Slides and walls under the TV in the Hall: Views Review and Design Options

Not one generation of people who do not imagine their lives without a TV has grown. He is given the best place in the living room. He attracts attention to himself, even surrounded by the most beautiful Tumb, cabinets and shelves. Given the requests of modern consumers, furniture designers have developed many types of slides and walls with niches for TVs. Combining functional spectacular furniture and habitual equipment makes our lives truly comfortable.


The slide and wall call the headset of cabinet or modular furniture. In the classic version, the wall is a series of penalties, shelves, cabinets and Tumbes built in one line or letter “G” (angular models). The slide adjusts such a structure to a smooth transition of height and, indeed, resembles the mountain. Today, the line is erased between these two concepts.

Designers are increasingly turning to asymmetry, where a clear transition from top to bottom is not provided. In addition, mini-walls become familiar and the shapes of the slide are enlarged. But many of these heads are combined by one very important for the modern interior element – niche under TV.

The place for the screen is selected at the level of the seated person. therefore Opposite the cabinet furniture to install cozy sofas and armchairs, forming a recreation area. Often in the niches of furniture heads it is possible to hide technical wires. By installing a TV section, you should check whether there are outlet there.

Nowadays, the slides are not a deficit, their extensive range allows you to choose a headset in a room with any hid and stylistic direction. Often one wall is enough to meet the needs of a whole family in storage places. Numerous furniture items are hiding behind their facades. Clothes, bed linen, dishes, documents, books, collections and stationery. Forming a headset, you can recruit so many pieces of furniture as the size of the room allows.

But if there are other rooms in the house, you should not overload the space of the hall – it will be aesthetically to do with a compact extravagant slide, providing a place for a big plasma.

Review of species

In some rooms with limited area, there is no possibility to highlight a separate space for a TV cabinet. In such situations, headsets are selected with space for installation of equipment. Since the range of walls and slides is great, you can easily select the size of the plasma niche at the calculation of its parameters. Furniture industry offers different options for headlopes.

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Corner walls and slides allow you to rationally use the space, filling the empty angle by sections. The letter “g” is built as a case and modular furniture.

Finding a television in a headset located in two walls may be the most different.

  • When the corner is busy cabinets, The technique is given to the cabinet with open shelves, located at one of the walls. This composition softens the monolithic severity of cabinets with its elegance.

  • The display is installed in the center of the slide, occupying the angle that is quite rarely found in furniture headsets. This model, the load in the form of penalties is located on the edges, on different walls, fully unloading the central part.

  • On this example, you can trace how the slide line gradually decreases starting with a high design from one wall and ending with a small chest of drawers in another. Tumba for equipment in this composition turned out to be a link, It is a smooth rotary line connects two furniture sections.


Direct versions are a traditional type of building line in line, hence their second name – linear. In most cases, all sections are installed along one wall. But there are narrow or double-sided products – they can zonate the room.

If there is a swivel TV on such a slide, it is possible to watch its transfer from different parts of the room.

Direct products are quite varied, it can be:

  • large models in the whole wall;
  • mini wall;
  • asymmetric species;
  • slides;
  • corpus options;
  • Modular.

Their diversity is well visible on the examples.

  • Wall “Tiana” Made in strict symmetrical form. The zone with a TV is located in the center between two polarons. Composition from both sides ends with shelves. Its main designer thought are smooth lines – they are designated on the back wall of furniture and drawings of facades.

  • Another Beautiful composite option with good proportions and smooth circular lines.

  • Mini-wall With the location of the TV on the side.

  • Big headset In the style of minimalism. Niche under the equipment is not given a central place, it is shifted to the side.

    • Today in great honor asymmetry.

    The amazing beauty of such a slide and walls is combined with functionality.


    Special type of device headset. These structures are made in the form of the letter “P”, and the conditional “crossbar” can be both at the top and below.

    • In this embodiment TV is attached to the wall in space between two polarons.

    • Technique is installed on a long end, which is the foundation of the entire hull.

