Skalodrom in the country

Rock climbing – This is a popular sport and adults, and among children. There are many climbers now. They can be found in entertainment and fitness centers. But it is not necessary to go somewhere in order to stretch and relax, – a small clodder can be installed even in the yard or in the country. Such a gaming simulator will definitely like the kids from 4 years.


Initially, the clade was invented as a modern climbers simulator. Invented his Frenchman Francois Savigny. He wanted to come up with a device that would allow the climbers to train at any time of the year and with any weather, and he succeeded. Later, the simulator who was intended for professionals was appreciated and ordinary people.

His main feature is that it is great for exercising all the body. In the process of Lazagan, all the muscles of the body are involved: from legs and hands to fingers and backs.

For children, the big plus will be the fact that the climbing is well developing fine motility.

Also such training is useful for children with a disptions. This is a rare disorder in which a person cannot perform any complex movements. Regular workouts allow you to solve this problem and develop coordination.

The game on the climbing also allows you to develop logical thinking skills, because to climb up, you need to think where to put your hand or leg and attach your way a few steps forward.

In addition, if you install the street climbing at the cottage or country plot, the children will spend more time in nature. But that the games are safe, you must remember what rules should be held when installing the cliff.

  1. If the design is designed for children, it should not be high. If it is above three meters, then for security of the child will have to use protective equipment with ropes and control the process.
  2. The design should be very strong. All items must be well fixed.
  3. It is necessary to install it so that there is a safe coating under it, for example: sand or grass.

If you do everything according to the rules, all game training will benefit and make a mood.

What happens?

Clutters can be divided into several groups.

  • Stationary. These are the most common simulators that look like a high wall with bright colored hysteries. They can often be seen in shopping centers in children’s zones. In my country, this design can also be installed, because it is distinguished by reliability and ease of use.

  • Modular. Such clutters are good because they can be easily assembled, and then disassemble elsewhere. It is convenient for street playgrounds from which the clogodrom can be removed for the winter period.

  • Sports. Such models will suit adults or children over 8 years old. The simulators are designed for those who have at least a small sports training.

  • Climbing complexes. Such a design is interesting in that, in addition to the wall itself, it can complement the bars, horizontal rings, rings or plastic swings. This option is perfect for a family in which there are several children.

For your site, you can choose any of these options, focusing on the age and preferences of the child.


Build a clodder on the street and do it yourself. Start this process is worth the preparation and purchase or search for the necessary materials.

Tools and materials

The main for the country street climb can even become Normal shield made of boards. But a safer and practical option is a plywood sheet. You need to take Phaneur thickness from 15 mm. Also for the climbing will need such details as:

  • Wooden vehicles in size 50 by 50 mm;
  • dowels, anchor bolts;
  • Self-tapping screws, bolts for fastening parts.

Also be sure to buy good hooks. Now you can find a lot of interesting options for both young children and for the guys older. So, children will like bright plastic hooks in the form of various animals, fruits or cartoon heroes. For older children you can buy adult hooks:

  • Mizer;
  • pockets;
  • reliefs;
  • shelves;
  • Plugs.

Making a homely clutter, you can also replace the purchased headguards. Come on various bars or drank from the boards. The main thing is to span them very well to avoid small scratches and the appearance of the.

Additionally homemade hooks can be painted or even somehow interesting to paint.

Choosing a place

When all materials are prepared, you can go to the selection of space. The climb should be located away from asphalt and paving. It is best to find a cozy corner on a plot in the shade of trees. At the same time there should be no flower or bushes near. If the summer courtyard is small, the simulator can be installed right next to the house.

Sizes and form

The size of the climbing depends on its purpose and age of children. In the country area, you can collect a small design consisting of 2-3 sheets of standard color plywood. The form may be different. Popular option – The usual wall, which is obtained very reliable and sustainable.

But if desired, the design can be performed in the form:

  • “Boxes”, reducing the front and rear walls under the mini-cliffroma, side – under the Swedish wall and the horizontal bar, and the place under the improvised canopy – under the sandbox;
  • stairs leading to a hill from which you can download;
  • Triangle, climbing which you can immediately from three sides.

Such ideas are suitable for those who want to originally equip the playground and has time and desire.


But first you can do the easiest simulator that is attached to the wall. You can build it in a couple of hours.

The process of mounting the climbing climbing with the creation of a solid foundation begins. It is most convenient to mount it to the wall. For starters, bars are attached with the help of dowels or anchor bolts. On this frame, you must already screw the plywood sheets. They are fixed with ordinary self-tapping screws. After that, it is necessary to start the installation of hooks. They should be positioned at the right angle and tilt.

Next to the finished cliffrome it is worth making a small platform, covered with purified sand. Such a “pillow” will serve as a guarantee that the child’s workout will be completely safe, and even if it falls, it will not be lit.


The cliffment on the playground can also be originally applated with her own hands. Options for creative design a huge amount. You can paint as background and hooks. Here are some interesting ideas for the playground with a climbing.

In beach style

So that the child is more interesting to play on the simulator, it can be painted under the beach, depicting the sea and palm trees there. Sand platform, located below, will only complement this picture. The hooks can be made part of the painted tree so that the kid can climb on the palm tree, or in the form of various sea animals.

Such an idea will enjoy small children who are just starting their first workouts.

With bright details

You can also go to another way by making the background in monophonic, and the hooks are colored. You can decorate a homely clutter with a child.

    Having finished with the installation and decoration, you can start training. In the first days, the child must be adult. He will control it and explain what and how to do. A few days later, the small climb can already be left on the playing area of ​​one.

    The climbing at the country will help to build a child love for active recreation and sports. Therefore, it is definitely worth spending time to install the finished simulator or even make it yourself on the plot.

    Watch the video on how to make a clade with your own hands.

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