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Balcony fence, or parapet, is an important part of the design. After all, only if it is strong, it will be possible to strengthen, glazing, insulation and balcony trim. Parapedets in poor condition are life-threatening. Therefore, they are better to contain in the appropriate form, which is supported by regular repairs.

What it is?

Parapet Balcony is a feet. As a rule, it covers the entire perimeter of the balcony or loggia. The main function of the fence – protecting the person to feel safe in the open space at the height. In addition, this construction is also part of the building architecture and carries a decorative load. Over time, any parapet needs to be strengthened and repair. This is especially important if the glazing of the balcony space is plans, because the old fence may simply not withstand the weights of the glass. Optimal option when parapet straight, smooth, durable and easy.

Typically, the standard parapet height reaches one meter. In this case, the minimum value of this parameter is 0.8 meters. The lower height of the fence can lead to deceptive sensations or even fall. As for the thickness of the structure, it depends on the material selected.

The most subtle are the fencing of metal, and the most wide – from aerated concrete blocks.


Before carrying out the glazing of the loggia, you should familiarize yourself with the types of parapets. After all, even if the balcony already has a fence, it does not prevent him from replacing another, more suitable or liked.

  • Metal. The most popular balcony parapet is made of metal. This option can be seen on all houses that were erected in Soviet times. It is worth noting that it is often used today when erecting apartment and private houses. So that this species does not seem too boring, you can use forged elements.

  • Stone. Filming structures for a balcony of stone are made, as a rule, with the participation of a designer or independently. However, with this design it is very important to take into account which largest load will be able to withstand the balcony stove.

  • Brick. The brick version is also done independently, but is more common compared to stone. In this case, it is important that the masonry is performed correctly, and the outer side of the parapet was constantly put into order.

It is worth noting that this type is one of the easiest and most profitable in many parameters.

  • Concrete. Composite fence from concrete slabs is a durable and easy easy option. Between these plates are connected using welding or steel mounts. Of the benefits worth noting decorative attractiveness.

  • Foam concrete and gas-concrete. From foam blocks and from aerated concrete Parapedes began to make not so long ago. It should be said that with its impressive sizes, the balcony fence from these materials is distinguished by low weight. At the same time, the blocks have good thermal protection, so there is no insulation for them. The advantages should also include aesthetic appearance.
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How to strengthen and warm?

Strengthening the fender construction on the balcony is primarily important for security. If the fencing is made of metal, then it must be strengthened when the frame is recruited. It is also important for metal to fix to any surface (walls, gender, ceiling). As for the structures of stone, bricks or blocks, it is best for their strengthening a metal mesh that is capable of keeping the form. It should be layered in the process of parapet masonry.

Strengthening the balcony fence must start with the dismantling of the old. For safety, the metal structure can be partially cut off so that it does not interfere with the primer and laying plaster. It should be calculated in advance so that the new fence is higher than the old at least 100-150 mm. It is such a height necessary to install a low-end. Stands of an old parapet and a new masonry must be separated by a gap of 15-20 mm.

It is important to consider that for the 10-storey buildings, the height of the fencing of the balcony space should be from 100 centimeters and more. In that case, If the object is higher, then the parapet should be in height greater than 10 centimeters. Such data are indicated in Guest. To securely strengthen the design, the screed in poor condition is completely removed and poured new. The screed should be glued with waterproofing with a bitumen basis. In this capacity, you can use “Glookrom”, “Linocur”, “Bikrost”, “Uniflex” in rolls in rolls. For this stage it is worth using the propane burner.

You can strengthen the parapet with your own hands without waterproofing, replacing it with aluminum chaserler. As a rule, it has a form in the form of the letter “P” and falls around the entire perimeter of the balcony space. Specialists are recommended for fastening a chaserler to use cement mortar and dowels.

Such a profile becomes the basis for the mixture, on which the first row of blocks or bricks.

Recently, the strengthening of the balcony fence occurs with the use of foam blocks. For these purposes, the interior option is best suited for 60 centimeters and with 10 centimeters thick. When choosing a brand, you should give preference to the type D600 or D700. It is best to lay foam blocks whole, but if a fractional quantity is obtained, then half the block should be put first. At the same time, the sawing side must necessarily lie down. Such work is carried out using a plumb and level.

