How to get rid of herbs between paving tiles?

Garden paths look beautifully at the local area, but with time there is a grass between tiles, which spoils the overall presentation of the landscape. Many faces such a problem, so it is often a question about whether it is possible to cope with it, and what methods of combating vegetation will be effective. It is worth noting that it is not only about the presentability, but also about safe movement, since it can be easily hooked for grass. With such a misfortune you can fight in different ways. About them and let’s talk in this article.

How to remove grass with chemicals?

Before laying the track, you need to switch the soil, as well as remove all weeds and any vegetation with the root so that nothing bothered in this place. But since the gaps remain between the plates, they often fall asleep with sand. This material is ideal for the expanding of weeds. In addition, the seeds of Byrianov are spread by the wind, birds and even the sole of shoes, so the appearance of herb is only a matter of time. The greatest lodging density is found in shadow places. Therefore, no matter how diligently you laid a blocking and removed the territory, we will have to deal with the removal of weeds.

Optionally spend time to manually process the sidewalk, especially if we are talking about a big space, because you can Take advantage of chemicals, which are presented in a wide range. These techniques are in great demand, besides, they are quite effective and not too expensive in time, money and strength.

A lot of chemicals are offered on the market, which are designed to fight weeds, and one of the most effective is considered “Roundup”. Since we are talking about hazardous substances available in this product, it is necessary to comply with all security measures to not harm their own health. An important aspect is the use of rubber gloves. This drug is considered very aggressive, as it is able to destroy all the living things that comes across on the way.

You can consider I “Lontrev” – This is a selective tool that is intended to combat Bournans. The main task of the substance is to destroy the odds, plantain and dandelions, which often germinate in a blocking. The tool must be applied once a year, as soon as the first weeds begin to appear. But if the track is already enough for enough, it will take to resort to the help of herbicides. They have greatly proven themselves, as they work with high efficiency.

It is worth understanding that chemicals negatively affect the state of the soil, so if the track is in the garden, this method of combating weeds will not suit, since the means will destroy not only Byrian, but also other plants that are close to. As for other places, the preparations of the chemical type of impact should be used in dry weather so that the rain can not wash the composition.

Before processing a blocking, it is recommended to test on a small part of it to see whether the means will act.

Modern chemicals are offered on the market, which are able to break deep into between the seams of plates and it is easy to kill the root system of any vegetation. Only this way you can get rid of weeds so that they do not appear again. This will preserve the presentation of garden coverage and extend its service life. Often, funds with chemical composition are offered in a liquid form, so they are enough to pour the gaps of the slabs so that the grass is no longer growing.

Mechanical ways of struggle

However, it is not always necessary to resort to aggressive methods of combating weeds, especially if we are talking about a small area where there are not so many paving. Here you can use a mechanical method that will also be effective and does not take much time. We are talking about traditional weeding, which is recommended to spend after the rain, when the ground is raw and it easier to pull out the weed along with the root.

Assortment of tools that can be operated in the garden, quite extensive. For example, you can use a special knife, which will allow you to penetrate in hard-to-reach places with an abundance of grass. It is important to have time before the start of the flowering period and we rize the weeds so that they do not leave the seed in the soil. Otherwise you have to repeat the procedure after some time. This removal method has its advantages. One of them is safety. In addition, they will not need to acquire chemicals and work with hazardous substances. The only disadvantage is the short effect, but if the territory is not very clogged, then there will be no problems.

When using a mechanical method, it is important to remember that the tiny seeds in the soil can not be noticed, therefore, it is recommended to combine the weeding to combine with flushing slots under strong pressure. Water will wash seeds and clean the track. Of course, after that, it will be necessary to close the seams, since the grout will be destroyed, but it will not be a big problem.

The following option to combat grass mechanically is the use of biomaterial. If you want to eliminate weeds, you can use special styling material. For example, it can be a film that will block oxygen access, so that the grass will not receive the necessary elements and will die.

Also for this you can use rubber or mulgging, which perfectly copble with the task. Such a substrate can deliver discomfort for several days, making it difficult to move, but it will completely get rid of herbs. If you do not want to spend money on rubber or not the opportunity to use the mulch, you can take a dense fabric that lay on the paving. She will block the air, and soon you will forget about Bournans.

As for the time optimal for the fight against weeds, this is the beginning of spring when sprouts only appear.

It is worth noting that some daches combine different methods to strengthen the effect, and get amazing results. In addition, the cleaning of weeds does not take much time and effort, making your territory clean, well-groomed and beautiful for a long time.

Folk remedies

If you do not want to cope with weeds using chemicals or use various tools, then It is worth paying attention to several funds that will be found in every home. To stop the growth of grass on the tracks, you will need kitchen salt. To obtain a good result, it is necessary to scatter a product with a calculation of a half kilogram per square meter paving.

If you wish, you can make a solution to pour paving slabs, but water should be warm. However, it is important to consider that this technique is not suitable if you plan to create plantations near tiles. Salt solution destroys weeds, but it also makes the soil unsuitable for any plants for decades. But if we are talking about a pedestrian zone, then such a method will become an excellent solution.

Another means to solve the problem will be Solution from soap and vinegar. This is a kind of folk herbicide for which 400 ml of vinegar and as much water will be required. Liquids need to be mixed, add about 10 g of salt there, pour two spoons of detergent and several spoons of alcohol. This mixture is transfused to a packag with a spray gun, after which you can start processing weeds and unwanted grass. Thanks to this substance, it is possible to fight not only with plants, but also with their root system. Vinegar will negatively affect her condition, and weeds will no longer disturb.

Another people’s way is heat treatment. Boil the water and swipe the sidewalk slot. The procedure will have to repeat over several days. This is the eco-friendly and most affordable method of destroying Byrianov.

As you can see, remove the grass between the paving can be different ways. Each owner chooses what is suitable personally. Using chemicals, you can raise the weeds forever, but you can take the mechanical way or folk remedies only for a while, after which you will need to repeat the procedure.

How to get rid of grass between paving slabs, look in the following video.

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