How to make a trampoline with your own hands?

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Cottage is considered an excellent family area where adults can relax from the working everyday life, and the children will sweep their energy in clean air. To protect the games of small fidgets, other parents are placed on trades of trampolines. These simulators can be used in the finished form, and independently make it yourself from the primary means.


Children’s trampoline is a device intended for jumping. Classes on it have a positive effect on the whole body. Kids not only get a lot of pleasure and pleasant emotions, but also develop the vestibular apparatus, motorcy and the bone-muscular system. Despite the fact that recently you can find a lot of trampoline models, it is quite realistic to build themselves. You can collect a trampoline with your own hands from a different material, but that the jumps have become safe, the protective grid must be present in their designs.

In the manufacture of a trampoline at home it is important to pay attention to the strength of the frame and the installation of springs. The main feature of homemade trampolines is that it is attached to the frame at which one of the parties with springs that require a special placement scheme. First you need to perform the primary hook, attaching the springs to each third loop. Observe step into two loops is necessary so that the elements are not deformed, but evenly stretched.

For the strength of the trampoline, it is recommended to make a secondary hook, in which the springs need to be cling to each loop. In this case, the canvas will not sign from the edges of the frame.

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For a homemade simulator, it is best to choose long springs. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the selection of material for the frame – it should be durable. Before making a children’s trampoline, you should decide with its size, in advance drawing.


Country trampoline can be made from ready-made parts that are sold in a wide range. If there is no possibility to purchase them, then for the assembly you can use suitable techniques. For example, a frame from a metal hoop, which is done by a drill required number of holes. It also takes a wooden bar – it will have to cut it into 8 identical pieces, no more than 30 cm long. In wooden parts make holes, the diameter of which should be several millimeters more than those in the hoop.

To create a mat, you need to choose a durable material. Tarpaulent fit well. It is sewn from it, in size, the corresponding battle circle.

As well as children’s trampoline can be made of the chamber. There are many options for creating a home simulator, the only thing that the material from which it is planned to be collected must be reliable and high-quality in operation.

How to do

Make a trampoline for your baby is not difficult if you show zeal and a little fantasy. Of course, at home it is not possible to create a chic projectile, but a modest homemade simulator will serve as a great place for the games of the little fidget. Before proceeding with the workflow, it is important to decide whether there will be a spring trampoline or inflatable with a grid.

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The first species is made of metal support and mat attached to the frame with springs. Its for safety is equipped with a protective net. The second to collect at home is difficult, therefore it is better to refuse to refuse.

In the event that his assembly of a children’s trampoline is performed for the first time, the following instructions will help beginner masters.

  1. First you need to prepare material for the manufacture of a simulator. Best purchase ready-made details. If you plan to make a trampoline trampoline, then you need a metal circle, bars, dense fabric, springs and grid.
  2. First of all, it is necessary to combine the legs of the design. For this, the frame from the circle is preparing preparing. Its ends carefully fix. Then the frame turn over and put on a flat surface in such a way that the holes for the legs are upstairs. They need to insert W-shaped inserts, performing smooth pressure.
  3. Then the frame turn over and put on the legs. The next stage will be the manufacture of mat, the cover of which should be sewed in advance from the tarpaulin. On the circle, carved from dense material, put on a case, and then fix the trampoline with special hooks. Do it need carefully and slowly. To the mat evenly distributed, it should be visually imagined as a clock and fastening first in those places that correspond to the dial 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. Then fix springs diagonally.
  4. Ends work fixing pillow. It is superimposed on top of a trampoline, then ropes are taken and held through the springs, securely fixing the gameplay. In addition, it is recommended to additionally take the top of the legs with a soft foam, and the bottom – rubber. Thanks to this, the trampoline will be durable and will not slide.
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The above design is simple and it is quite realistic to assemble with your own hands. This product is practically nothing inferior to the factory. If the trampoline is going for kids, then it must be additionally covered with a grid or put it under the mat. It will protect the game of a small child. Such a simulator is perfect for children with age up to 12 years old, teenagers should collect more powerful designs.

Some craftsmen make cottage from the car from the car. They are closer to the protector drill drill holes, observing step in 2 cm. Then a sturdy rubber or thick cord “custody” open middle part of the tire. As a result, it turns out a tight stretched grid, it will perfectly support tarpaulin and protect the child from injuries. In such a design, you can do without legs, because the tire has a sufficient height.

About how to make a trampoline with your own hands, look in the following video.

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