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Batuta is a useful subject for physical data development. Try to jump on it, first of all, children will want, although many adults will not refuse themselves in such a pleasure. It is easy to solve the task of providing a convenient and reliable sports projectile will help the I-Jump trampoline.


Very often, the trampolines of the i-jump model range are installed in the country or in the courtyard of the country house, although nothing but the housing area does not prevent such a projectile and in the room.

These designs have quite a lot of advantages.

  • They provide a load on the body, strengthening the muscles and helping to develop the coordination of movements. Promote the development of the lungs.
  • Do not swing, allowing you to avoid the threat of the safety of people who are on the spring.
  • The grid has a half-ethnic height (or higher depending on the model) does not allow you to fly beyond jumps.
  • Being located inside a trampoline, the grid for protection separates the area for jumping from spring design, which is more securely compared to the mesh location outside.
  • In addition to the upper protective mesh design, the sports projectile has a lower, not allowing climbing under the spring mat for children and pets.
  • The grid below provides a shoe compartment, which is very convenient in everyday life.
  • Shell is equipped with a special staircase, which is easy to climb and go down from a trampoline.

  • The springing platform is elastic, is not susceptible to stretching and does not river under the influence of foot impacts and other parts of the human body.
  • Sports projectile springs have a form that allows evenly distributing the load on metal structures, which are the basis of the entire structure.
  • Fundamental material of the unit – galvanized steel, ensuring the strength and durability of the sports projectile.
  • Trampoline does not fade in the sun, does not lose his attractive species.
  • In the folded state does not take up much space.
  • It is convenient to transport it.
  • You can choose a trampoline with a surface area for jumping, depending on the size of the territory on which it will be convenient to put such a sports projectile. For example, a trampoline of the 8 FT model in diameter is 2.44 m, and 6ft – 1.83 m.

It is also possible to purchase a model with a platform diameter of almost five meters.


Among the disadvantages of trampolines, I-Jump is often called the inconvenience of working alone on building construction on the place selected for it – it is desirable to act together.

The mass of the largest trampolines reaches 100 kg in the package, which creates certain difficulties with their movement.

Among the conditional flaws, it is possible to allocate the price of products. If small trampolines can be purchased within 20 thousand rubles, then overall models are already over 40 thousand. Such structures are often selected for commercial use than for household needs.

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Customer Reviews

Mostly about Batuts I-Jump Buyers respond in a positive key. People bribe the strength and elasticity of the design, as well as its interesting stylish appearance.

In addition, you can not worry about the fact that the unit wet in the rain – it does not harm him, although some are advised to purchase a canopy or awning for a trampoline to avoid unnecessary pollution.

As buyers noted, the protective net reliably prevents the children’s attempts to jump from the surface of the Mata, which is very important for any parent interested in the fact that the sports exercises of Chad will not turn around for him.

Trampolines are distinguished by “jumping”, so that they not only allow you to perform in the air alder experienced athletes, but also just raise the mood to everyone who decides to experience such an aggregate.

Buyers noted that the construction assembly is not difficult. An instruction in Russian is attached to the trampoline, and there are pictures in it that help faster to understand how to properly assemble a sports projectile. The key to pull the springs, which comes in the kit, allows you to easily cope with the work.

How to collect a trampoline i-jump, look in the video below.

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