    • The headset is divided into two parts. The p-shaped design in the form of closed penalches and shelves freezes over The bottom line of the Tumba, on which the TV is installed. Thanks to the simple reception of the furniture location, a beautiful composition in the style of minimalism is created.
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    • An example of a wall made in the form of an inverted letter “P”. Compositional Display is located in the center, Folded by two polarlas.


    Modern stylish furniture is often presented in a narrow version. Today, the interiors that preserve a lot of light and space are popular. Narrow slides can be squeezed even between two passing walls. The special value of such headlights felt the owners of compact rooms “Khrushchev” and Malossamek.

    • Suspended mini slide well decorate the wall and performs its functional purpose.

    • Narrow wall has only one extended part on the end, intended for installation. But in this case, the owners preferred to install a TV on the wall in the center of the furniture composition.

    • Narrow slides can even be in the presence of a cabinet with minimal depth, Calculated exactly on the width of hanging hangers (shoulders).


    Unlike cabinet furniture, where all parts of the design are bonded between themselves, the modular wall consists of autonomous sections, each of which has a separate finished type. They can be rearranged by places by changing the boring atmosphere, and build not only in one line, but also from different walls of the room.

    Modular slide is not necessarily acquired by the designer proposed by the designer. You can buy additional sections (for example, two Penal), and from unnecessary – refuse.

    Here are some examples:

    • The modern wall with ethnic motifs is formed on the basis of 4 suspended pencils and a row of Tumb;

    • modular headset established contrary to the rules of strict symmetry;

    • A set of autonomous furniture, harmoniously composed into a single composition.

    Design options

    Walls and slides with niches under the TV are released in models belonging to modern interiors. It will be strange to look like an imperial style technique or in the design of Baroque furniture. No matter how much it wanted to create a situation with notes of history at home, it is not necessary to completely abandon the usual holiday with the TV.

    Practical to equip mixed interiors, then the TV can be built into country setting, and in ethnic african style.

    Minimalism, High Tech

    Both directions are the most suitable for combining a large plasma and furniture wall. Similar styles do not accept excesses in the decor, their furniture facades are simple and understandable, they can be glossy, combined with black shine of the extinguished display.


    Interior with the theme of any historical period of time can be called retro. To combine with the TV, the retro setting of the Soviet era is suitable, because then there was a similar technique. By the way, the niche in the furniture wall is used not only under TV – it looks good and with aquarium.

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    Mixed oriental style with notes of modernity may well make friends with the usual technique for us. This is well visible on the example of a small open wall.


    Niche under the TV is provided even by the rude wall of the country direction. If you delve into the style and choose the most bright manifestations, for example, Rustic or Chalet, it will be already difficult to find the presence of modern techniques. Instead of the screen, there will be a fire in the fireplace focus.


    On the surface of the sinks of cozy furniture in the style of Provence, too, there is a place TV, but not any, without any way with a white frame.

    How to pick up?

    How to choose a slide with a TV, for example, 55 inches? How to choose the right furniture, then do not regret? To answer these questions.

    1. Purchase of furniture should be started with the definition of the place, where she will have to be. The selected wall must be measured so that the slide is no longer the room features.
    2. Going for the purchase of the wall, It is necessary to have an idea of ​​the overall furnishing style in the living room. Even if she is dominant, she will have to select textiles, chandelier and even a soft group.
    3. In the case when the technique is first purchased and then furniture, need to clarify the dimensions of the display, They should not be over a niche line.
    4. Massive wall should not be squeezed into a small room, Even if there is a place for her. It will be closely and uncomfortable in such a room.
    5. If material capabilities allow, It is better to abandon the product from the chipboard in favor of more environmentally friendly material.
    6. Furniture should be checked for marriage, coincidence of shades of all sections.

    You also need to make sure the fittings and completeness of fasteners.

    Beautiful examples in the interior

    Modern slides and walls are the main furniture for living rooms. Designers tried to make them unusually beautiful. This can be seen, considering examples of cabinet furniture with a TV:

    • angular option;

    • asymmetric slides;

    • Unusual walls;

    • Hill “Sphere”;

              • Modular wall.

              Any of the proposed options can be a decoration of the hall.

              About how to make a slide with your own hands, look in the following video.

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