What should be modern paving slabs?

Beautifully paved platform in front of the house, access road or pedestrian area of ​​public space solves many problems in the field of landscape improvement. The technical characteristics of paving slabs allow it not to absorb moisture from the surface, exclude sliding, give the whole territory. But in order for the coating to serve a long time, it must comply with modern quality standards.

Features of the production of modern tiles

Modern paving slabs are not made from a brushed stone, like a regular pavement, but is produced on special equipment from concrete and other ingredients.

Double vibropress technology – the most advanced current, Provides a sufficiently long production cycle. First, the necessary raw materials are selected for it. High quality varieties of cement of gray and white color, as well as sand – washed or fractionated and granite crushed stone.

The technology of double vibropressive technology in stages looks like this:

  1. Preparation of semi-dry mix.
  2. Pressing the main layer on special equipment.
  3. Pressing the facial layer of material.

The main advantage of double vibropressing technology is to minimize the amount of moisture used in the production of material. This contributes to the reduction of the number of capillary pores inside the artificial stone. Due to the seal, its structure is obtained by a more holistic and homogeneous.

This technology was developed in Germany and subsequently replaced one-layer vibropress. In Russia, it uses only a small number of manufacturers who have such equipment.

Also special attention and painting on Colormix technology deserves. This decision made it possible to turn a boring monotonous blocking in the material that landscape designers dreamed of landscape designers. Thanks to the colormix surface of the paving slabs, you can give a huge set of shades.

What should be modern paving slabs?

What characteristics should the pavement tile?

In order for the sidewalk tile to withstand significant loads, it must have high performance. Among the most important points:

  1. High strength, which should be no less than class B22.5.

    * B22.5 – concrete strength brand, which indicates that the tile can keep the integrity even at high loads.

  2. Low abrasability, ensuring the safety of the surface and color, despite the traffic intensity.
  3. Frost resistance with an indicator F200.

    * F200 – Class of frost resistance, meaning that the tile can withstand sharp drops of temperatures.

  4. Environmental Safety In accordance with the standard existing in Russia.
  5. Service life for at least 30 years.

Exactly such characteristics has products Plant Braer, Passing tile on double vibropress technology since 2013.

W Braer Wide range of small concrete products. The company is one of the first in the country installed at the production of an automated line from the German brand Hess Group – the main innovator in this industry. It is on it that the paving slabs and other paving elements used in the improvement of the territories of various purposes are produced today.

How to prepare for paving?

Choosing a base for paving slabs is an important task that determines the success of the entire process. It should provide sufficient elasticity, withstand significant loads, but not affect the strength of the pavement itself. With the development of double vibropress technology, the process of laying tiles has changed. Practical way It was found that the material is best lighted on the sand pillow without the use of cement-sand mixtures.

The site preparation in this case is true:

  1. The design of the coating is being developed taking into account the analysis of the soil and the level of groundwater.
  2. The ground removal is performed on a given depth. The surface is aligned, it is rambling, lined with geotextiles.
  3. Stacked sand pillow. For parking spaces, the driveway layer is made approximately 30 cm, for pedestrian zones you need about 20 cm. Geotextile stacked on the surface.
  4. Boots are installed concrete elements – borders, drainage trays
  5. The layer of rubble is falling asleep. Thickness varies in the range of 15-18 cm, based on the estimated level of loads. Be sure to be a bias of 5 mm per 1 m, the surface is carefully compacted and geotextiles are stacked on it.
  6. The finish sandy pillow is stacked with a 50 mm high with a slope of 5 mm / 1 m. Compacted by a vibropilet with a rubber nozzle.

What should be modern paving slabs?

After that, it remains only to lay a tile on the prepared platform. Seams are filled with fine-flow sand.

We recommend watching video instructions on laying paving slabs from the plant Braer.

Types of paving

There are several popular paving slabs in landscape design. They are used in standard form and sizes of material:

  1. Brick. The scheme involves the alternation of horizontal and vertical elements in the laying. You can use different tile colors, but its shape must be strictly rectangular.
  2. Yelochka. Materials are stacked at an angle to each other, with the adjuncing short and long sides. The selection of the angle of masonry allows you to visually adjust the sizes.
  3. Chaotic. In this case, the tiles of different sizes and colors are combined in one coating in any order. Often this laying scheme is used when creating coatings with wild stone imitation.
  4. Chess. Tiles of square format 2 colors have symmetrically, alternating them between them. The coating is obtained strict, concise, it looks very presentable.
  5. Rombami. In this case, the figure drawing is located in the center of the site. With the right approach, it is possible to achieve even 3D effect in design.
  6. Circles. These may be concentric elements, divergent from the center of the site or rings, combined with each other. Basically, the scheme of this type is used in the arrangement of pedestrian zones, patio, areas, local areas. Used fine format tile.
  7. Figured. Such paving options usually suggest the use of textured designer tiles. Elements are joined among themselves strictly on a given template. The layout is pre-compiled with the display of future coating in 3D format, taking into account the surrounding landscape.
  8. Mosaic. According to this scheme, hex elements are stacked. The pattern is formed fantasy or by a specific scheme.

If we are talking about laying non-standard design solutions, layout diagram can be modified with regard to the wishes of the owner of the site. In this case, the appearance of the pavement is determined only by the author’s fantasy.

Variety of choice

Among Russian manufacturers, BRAER has been standing out by a variety of paving slabs collections. A detailed overview of the range will make sure. Among the most popular brand lines can be allocated:

  1. “Old Town Landhaus” – The most popular collection of paving slabs Braer. Three different element size make it possible to apply several laying options without losing in the simplicity and beauty of paving. More than 15 color solutions will help create a unique door space!
  2. Domino – Excellent designer solution for landscaping around the house, tracks in the country and paving zones for pedestrians and parking lots of passenger cars. Distinctive feature of the collection of dominoes – 5 different in size of elongated plates with a height of 60 mm.
  3. “Mosaic” has a versatile rectangular shape and several color options.
  4. “Classic circular” Combines the right shapes that allow you to lay it in different directions, as well as a large color gamut, which has more than 10 colors.
  5. “Meba” and “Green Galet” – These are varieties of a lawn lattice for the arrangement of various zones: private courtyards, car parking, pedestrian tracks. You can choose an unusual form that imitating a natural stone that retains the natural landscape and perfectly fit into any design project of the local area, or a modular design, the cellular form of which protects the root system from damage.
  6. Collection “Rectangle” Due to its form and a variety of colors, it will suit both for the improvement of the urban environment, park tracks, sidewalks and areas and for the packing of private territories.
  7. “Louvre” consists of three different in size of square elements that can be used both independently and combining each other (this applies not only forms, but colors).
  8. San Tropez – a unique collection, this tile does not have a certain shape in the horizontal plane, which is why it resembles a masonry from natural raw stone.
  9. “Riviera” There are four elements of square and rectangular shape with rounded corners. Riviera Paving Tile will give a respectable appearance to the city pedestrian zones and territories of country sites.

All collections of paving slabs Braer

What should be modern paving slabs?

All variety of collections is difficult to even imagine. You can choose a suitable paving slab under any style of home and any landscape, limited to fantasy!

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