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Beautifully performed balcony fences made of metal, wood, plastic or glass can be a decoration of the house, and also skillfully complete the image of the facade as a whole. Fences are not only for the safety of the space of the loggia or balcony, but also perform aesthetic function. It is for this reason that designers attach a considerable value to balcony fences.

Description and requirements

To be safe for others, balcony fences are required obey the requirements of GOST. Naturally, GOST does not regulate the appearance of the building, but takes into account the design security issues. That is, the shape, material and design of the loggia, balcony or terrace can be completely any and correspond only to the personal taste of the host. The main thing is that the strength of the entire design leaves no doubt in reliability, and for this usually attract qualified specialists.

The basic safety requirements can be found in the regulatory documents of SNiP, which regulate the device of such structures. It is worth remembering that ignorance of the law does not exempt from responsibility. The main criterion here, of course, is the growth of people living in the house.

Snip also regulates the parameters of the parapet and frame, which must be metallic.

According to GOST, the design of this type must comply with the following criteria:

  • Connections must be reinforced in the weakest places;
  • The distance between the rods or balasins is obliged to be no more than 12 cm;
  • The design must have such stability to load so that one square meter can withstand no less than 100 kg of weight;
  • A large role is played by non-making design, that is, sharp elements should exclude and ensure the distance between the base and the edge of the parapet so that the child or the pet could not get stuck in it;
  • The standard height of the fence is usually 80-120 cm, that is, it must come up to about an adult belt;
  • Fastening is installed only double – to the walls of the building and its base.

GOST requirements also contain calculation formulas that need to be used when designing a building. For example, the distance between the floor and the horizontal boundary of the balcony should have at least 1 meter in ordinary buildings and at least 1.2 meters in children’s institutions (provided that it is a multi-storey house up to 30 meters high).

This document also provides certain requirements for the terraces. If the terrace is located at a distance of more than 60 cm from the ground, it must be fenced with a height of 1 m or more. On the second floor it is recommended to install parapet 1.07-1.2 m. Regarding loggias apply the same requirements.

Balcony structures are also necessarily processed by protective coatings to avoid corrosion of material. Various weather conditions may contribute damage (temperature drops, rain or snow).

In addition to SNIPA and GOST, it is also worth paying attention to the law “On fire-fighting mode”. According to him, it is strictly forbidden to load fire stairs or hatches by household trash, to dismantle or brew these structures, otherwise administrative responsibility will be entrusted.

When creating balcony fences, usually resort to metals – aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, and sometimes create combined compositions from several materials. He is selected with a support on the style of the house and the appearance of the facade. For example, in country houses from a log, you can often meet wooden cross-country structures. And forged or plastic elements harmoniously fit the balcony in the landscape of a big city.

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Review of species

Curil structures are classified according to such principles as:

  • Installation type;
  • Characteristics and design features;
  • material.

Balcony fences differ in their design: can be lattice, screen or combined. The first type of construction implies that there is not a solid screen during construction, and the grid elements with arbitrary design. The on-screen fences are made up of vertically located supports. They are on the screen made of glass, metal or plastic.

Combined structures are made of different materials, thus making it possible to implement the most bold design ideas. The grille and the screen can coexist in such a design. Also, regardless of the type of balcony, you can decorate the railing to your taste, for example, to give them any shape or painted in the color younger.

Same Several types of balcony structures in their appearance. For panoramic glazing, popular among lovers of beautiful species, it is usually required to obtain permission in the relevant instances. C

Balcony structures are also necessarily processed by protective coatings to avoid corrosion of material. Various weather conditions may contribute damage (temperature drops, rain or snow).

This method will allow visually to increase the area of ​​the room and get a delightful review, but it should be remembered that such beauty will require trepidate care. Moreover, with frameless glazing it is impossible to install anti-mosquito nets. Glazing with Rama – A more reliable option that will allow to burn out from the insect mesh and install noise insulation.

How a separate type can be distinguished by a French balcony fencing. In this case, the railing is installed directly in front of the window or door from the street, and the playground itself has a slight size. For a French balcony, the simplicity of installation and the lack of need to warm the lower part.

The next type is Transitional balcony. This design has extremely high requests for safety.

The main advantage of transitional balconies is their convenience for apartment buildings that need common areas.

As for the terrace, when designing a country house, you can give it any kind or form. It can be built throughout the perimeter of the building or extend in the form of a protrusion above the porch. In the case of urban buildings, the best solution will be the design of the balcony in accordance with the style of the facade. On your own dacha you can create a design solely to your liking.

There are also two options for installing peril design:

  • welded;
  • Prefabricated (composite).

Fencing can be made of wood, plastic, metal or glass. Sometimes other materials are used, however, this article will cover the above-mentioned options.


Materials used in the construction of balconies are characterized by technical specifications and features of operation. When planning, you should immediately choose the appropriate material and create a design with its accounting.


Wooden fencing – Frequent selection of summer houses. This material is popular for several centuries for several centuries, and hence the custom of installing such fences in the houses from a log cabin or a bar. The tree always looks naturally, stylish and respectable, and it is possible to arrange it completely differently, because the material is located to different reincarnations. For example, you can order delicious carved railing and bales from specialists. Mount the wooden design is also relatively simple.

