Glass fencing for balconies

Recently, steel balcony fencing has become popular. What are they, what are the advantages of panoramic glazing, plexiglass models, with stainless steel and glass, consider in more detail.


Many residents of urban apartments prefer to make glass fencing balconies. It looks stylish and original. Such a safe fence. Strength is almost the same as a facing profiled sheet. Tempered glass is processed by the same technology as the metal.

First, the material warms up to high temperatures of about 500-600 ° C. Then the glass is sharply cooled, as a result of which the surface voltage is formed. Glass becomes more durable and stable. Fencing from such a material is quite easy to wash.

Metal usually quickly heats up in the sun and cools in the evening. Glass is not subject to such temperature changes.

Strength also makes material excellent anti-vandal defense. And the glass has an attractive appearance, decorativeness is higher than that of another fence.

Much more often you can see the opaque balcony of concrete or metal. However, sometimes I still want something unusual and attractive. More and more people prefer to make glass fencing. Main advantages:

  1. High resistance to aggressive effects of the external environment;

  2. long service life;

  3. It is possible to dismantle and install in another place;

  4. Service is a simple, in which there is no need to apply any additional compounds to protect or decorate;

  5. The room with such a balcony becomes lighter, as the glass misses the whole natural light;

  6. Installation is quite simple, it takes quite a bit of time;

  7. Glass fencing looks good in any interior;

  8. Glass can be attached, regardless of the time of year and weather;

  9. The material is well combined with metal and wood, you can make combined fences.

The main disadvantage of such a design is the high cost. Such a fence is more expensive than analogue of wood or metal. This is due to the features of the preparation of the glass itself. If you do and railing from glass, then they will need regular care. Otherwise, a raid from water is formed very quickly.

Otherwise, glass fences are beneficial from the analogs. Especially pleased their originality and high decorativeness. This is a good solution and in the event that the balcony is in a small room.

A large amount of natural light visually increases it.


The fence is usually made from monosistheld or triplex. The first option has a thickness of about 1-1.2 cm. Triplex, in turn, made of 2-3 layers with a thickness of about 0.4 mm. There is a transparent layer of film from a polymer in 0.1 mm. Total thickness with this 0.9-1.4 cm depending on the number of layers.

When choosing a material for fencing from glass it is worth considering the features of each option. Balconies with panoramic glazing look fascinating, especially in a private house. In the apartments often make fencing with double-glazed windows. The frame itself can be made of stainless steel, wood or plastic.


Such material in 1 thread can have various decorative spraying. Monosteclo can perform material for all-glass web or used in combination with a metal profile. The thickness of the processed and ready-made material may vary in the range of 4-19 mm. Most often, the fencing of balconies use transparent options, ultra-transparent, matte, toned models, or float glass. Consider the features of these types of glass.

  • Float Glass. Passes up to 90% of light and is distinguished by high quality. Manufacturing technology allows you to get a glass that does not distort the space.

  • Ultra-transparent. Made by the same principle as the previous option. However, more transparent and neutral. Used to create maximum visibility, color reproduction and light. Rarely applied when arranging fences.

  • Matted. The surface is treated with a chemical solution, resulting in a matte. Glass looks like a factory already from the factory. This is not a decorative film, but the result of special processing. And also matting with a sandblasting machine. However, this effect is applied exclusively on small elements.

  • Color. In the process of manufacture in the mass, the dye is made, as a result, the glass turns out evenly painted throughout the thickness. Such an effect looks attractive and effectively on the glazed balcony. Color saturation directly depends on sheet thickness.


Usually such a plexiglass with high strength is used for the manufacture of fences. It is also toned and decorated as needed. In essence, the triplex is made of two tempered glasses, which are combined with a polymer film. The sheets with one thickness are used, more often from 6 to 10 mm. This characteristic directly affects the strength.

Before selling products are tested according to GOST. The quality of the polymer film and glasses is determined. They should not have any defects. And also important compliance with triplex technology.

Before purchasing a material for the balcony, it is very important to make sure to make high quality material. First you need to get acquainted with certificates, and then visually estimate the condition of the glass. If there are chips, pits or bubbles on the surface, then the material is bad, and use it unsafe. Microcracks lead to rapid destruction of glass.

High-quality triplex is well suited for the manufacture of balcony fencing. It is durable and does not require much care. Even with severe damage, the polymer layer prevents glass scattering, it just remains a dent.

Even if the material is still broken, its fragments are rounded, and not sharp. This makes the triplex as safe as possible for a person.

Types of structures

Fencing for the balcony has a protective and decorative function. There are many options for additional design solutions that make a general appearance more attractive. So it is often used wood or metal railing as a supplement. Both materials are well combined with glass.

However, there are cases when all the fence is made only from transparent material. Auxiliary elements are not provided. In this case, it is not very convenient to climb. It should be borne in mind that the glass fence should not have additional loads, even if a particularly durable material was used.

Glass balcony parapet can be with straight corners and smooth lines or with bends. The type of design is selected based on the total exterior and shape of the concrete protruding. Parapets of a complex configuration look more interesting, but also complex performed. But to a greater extent it is worth repelled from the design of the balcony.


The easiest option is transparent glass. This is standard, almost classic. But sometimes you want something more interesting, and here the design ideas come to the rescue. On the glass you can apply any drawing with both external and inner side. It is possible to tint material.

Some manufacturers are easily applied to fencing even photos. As well as glass can be decorated with backlight.

So that the picture does not spoil from environmental impacts to protect it with a special film. It additionally strengthens the canvas and practically does not affect the ability to skip light.

For glass decoration, different technologies are used. Matte drawings are made using a sandblasting machine. The most affordable and easy way to apply an image or color change – decorative film. Silk screenies and lamination are not less popular.

Each decoration method is unique and suitable for the implementation of certain ideas. The choice depends on the type of glass used, the size of the balcony fencing and budget. And further care depends on the decoration. In some cases, special cleaning products will be needed for washing. You can not use abrasives, so as not to scratch the surface.

Beautiful examples

Glass fences for balconies are more often used in the arrangement of country houses, however, for the apartment, this solution is quite appropriate. Just in the first case more constructive features. On any balcony there is an opportunity to use strong, reliable and aesthetic materials. Consider beautiful examples of fences.

  • Pretty unusual stained glass glazing looks attractive. From afar it seems that the upper part is made of solid material.

  • High-quality glass fence. Small plates are securely fixed from below and on top, and on the railing it is convenient to climb.

  • Such a balcony looks interesting and unusual. Through the transparent glass penetrates the sunlight well.

  • The fencing is made of tinted glass. Dark color material with low transparency looks great in combination with metal supports.

  • An interesting design of the erker balcony, which is attractive in itself due to the form. Glass transparent, misses a lot of light and complements the general design.

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