Rattan swings: species, shapes and sizes

The passion for exotic materials and structures is quite understandable. This allows you to “dilute” the monotonous standardized interior of expressive notes. But still it is worth considering simple rules that will help to avoid serious mistakes.


Rattan swings can be an attractive solution – however, only if they are properly inscribed in the interior. And the first requirement is the formation of an unusual appearance of space. If around just the furniture of the traditional species, it turns out not interesting, but rather, the ridicule composition. Selection of a suitable environment may not be easy, but the result justifies all the invested efforts.

Suspended on the top or just swinging on a solid support chair allows children to play and relax adults.

Positive and negative sides

Rattan swings with seats are distinguished:

  • fortress;
  • flexibility almost at the level of orthopedic seats;
  • low mass;
  • minimal care requirements;
  • continuous use;
  • External attractiveness.

Although the design may seem fragile in appearance, it will take the load up to 100 kg. If inside the framework of high-quality steel is used, the permissible mass grows by another 50 kg. At the same time, the rigidity does not interfere with adapt to the anatomical features of people and to the position of sitting in the chair. When natural rattan is used for weaving, the total mass will be approximately 20 kg.

Synthetic material is somewhat harder, but the difference is small. Similar gravity can easily resist even on a tree branch. And when you need to move the chair to another place or transport it, there is no need to attract movers.

Artificial material wipes with a dry cloth. And it can also be vacuuming, and with severe pollution you need washing warm water.

Neat care and maintenance of good conditions allows you to use rattan up to 40 years. As for weaknesses, the wicker swing-egg from artificial or natural rattan is bad because:

  • cost expensive;
  • inappropriate in many styles (baroque, gothic);
  • Mounted quite difficult;
  • occupy a lot of space.

Natural material or synthetics

For convenience, natural rattan uses such swings is far ahead. Even if it is not subjected to processing, the appearance will still be attractive. There is no risk of allergies, the process of staining is pretty easy. But like any wood, natural rattan is damaged by water. Even thorough special processing does not allow to ensure that the chair standing on the street will retain their qualities for a long time.

    A big problem will be infected with fungus.

    The plastic is distinguished by a large variety of coloring, perfectly resistant to various weather conditions, you can wash it without risk.

    But it should be remembered:

    • weak, but faceless smell;
    • somewhat larger mass;
    • risk of isolating toxic substances (if technology is broken).

    Parameters and varieties

    Most people prefer nevertheless with artificial rathang. If this decision is made, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of a particular chair. Classic format implies the presence of the back, armrests. The difference from ordinary outdoor versions is that there are no legs, and the product is suspended on the ceiling. Similar furniture is useful primarily to relax.

    A variant in the form of a swing – differs from the street analogue only with great grace. It does not fit for leisure, but the children will be glad to have such furniture. The disadvantage is that swing can only be put in the interior of Loft and Eco. If the house is decorated differently, you need to refuse this type of chairs, or place them in the garden. The format of “baskets” or “nests” does not have a back, turns in different directions, which very likes to children.

    Overview of the souse chairs from rattan in the following video.

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