Choosing a children’s game complex with a hill for summer cottages

Modern children’s sports and gaming complexes possess many properties in which functionality, entertainment, physical development, the formation of dexterity, courage and other very important qualities of children. At the same time, great attention is paid to the injury security of this kind of complexes. Many children’s sports complexes are installed not only in the courtyards of apartment buildings, but also in dachas.


In the modern market, you can find several options for sports complexes that acquire for children. The following main types of children’s complexes distinguish.

  • Street and for premises. From the names of the complexes it becomes clear that they are intended for installation in various places. Accordingly, the requirements for them are different. For room complexes, a small area of ​​accommodation, functionality and “lightweight” requirements for materials from which they are made.
  • By material manufacturing. Distinguish wooden, metal, plastic and mixed models. The material from which devices are made must have the properties of strength and attractiveness. In this case, its sustainability, durability and injuries are compulsory conditions for creating a design.

Features of complexes

Some of the most common sports complexes for children are devices that are installed on the street. They are most often acquired for country houses and cottages. As a rule, they have a large area compared to the “apartment”, it is possible to implement together several different devices, such as swing, slides, various ladies (vertical and horizontal, with a change of height), horizontal bars and bars.

Used sports shells must be painted in bright colors to attract the attention of kids. Another important requirement is the development of specific qualities in children and adolescents, namely: dexterity, courage, physical development, reaction, ability to make faithful solutions in perhaps short time.

Tips for choosing

When choosing a children’s complex for a cottage plot or country house, you need to decide on the place of its installation and find out the area of ​​this place. As a rule, the complexes are installed on the area of ​​2.5×2.5 m. This is the optimal size, as the design actually takes a little space that in the country is the determining point. It is also important to choose the material from which the product is made.

You need to pay attention to its outdoor processing and quality color. The complex of devices is on the street, respectively, it will be exposed to sunlight, rain, snow and other temperature differences. Reliability is one of the components that need to be considered when choosing. That is why it is necessary to pay attention to the accessories and methods for fastening the structures among themselves.

Child children’s complexes should only be selected in proven outlets that are not first implementing this kind of products for kids and adolescents.

The composition of the complex is individual, and depends on the age of the child, its physical, psychological development, which manifests them. As a rule, it consists of a swing, “Swedish wall”, sandboxes and horizons. The complex must be entertaining so that the child will show interest, and for a long time.

In a gaming complex for cottages with a slide, special attention should be paid exactly a hill. It can be wooden, metal, plastic, the ladder can also be made of the above materials. When choosing first, it is necessary to decide what time of year the device will be used, since it is uncomfortable on a slide of metal at low temperatures, and it can contribute to the worsening of the child’s health. Age has an important meaning when choosing sizes.

Since children grow rapidly and add in weight, you can choose a complex that has the ability to increase the size and re-equipment. As a rule, street complexes are designed for human weight not more than 100 kg.

One of the devices for which you need to pay close attention are swing. It is important to choose the material from which they will be made, fastening methods, the weight of the very seat. Installation should be taken into account and height from the ground, and injuries.

This article covered only the main features of gaming sports street complexes for children. Such products have a wide variety, price categories, but with independent installation there are very important requirements that cannot be ignored, as the designs will use children.

How to assemble a children’s sports complex “Bogatyr” for giving, look in the video below.

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