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The tree is well combined with wrought steel. Combined options look beautiful and, as a rule, very durable. Wooden fences, besides all, are the ideal option for nature workers, because they are absolutely eco-friendly.

Of course, the material has its own limitations. Among them – its demands. The tree is necessarily treated with all sorts of impregnations, paints and varnishes that protect material from rotting due to the negative impact of external factors.

This procedure is worth repeating regularly so that the balcony does not lose a pleasant appearance.


Plastic is usually almost not used separately from other materials. It is combined with glass or metal so that the periodile fence looks organically and has high strength. Balcony plastic structures are often found in modern city homes.

Among the merits of the material, its low cost and low weight can also be distinguished. Plastic is not only affordable, but also durable material, resistant to environmental impact. Neither sunlight nor humidity affect the appearance of the fence.

The house with plastic balcony fences looks presentable due to the fact that they are visually similar to glass. However, ordinary people are often confused by plexiglas or polycarbonate with clean glass. If the choice fell on the polycarbonate, it is recommended to take thick sheets from 10 mm, otherwise they quickly wear out.

The main disadvantage of plastic fences is their fragility, flammability and exposure to low temperatures. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to combine plastic with a lattice screen that will create an additional support.


In the urban environment, fencing from various metal – stainless or wrought steel, as well as conventional steel with chrome-plated becomes increasingly popular. Metal design combines elegance and practicality. It is durable, durable, unpretentious in care and meets all standards.

The most flexible material for creating elegant design is, of course, wrought steel (especially for French balconies). And welded, chrome structures are characteristic of the style of high-tech. Handrails and framework are made of profile pipe.

However, the options listed above are sometimes not available for the average manual, therefore, the balcony fences from the professionalist are becoming increasingly popular. It has low cost and can be mounted without the involvement of a specialist. The professionalist is durable, practical, but at the same time subject corrosion. Moreover, this material is also quite “loud” (during the rain, for example, a professionalist will fluctuate and publish the corresponding sounds).


Glass fencing looks expensive, presentable and causes association with business centers or elite houses. Conventional residential arrays rarely possess such luxury. Glass fences due to their fragility and massiveness are usually strengthened with a metal frame or grille.

Glass – a great solution for those who wish to have panoramic overview in their home or apartment.

Tips for choosing

The unconditional rule of the balcony is its combination with the style of the whole building. Due to the fact that architectural aesthetics are often neglected, there are so many houses in our country with an extremely ridiculous species.

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During construction it is necessary to immediately take into account its financial capabilities. And if the desired balcony is not on the pocket, you can always contact the specialists – they have ready-made solutions and many alternatives that may come to taste.

As a rule, country houses are often complemented by carved wooden balconies. Metal or glass balconies and loggias are organically complemented by modern city buildings. Balconies from forging will be delightful to look at the historic buildings of the classic sample. Here you can stay on Vite ornament and on floral motifs (grape vines, leaves, flowers).

As for business, shopping centers and other houses in such a style, they are often lined with porcelain stoneware or stone. It is customary to follow the principles of minimalism. Truly luxurious ensembles made of chrome stainless steel. If the choice drops on a transparent, matte or stained glass fencing, then it is necessarily strengthened with a metal frame.

Glass is taken to take massive, thick so that it can withstand any load.

The main criteria that are recommended to consider when creating a project of the period.

  • Wind Load Strength and Resistance. This criterion plays a major role in choosing plastic and glass fences. These materials have great sailboats and may not withstand strong wind gusts.
  • Reliability of material. He should not change his properties under the influence of the environment. Ideal is the material that is not subject to corrosion, not collecting moisture and go.
  • Lifetime. In the choice of material it is worth relying not only on its aesthetics, but on how long he can serve.
  • Aesthetics. As it has already been said more than once, the periodile design must harmoniously fit into the building style.

Fencing have their main goal to ensure the safety of people living in the house. Therefore, when designing a balcony, it is worth paying for a particular attention to the height of the parapet and the distance between the balusters.


Before designing a balcony fence, special mortgages are always installed. They are mounted in the wall, and after that, the installation of the fencing itself. Such mounts firmly fix the railing and are metal strips and steel reinforcement. According to GOST, they must be double.

Methods for installing fences are as follows.

  • Made. The prefabricated design is collected from various parts on the very place of construction. Details are delivered directly from production, after which the framework is constructed, and then all other elements are connected to it.
  • Welded. In production with welding, a solid fence is made, which is then installed using anchor bolts.

The aforementioned methods are relevant for all balconies, except for wood.

Do not also forget about the legal side of construction. Mounting work should be carried out in strict accordance with the rules for installing balconies. Otherwise, you can get a big fine or complaint.

Construction in the urban environment is recommended to accompany the rootation of the territory and the placement of warning tables.

      Moreover, installation work must be agreed in the management company at home. And if the house is included in the list of property protected by the state, even a change of railings will have to be coordinated by the All Council of residents.

      About the construction of the balcony with your own hands.

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