Coatings for playgrounds: species and subtleties of choice

The playground should be not only comfortable, but also safe. That is why special attention is paid to the issues associated with the coating of the game zone. For many years, the plots fell asleep with sand or grown by grass, but today more modern technologies came to replace them.

What should be the coating?

Psychologists have proven many years ago, the most harmonious children develop in conditions when they are not limited to in matters of familiarity with the outside world. Children need adequate conditions so that they can improve their interpersonal and physical activity and it is the playground that plays a big role in this.

There, children will extend their communicative abilities, and can also actively move, run and jump. But many parents are so surrounded by their child care that in fear of getting injuries prohibit the child not only to climb the facilities, but also to move freely.

Such a hyperopka child is absolutely not needed. Moreover, it is not justified at all – modern playgrounds are equipped in such a way as to reduce the risk of injury and damage to a small short to a minimum.

Entering the equipment of the game zones is subject to regulatory acts and is made in strict accordance with the requirements of GOST, which, among other things, regulate and use certain coating materials.

According to Document GOST R 52169-2012, the platforms must have a shock-absorbing coating. At the same time, the degree of shock absorption is calculated by special criteria that takes into account the maximum height with which the baby may fall and do not break up – it is this parameter that is placed as the basis for determining the optimal type of coatings on the courts.

The law is prohibited by the arrangement of children’s zones with asphalt and concrete coating – these materials do not have the necessary elasticity, which in the fall of children can lead to serious damage – the coating should be a trauma.

In previous years, herbal lawn is also not suitable – its degree of elasticity depends largely on the period of operation, the degree of wear, as well as from weather factors (for example, during dry air, decreases temperature, and also after the rain, the parameter is significantly reduced). In addition, the site is not recommended to use materials with an increased abrasive effect – such as crushed stone, pebbles and other bulk substances.

Only special floor coverings are allowed to use on sites, The level of elasticity of which does not depend on atmospheric factors. In addition, they must have a long operational period. The materials used are mandatory must be anti-slip and softening. The material must meet sanitary and hygienic standards, it should not contain harmful and substances and allocate when using volatile toxic elements.


If everything is clear with the players in public places, then the owners of their own cottages often equip the children’s corner in the old way, falling asleep with river sand. The undoubted advantage of such a coating is its cost. In addition, the sand is considered a durable and rather soft material that perfectly copes with its main task – shocks a strong blow, reducing the likelihood of injury, wounds and bruises.

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But the use of sand has its drawbacks:

  • quickly transferred beyond the allocated game zone;
  • can get into the eyes, nose and mouth kid;
  • In the sand they can hide sharp sticks, glass and other garbage;
  • Cats and dogs often use sandy areas to protect their natural needs;
  • In rainy weather, the sand quickly absorbs moisture, it becomes heavy and the consistency resembles a mud messenger, and he will dry very slowly.

Non-less popular with homeowners uses lawn – the grass-resistant grass looks aesthetic looks, pleases the eye and creates a good mood to adults and children. Such a coating is characterized by high ecology, naturalness and good depreciation qualities.

At the same time, the grass needs constant care, it should often watered, cut, collect garbage, as well as hurry on wipe or burnt sections. In addition, worms, slugs and other unwanted insects are often hidden in the grass. Another problem associated with a natural lawn is weeds. In order to get rid of them, it often has to resort to chemicals that may damage the baby, cause asthma or the development of allergies.

It is also important and the price of such a coating – a high-quality lawn costs expensive, so it is desirable in the recreation area to combine grass with stronger and spring coatings.

You should not use gravel as a covering material or crushed stone – when the baby falls, the kid can be born about its protruding parts and get a strong abrasion. Bulk materials are quite often scattered around the site far beyond the gaming zone. However, if you still firmly intend to use stones, it is better to give preference to running granite, which is less traumatic.

More advanced owners of residential buildings moved to modern types of coatings.

Tartan coating

It is often used to arrange cross-country and cycling tracks, as well as in children’s and sports grounds. From a technical point of view, Tartan is a synthetic rubber crumb. This hypoallergenic material, which is characterized by high environmental safety, and the dyes used always have an exclusively natural origin.

The material consists of two layers: The bottom, made of the granulated rubber crumb of black shade, and the top – color. These two coating layers are connected with each other using polyurethane glue. Traditionally, such coatings are performed in green, but can be in brown, bright blue or yellow shades.

This coating is placed on a dense surface, optimally – asphalt or concrete for special bulk technology.

The advantages of the material include:

  • resistance to abrasion and pulling;
  • injuries of material;
  • resistance to temperature drops;
  • Easy cleaning.

Disadvantages are associated with high material and labor costs of the arrangement of such a site – the cost of materials is high, and the installation requires access to the services of professionals.

Plastic modular coatings

Such materials are special modules that are connected by the collapsible principle, the fastens are connected through small locks.

