Balcony glazing in Khrushchevka

Khrushchevka are apartments that have a small area. Because of its dimensions, they are considered not the most comfortable, so the owners of such dwellings seek any ways to increase square meters. To achieve this goal, balcony units are often used.

Pros and cons

Expansion of space with the help of balconies – a very popular solution to which many residents of small-sized apartments are treated. But first the balcony must be glazed.

High-quality glazing can make the room more cozy and comfortable. It protects the balcony unit from temperature differences, precipitation and other negative environmental factors. The room will become more functional: on the glazed balcony you can store vegetables, conservation and other things that did not have place in the apartment.

If we are talking about the warm glazing, then on such a balcony it is possible to equip a full-fledged living room for recreation, work or reading books. But in the conditions of Khrushchev, such a finish is not always possible, as it has a considerable weight.

For balcony blocks in such houses it is worth selecting such window structures that will not be too heavy, because the excess load on the concrete overlap can lead to serious unpleasant consequences. Often the facades of houses were covered with cracks due to heavy warm and plastic glazing. The saddest finals can be the collapse of the established structures.

But do not think that for such balconies it is difficult to choose suitable window designs. Not only cold aluminum frames with single-layer glasses are suitable for Khrushchevka, but also beautiful and eco-friendly models from a tree of different shades. Installation of expensive warm glazing is possible, but only if the technical condition of the house and overlaps allows.

Before direct installation of windows, contact the specialists who will appreciate the state of concrete overlap and will conduct all necessary work to strengthen it.

Do it yourself install glazing on such balconies. As a rule, concrete structures in Khrushchev are old and fragile, so working with them should be very careful and neat. It’s better to trust the professionals.


There are several options for balcony glazing in Khrushchev. All designs have their advantages and minuses that you should know if you plan to install new windows on your balcony.

Cold glazing is perfect for Khrushchev. It has a small cost and easily set. Thanks to him, the inner part of the balcony will be perfectly protected from penetration of drafts, dampness and moisture.

Cold glazing has a slight weight. As a rule, aluminum frames are present in such structures – not only very light, but also durable, durable and wear-resistant.

Aluminum frames are different colors. You can find the perfect option that will harmoniously fit into the overall ensemble of the apartment.

But there are its shortcomings. Balcony, equipped with such elements, will be cold. When trying to open the sash in winter, you can wait for an unpleasant surprise: Aluminum profiles are often freezing and covered with an icy crust.

Even powerful heaters and floor heaters, walls and ceiling. The temperature in the inside will not be very different from the street. However, the balconies with cold glazing are ideal for the pastime on their territory in the summer. Inside will be cool and fresh.

Such window structures and good sound insulation can not boast. Yard noise and winding will be well audible in the apartment. Partly this problem can be solved by installing a high-quality plastic door leading to the balcony.

Create a favorable microclimate on the balcony with warm glazing. This option is more expensive than cold, but also has a lot of positive characteristics.

High-quality warm glazing will allow the use of a balcony room yearly, as it is tightly and have excellent sound and thermal insulation and allows you to remake the low-functional area in a residential and useful.

With these structures, you can safely organize a small working office on the balcony, a winter garden or a seating area with a soft chair. But it is worth considering the fact that the design is not recommended to expose to excess loads, so a large number of furniture should not be taken there.

Such glazing has a lot of weight, so you should select such structures in which lighter materials are present.

In the summer season on balconies with warm glazing, it is very hot and stuffy. Many buyers include such a nuance for disadvantages of window structures.

If the premises are on the highest floors, they need to equip them with the roof. Such a detail will require additional costs and installation work. We must not forget that the installation of such a visor should be consistent in the respective organizations.

Balcony glazing can have different designs. Consider the most popular and attractive options:

  1. If you want to let in the living quarters of more light, then you should contact a frameless version. Looks such systems very light and air. Folds open and closed with plastic rollers. Do not think that such systems are fragile. For frameless structures, very durable kaneylene glasses are used.For the Khrushchev, they can be selected only in the cold version, otherwise the balcony overlap will turn much.
  2. Panoramic windows are excellent light. Look such structures look very original and attractive. Such glazing will cost more than other options. Many apartment owners specifically draw up balconies in such a way that later sell the living area for a higher price.Installing such systems is longer and time-consuming. Do not try to independently install panoramic designs in Khrushchev. Trust this work to professionals.
  3. Balcony in Khrushchev can be glazed with removal. Such an option will increase the area of ​​the room. As a result, you will get a large windowsill, going beyond the concrete slab. Speak space will seem more spacious.
  4. Suitable for Khrushchev and beautiful french glazing. This option implies the presence of glasses from the floor to the ceiling itself. Similar structures look light and provide a great overview. It is not recommended to install such window systems if the balcony is facing the south. In such conditions, the room will turn into a real greenhouse.

Types of windows

Various options may be present in the balcony glazing. These parts are made of durable and durable materials.

Plastic specimens are the most common. They have wonderful thermal and noise insulation characteristics. Plastic designs are inexpensive and look very careful.

Plastic does not require special and regular care. Clean its surface from dust and dirt is very easy. For this you do not need to buy special compositions. It is quite possible to do with simple detergents.

Plastic frames are not afraid of temperature differences and harsh weather conditions. This explains their durability and wear resistance.

However, warm glazing in this performance will have too much weight and for the Khrushchevka this option will not fit.

Strength and durability differ aluminum frames in balcony glazing. Such details are most often present in cold glazing. They have a little weight and look attractive.

Of the disadvantages of such structures, their susceptibility to freezing under conditions of low temperatures and weak tightness can be noted.

Dresses and cold air will penetrate the room with aluminum profiles.

Wooden designs can boast unsurpassed appearance. They look at harmoniously on small balconies, possess good heat insulating characteristics, but they require a special relationship. Tree It is necessary to process with special protective means from time to time, which will prolong life with material and allow for a long time to save an attractive appearance.

But even regular care will not save wooden frames from drying and formation of cracks. Get rid of such defects it will be impossible and externally tree will become less attractive.

Tips for choosing

For the design of the balcony block in Khrushchev, it is recommended to refer to light varieties of glazing. Such designs will not have a negative effect on concrete floors.

The best option for such housing will be cold glazing with durable aluminum frames. But you need to understand that it will not keep warm in the room, and you will not be able to use a balcony all year round.

This option is suitable for those owners who want to keep vegetables on the balcony, banks or different things, and not use it in the role of residential room.

Cold aluminum glazing is suitable for those who are not ready to spend large sums on the installation of a more expensive warm version and additional strengthening of concrete overlap.

A good solution will be wooden structures. They look beautiful, but you will have to regularly care for them.

If you plan to operate a balcony in any season, the perfect option will be the warm glazing. Designs with plastic profiles and frameless options will have a lot of weight, so they are suitable for your balcony only if it enables its technical condition.

Before making a final choice, be sure to consult professionals that will arrive and appreciate the condition of the concrete slab on which the balcony unit is located. Only they can tell you which glazing is possible, and from what better to refuse.

Get to know more with the subtleties of glazing and other repair work on the balcony you can in the video below.

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