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The cutting of paving slabs with machines, grinding and other fixtures at home requires the correct selection of tools and compliance with safety. Most of the coatings for stalling the streets are made of concrete, has high strength, so the question is how you can cut them without damaging the decorative layer, it is always especially acute. To figure out how to correctly cut a paving with your own hands to the desired sizes, will help an overview of the available ways and technologies.


Paving slabs are positioned as a material that is completely ready for installation. But In practice it often finds out that its dimensions do not correspond to the parameters of the paving. In this case, the easiest solution becomes cutting paving slabs under the specified parameters right during styling. True, this process has its own characteristics.

Experienced masters usually do the exact calculation of the layout, consider the amount of reduced tiles, and then cut and grind it on machines without a rush to get aesthetic result without marriage and chip.

The process of cutting paving slabs is to remove excess length or width of the product. At the same time, the decorative pavement itself:

  • It has dimensions from 20 to 80 mm in thickness;
  • consists of a solid and dense artificial stone;
  • may have a figured form, relief;
  • It is difficult to process in conventional ways.

When using tiles with a complex geometry, the propyls are produced not only straightforwardly, but also diagonally or more complex trajectory. This requires accuracy and accuracy, any careless movement will lead to the formation of an uneven cut. The presence of a granite rubble tile does not make it easier for the task.

The most difficult performed is considered an angular section performed by a saw blade with a metal.

Than you can cut?

There are different opinions on the expense, the better and more efficient can be cutting paving slabs. If we are talking about campus and its street varieties, you can use a simple tool. Even the mechanical tiles of the corresponding sizes operating on the principle of guillotine. Paving tile thick 20-80 mm is so easy not to open. In this case, it is worth using more powerful tools. List them.

  1. Bulgarian. This tool uses a cutting diamond disk, rotating at a certain speed – an average of up to 3500 rpm. High hardness disk allows you to paint materials with a dense structure, cutting a stone. Its diameter can reach 23 cm, the tool power can exceed 2 kW. When cutting with a baccoon tile, you need to securely fix the clamp on a flat flat surface.
  2. Knife guillotine. This is called a special machine, which includes a table for laying paving slabs, guides, handles and a knife, desiccated to the surface of the book. Unlike the work of the grinder cutting the guillotine occurs almost without dust, quickly and efficiently for any volumes of work.
  3. Saws on concrete. They can be gasoline or electric, but certainly with the possibility of cutting concrete. In this case, the material also places the special workstation of the machine, is positioned, and then cutting with diamond disks. The problem is only in search of suitable consumables. The dimensional range of clamp is also limited – from 7 to 23 cm, which strongly narrows the scope of the machine. There are advantages: Such saws easily cut the material at an angle with an accuracy of degrees.

Using any of these tools, you can get a clean and smooth slice on the tile strictly on a given line. Depending on the volume, the complexity of the work is selected processing type. For example, a grinder is good to cut a small lot of material. Guillotine will help cope with the flow. The saw-saw works well where it is necessary to make sections at an angle, ensures accuracy and purity of the resulting edge.

Process description

Correctly perform a section of a pavement at home, by following all the recommendations. Step-by-step instructions will help with their own hands to cut down the plates under the specified size.

  1. Preparation of desktop. Need to clear the place, prepare consumables and tools.
  2. Marking of elements intended for trimming. Previously performed test laying. When creating a picture of the edge, they often cut into the process during fitting elements.
  3. Installing a diamond diameter diameter unit on a grinder.
  4. Fixation of tile clamps. It is necessary that during the cutting the element has not shifted.
  5. Cut. Needed by sending a cutting element from yourself, bring a rotating disc to the battered line, start moving. Accelerate too tight stroke of the diamond circle help the supply of sand to the place of cutting. Make a tool you need from yourself at speeds up to 3500 rpm.

When working with a manual instrument, you must definitely pay attention to the thickness of the cut. It will be wider around the edges, narrow in the center. It is impossible to cut the material on the weight – it may be dangerous.

Work guillotine

Cut off the excess edge of concrete or stone tiles, you can both a manual tool, so and using the machine. The difference lies only in the method of filing the material. In the event that guillotine is used, the work is carried out in a certain order.

  1. The tile is placed in the gap between the table and the cutting element. It is necessary to arrange it so that the knife falls exactly on the selected plane.
  2. Linking knife. The handle launches the mechanism, the cutting element under the action of its own severity is lowered with significant strength, chopping part of the tile. When pressed, it is important to act on the entire handle, and not tolerate the effort only on the edge of the lever, otherwise the effect may be unpredictable.
  3. Removal of finished tile. Guillotine allows you to put a cutting on the stream.
  4. Control of the state of the knife. He needs a replacement or sharpening if obvious defects remain on the surface of the material, foreign spots, sections with a scorched surface, and the slice acquires a rough, not too aesthetic structure.

The use of guillotine makes it easy to solve the problem of professional paving large areas. Tile and a paving with him can be trimmed, without leaving the construction site, which saves time.


To maintain work on cutting and grinding edges of the tile only in overalls, using a complete set of personal protective equipment: from respirator to glasses. In addition, it is worth taking care of the absence of a number of foreign people, pets. In the process of working with the tool, too, it is necessary to show reasonable precautions.

  • Protect the hearing organs by earnest or noise-raising construction headphones.
  • Control the rotation of parts and mechanisms. Replaceable components are subject to replacement, taking into account the recommended wear.
  • Bear fingers from contact with power tools, machines in the field of their cutting element.
  • Use shoes on a rubber sole to avoid accidental electric shock.
  • Bulgarian keep strictly with two hands using a side handle. Install the protective screen when presented.

Cut is important to organize correctly. It is necessary to allocate for this special place, away from the rest of the material. When cutting, concrete dust is formed, which can spoil already laid coating or stored elements. Well, if you manage to equip a separate workbench with vice and everything you need.

Upon completion of the work on cutting paving slabs, the wizard gets a blank with the edge in need of additional processing. It does not matter whether the edges were sawing or climbing, the finishes will still need. Noticeable defects eliminate, growing problem areas with chisels, lying them with a knife with a metal blade.

Minor height differences are grouped by hand with emery paper, file, you can speed up the process with the help of grinders.

About how to cut the paving slabs, look in the following video.

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