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This is a rather cheap material, besides, manufacturers often arrange shares and give discounts, especially in the offseason. Products withstands a wide temperature range, the coating does not lose its operational characteristics under the influence of rain and snow, and also transfers the load to 200 tons per square meter. Plastic models are durable, they can serve faithfully for more than a dozen years. In addition, the arrangement does not require special skills and tools, and the cleaning of such material is simple and convenient. This is the perfect choice for cottages, small leaves. Plastic coatings provide a child maximum protection and safety.

But this coating is quite rigid, and this should be considered, because when the baby falls, it can be very painful.

Plates of polypropylene and polyethylene

These are practical polymeric materials that are distinguished by durability, good tolerance of reduced temperatures, as well as geometric stability. Plates have a ribbed surface, so the child cannot slip on such a coating and fall. A pleasant bonus is the price that is quite democratic in comparison with many other materials.

At the same time, the service life of such a material is slightly lower than that of plastic, and the choice of shades is often limited.

Rubber tile

A very good option for the arrangement of playgrounds is a rubber trauma-safe tile, which, from an operating point of view, is not inferior to a tratanine coating with one difference – between modules of rubber tiles are formed, that when laying on an uneven base can cause a loose fit of the panels. To this not happen, a special primer on the basis of polyurethane adhesive is first applied to the surface, and over the coating modules are thoroughly rolled with rollers and are confrontated by a special Cyan. The installation process requires the cost of strength and time, although no special equipment for installation is required. It is important that in the event of damage to such a coating, you can simply replace one module, and not dismantle all the coverage of the whole. Rubber tiles are resistant to adverse atmospheric factors and chemical reagents.

The disadvantage is related to the fact that such a tile passes water, so mount the coating is necessary under the tilt of 2-3 degrees, So that the water is not forced under the rubber, creating ideal conditions for the reproduction of fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms.

Artificial lawn

This is a rather interesting rolled coating that visually imitates real living herbs, but does not have its characteristic flaws.

Buying such a coverage is quite profitable and practical, children like to run and lie on the grass, but at the same time it does not have to water, mow, feed organic and mineral fertilizers. Plastic grass does not wipe and does not fade into the sun, it does not rot under high humidity. In addition, it does not dock clothes, unlike this.

Such a mat is ideal for home stacking, since the coating has the necessary shock-absorbing layer, which significantly reduces the load on the legs and the vertebra when jumping and falling, however, justice, we note that when the baby falls, it is still not to avoid abrasion on the knees and bruises.

A similar lawn is made only from environmentally friendly materials. There are shortcomings – the grass must be performed regularly, as trash can accumulate, sharp pebbles, branches and sticks can be accumulated, and it heats up in the sun, which often brings discomfort, especially if children love to run barefoot. When purchasing such material, special attention should be paid to the height of the grass – too low does not give the necessary spring effect, and too high can make it difficult to move the crumbs around the court.

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The original embodiment of the sports or playground is decorative chip. This term is a soft sawdust or fine wood chips that cannot injure the kid. At the same time, this coating is very easily blown away with the impact of the wind, can stick to clothing and in the rain quickly loses its properties, and he “will not survive” – ​​every year such a coating has to be updated. The modern market offers a wide selection of coatings for every taste and wallet. But in a limited budget, you can try to make high-quality covers with your own hands.

For example, you can cut into a mechanical cutter on the noodles of automotive tires, pour into a sheet of geotextile, lubricated by the resin and add the press, for example, plywood. Thus, it will be plates that, after a day, you can post on the court.

In general, to create safe and comfortable children’s and sports sites optimally combine various materials. For example, a synthetic lawn is made to organize a small football field, and it is better to impose a conventional asphalt for cycling tracks or pour their high-quality concrete. And near the swings and game complexes – Lazilikov Single Rubber Coatings. Thus, for each zone, the most functional and injurious environment will be created, which will make it possible to arrange a competently planned territory and save money spent.

How to choose?

Whatever covering you prefer, the main criterion of its effectiveness will be the security of a child, which is why it is necessary to give preference to mild, environmentally friendly materials from proven manufacturers. Well, if you can easily care for the surface of the game zone – nothing should prevent the dressing of garbage and washing the material.

It is advisable to avoid small plates, because with its intensive use between seams may occur, in which the child can get stuck and fall. Optimally lay a seamless coating.

It is not necessary to use the stinging floor – over time, nails can get to the surface and hit the child. It is important to take into account the child’s age, because it largely determines the degree and type of kid activity. Of course, you should not leave the natural and climatic features of the region and, accordingly, the resistance of the coating to high and low temperatures, the ability to maintain their functions after wetting.

Do not forget that the competently selected material for street coverage is the guarantor of the safe stay of your child on the street and your peace of mind.

In the next video you will find instructions for self-laying of rubber crumb coating.

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