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To the main walls of the building, the lateral edges of the fence are attracted by fittings. For this, the iron rod on one side drives into the wall so that another side of his side is horizontally in the seam on the laying. In this case, it is necessary after 500-600 mm in the seam to put a piece of galvanized mesh with a wire diameter of 0.3 cm. This will provide a better connection near the underlying foam blocks. Usually such a grid is made in rolls and it is easy to cut, using a grinder.

Strengthen the balcony fence can also use a metal profile. As the latter, you can choose both the pipe and the corner. In this case, it is better to keep the previous parapet in full, but to strengthen it using a new design.

The latter should be welded to the old parapet and fix on the walls and slab overlap with special screws. After the parapet is enhanced, it is important to conduct it insulation. Choosing a material that can be done, you need to consider a number of conditions. One of the mains is the average temperature over the year.

It is also necessary to keep in mind the features of the balcony, the thermal conductivity of the material and its cost. The lower thermal conductivity indicator, the more heat will be lost. It is worth noting that the parapet from blocks does not need insulation. For other types of fences, the insulation as a foam and minivata are most often selected from such options. Before insulation of the fencing from the masonry, you should create a hydrobarrier outside. All parapet elements must be treated with anti-corrosion properties mastic.

To make it easier to determine the material for insulation, you should familiarize yourself with their properties.

  • Minvata (thermal conductivity 0.05 W / mºС) is the cheapest and versatile insulation. Despite the fact that it is outdated, still remains popular. The main disadvantage is hygroscopicity, so mineral wool is best used under a plastic coating.

  • Extruded polystyrene foam (0.03 … 0.05 W / mºС) Differs good insulation and zero moisture absorption. Of the disadvantages it is worth noting the flammability, toxicity, the impossibility of passing the air. The last minus can lead to an excess of moisture and the appearance of fungus.

  • Penofol – reflective insulation, which includes a layer of foil and layer of polyethylene. Among the advantages – small thickness, environmental friendliness, excellent performance. However, with this material, difficulties occur during installation due to its excessive softness. It is best to choose a type with that is easy to mount due to the layer of waterproof glue from the polyethylene side.

When insulation, modern materials are first applied with a tree;. In the gaps between the supporting board (horizontal) and the racks of the crate (vertical), it is necessary to insert the plates of the insulation, and then cut them on the same level with the support beam. After that, the remaining gaps are cleaned using mounting foam.

Testing and finishing

Parapet repair also includes work on the trim and finishing from the outdoor and inner side. To work outside, you can use siding, various plaster, sow parapet plastic or professional flooring. To this end, you can use the decorative panels made of concrete with reinforcement. According to the form, they resemble the euro sections and differ with low weight. For brick fences and from blocks, cladding can be made directly on the masonry using high-length screws or dowels.

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If the fender construction is made of metal, then it will necessarily need a doom. In this case, it is necessary to attach the reference bar to the railings, and then every 600 mm fasten the rack. If the installation of siding is supposed, then the guides are fixed, and then the lower or side plank (depending on the horizontal or vertical assembly). After that, you can start the first profiles and secure them with the help of screws. Thus, it is necessary to go throughout the perimeter.

The finish from the inside can be performed from various materials, including plaster, lining with clapboard and even shook wallpaper. Here everything is limited exclusively by fantasy, a common apartment design and finance. The internal repair of the balcony fencing includes the process on laying the moisture protection layer, the installation of the crate and fixing the finishes directly.

The waterproof material is stacked the first. For this purpose, the foam in rolls is most often used, which must be consolidated to plastered masonry using self-tapping screws. After that, all the fencing is discharged with a wooden bar horizontally and cutting plackets made of vertical wood.

If necessary, it is possible from the inside of a balcony around the perimeter to entee insulation. It is usually inserted between the bars vertically. The material for the finishing is important to lay the mix of the online jack and fasten with the help of screws to the crate. Close the slot between the floor and close all the seams can be ordinary mounting foam. Due to the design of the outside and from the inside, the space of the balcony has a pleasant appearance and also gets an additional heat shield.

Decorative and eco-friendly materials with a small weight are best fit for decoration.

In the next video, the insulation of the parapet of the balcony without foam blocks is waiting.

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