by the built-in processor Ambarella A12A20. OmniVision OV4689 matrix contributes as much to the overall performance.

      As we said above, the performance of the anti-radar in the Cenmax Signature Alfa is not the strongest side. In the base of the device stores information on 13 complexes. Range of detection is 1000 meters, and the angle – only 180 degrees. That is, the sensitive element does not work “in the back. But the model has a very good battery of 370 mAh and support for microSD up to 256GB. None of the previous models can do this.


      • The optimal ratio of price to quality;
      • Good picture when recording video;
      • Reads 256GB flash drives.


      • radar detector does not work in the back;
      • No shock sensor.

      Artway MD-104 Combo 3 in 1 Super Fast (GPS)

      Rating: 4.2

      Artway MD-104 Combo 3 in 1 Super Fast (GPS)

      This device does not focus on the functions of the DVR, and on the possibility of detecting radar. In this regard, it would be more fair to call it a combined radar detector. The official specification company Artway says that the MD-104 can determine 26 (!) Radar complexes at a distance of up to 1500 meters. This is one of the best results in our rating.

      As for the video recording function, we have the following inputs: viewing angle of 140 degrees, 2304×1296 pixels, 30 frames per second, as well as MOV-format of the source file. All this splendor is accompanied by a weak battery at 100 mAh, the availability of mounting bracket for suction cups and a standard set of sensors triggered by the impact and movement in the frame.

      The disadvantages are

      • 26 radar systems detected;
      • SuperHD-quality recording;
      • G-sensor and motion sensor;
      • bracket mount included.


      • Short battery life.

      Inspector Cayman S (GPS)

      Rating: 4.1

      Inspector Cayman S (GPS)

      On the 11th line is placed the universal video recorder Inspector Cayman S, which is positioned as the best device in the average price segment. The viewing angle of the camera in it is 130 degrees, and the quality of video recording corresponds to the format F

        l HD. As in many representatives of the middle segment, the matrix is not designed for quality shooting at night, although the specs indicate the presence of night mode.

        As in the case of the Artway MD-161, this recorder can operate as a radar detector. Officially declared detection of 13 radar complexes, including ill-fated “Strelka”, which many motorists are so afraid of. Among other features of the model should be noted the presence of shock and motion sensors, the ability to record cyclically at intervals of 1, 3 and 5 minutes, as well as a handy GPS-tracker. Unfortunately, the 2.4-inch screen will not let you see the route in detail, so you need to connect a voice alert.


        • Wide enough viewing angle without distortion of the picture;
        • Shooting in 1920×1080 resolution at 30 frames per second;
        • Detection of the most popular radar systems on the Russian roads;
        • Many additional features (license plate stamping, various sensors, etc.), and also auxiliary functions.d.).


        • Claimed night shooting mode works disgustingly;
        • A lot of controversy in the specifications of official dealers of the device.

        Artway MD-161 Combo 3 in 1 (GPS)

        Artway MD-161 Combo 3 in 1 (GPS)

        Combined DVR with GPS and radar, embedded in the rearview mirror. Is in high demand in the Russian market because of its relatively low price and enhanced functionality. 2-megapixel CMOS sensor is responsible for video recording, which works well in natural light, but can not function properly in the dark. Video recording is in F resolution

          l HD at 25 frames per second.

          As for the functions of the radar detector, it is worth noting the determiner 16 radar complexes, including such rare ones as “Traffipax Speedophot”, “Ramet A9T” and “M

            tanova 6F”. The detector works in 4 configurable ranges: K, Ka, X and
              tra-X. Range of detection in good condition sensors is 1500 meters. Also worth noting is the availability of 500 mAh battery, G-sensor and motion sensor. In general, all you need for a little money.


              • reasonable price;
              • ability to record video in F
                • universal radar detector available;
                • Shock and motion sensors in the frame.


                • complicated antiradar settings;
                • inconsistency of the manual items with the user DVR settings.
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