Rack on the balcony do it yourself

Furniture for the balcony should be distinguished by practicality and compactness. These requirements are presented to racks, in addition, they must comply with the aesthetic owner preferences. You can make a piece of furniture yourself, spending the minimum of effort and money.

Features and advantages

Rack – functional object of furniture, allowing you to arrange a home library, tools or dishes on the loggia. The main advantage of the cabinet located on the balcony is the opportunity to unload an apartment from unnecessary items. In addition, beautiful furniture will decorate the interior, give the room to the facilities.

What role the rack on the balcony performs:

  • Contributes to maintaining order on loggia;
  • Allows you to place flower pots or seedlings;
  • Used as pantry;
  • Can be used as part of a kitchen headset;
  • Suitable for storing seasonal things.

When furniture is made with your own hands, it is possible to track the process of creating it from beginning to end. So the owner of the apartment will be confident as a collected rack, if necessary, be able to upgrade it or repaired when breakdown. The advantages of an independently made cabinet also advances to choose any materials and dimensions.


Choosing a wardrobe, take into account it: appointment, presence of niches and glazing on the balcony, the width of the loggia. These criteria will make it possible to make a rack of the desired size, characterized by maximum functionality. Depending on the design features, several models are distinguished:

  • Built-in. Rack equipped with mounted shelves. Mainly installed on the balconies where there are niches. The model allows you to use the available space as efficiently. The width of the rack will be limited to the size of the niche.

  • Angular. Corner cabinet is attached to the wall on both sides. Brackets are used as mounting elements. The advantage of the model is the capacity and compactness. The model will take less space, will not block the passage.
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  • Open. The shellage devoid of doors is installed at the wall and can be any height and width. The model is well suited for seedling, because so plants will be enough enough sunlight. If you perform it in the form of suspended shelves, there will be a place to store the overall objects. In particular, a bike can fit under the closet.

  • Closed. Model with doors. This rack stores items that need to be kept in a dark place, as well as things that the owner of the balcony wants to hide from a curious eye. Doors can be located all over the height of the cabinet or close only a few shelves. When choosing such furniture, it is important to leave the free space for the unobstructed opening of the rack.


When developing a rack plan one of the paramount tasks, the choice of a suitable material becomes. They differ from each other worth, performance characteristics and appearance.

What makes the racks make:

  • Wood. Environmentally friendly material that does not highlight harmful substances in air, resistant to temperature and high humidity drops. Excellent external characteristics allow wooden furniture to be placed in almost any interior. To extend the service life of wood racks, they are recommended to be covered with special antiseptic solutions.

  • Chipboard, fiberboard and osb. Plates are used for the manufacture of shelves. With materials just work, they have a low cost. Before using the edges of the plates are coated with a solution for preventing rotting and the appearance of fungus. Building materials are not suitable for open loggias, because they are unstable to the effects of moisture and can wake up after rain or snowfall.

  • Metal. Strength and wear resistance – the main characteristics of the material. The durability of metal racks is achieved due to the presence of an anti-corrosion coating. For the manufacture of furniture choose aluminum and galvanized materials. Such a rack is more expensive, however, its service life will be longer. The piece of furniture will be indispensable for storing heavy items, such as instruments.
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  • Plastic. Light material that is not afraid of moisture and sharp temperature drops. A variety of colors and textures allows you to choose plastic elements for any interior. Plastic window sills can also be used as shelves.

  • Impact resistant glass. Racks from this material look stylish and suitable for the embodiment of bold designer ideas. Glass is not scary exposure to sunlight and high temperatures. Special durable glass is taken to create cabinets, which is difficult to smash. At the same time, it requires careful regular care and is quite expensive.

  • Combining materials. When creating furniture, you can combine different types of materials. Wooden frame will look good with glass shelves, and metal parts can be combined with plastic elements.

Universal wood furniture: it is suitable for both classic and interiors in country style and Provence. Glass will become the basis for creating an ultra-modern cabinet, and plastic furniture will attract their practicality and ease of care.

How to do?

Describe the simplest racks will not work. You can come up with your own design from scratch or use ready-made drawings and schemes, selecting them under a specific idea.

Furniture are created in several stages. First of all, the drawing on paper is done, taking into account the functional features of the future rack. The diagram displays the height and width of the cabinet, the depth and height of the shelves, the attachment points of the brackets.

Working process:

  • Select the place where the rack will stand;
  • From the balcony removes extra garbage, the place is exempt under the rack;
  • If parts are used from wood, they must be treated with special solutions;
  • Brux and screws are used to the wall, dowels and screws are used as fasteners;
  • Shelves are installed on the bars.
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If the design of the shelving includes the doors, they are attached separately. Details are two types: swing and folding. The first are made of plywood and wooden planks, after which they are screwed with loops. If necessary, you can add a cheek or magnets. Folding doors make from several lamellae connected by loops.

You can clearly see the process of making a shelving with your own hands on the video below:

Beautiful designer ideas

Minimalistic racks with a minimum of details are distinguished by universality: they can be placed in almost any interior. If the owner of the balcony wants to create a unique, attracting the attention of the interior, he can stop his choice on unusual design furniture. Gardeners will donate racks with cuts cut in shelves. The solution not only looks original, but also characterized by high functionality.

Models with asymmetric shelves – option for those who wish to furnish the loggia in a modern style. You can choose materials of bright shades, play with contrasts, place on the shelves souvenirs, books, frames with photos or decorative elements. Such furniture will be advantageous to look with the motley walls.

A narrow shelving, mounted into the wall will be appropriate in a limited space when each centimeter accounts. Wood selection as a material will give the model conceptuality and deliberate simplicity.

The original solution will be the rack designed from square cubes attached to the wall. Alternation of open and closed shelves will create the illusion of a chess pattern. In the presentation there are figurines, flowers, desktop clocks, small candlesticks. And outside the doors can be hidden objects that are not used every day.

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