How to issue a living room in turquoise tones?

Using the correctly selected color, you can set the mood to any room. Choose the desired shade for the design of the living room – the task is not easy, because in this room it is often welcomed. The ideal interior should please not only households, but also everyone who comes to visit them. The living room in turquoise tones can be an excellent solution if you want to implement a modern interior, make it memorable and attractive.

Color features

The choice of turquoise color for living room arrangement is considered very successful because all its shades are soothing. They can get rid of depression and return the past joyful mood.

Some of the turquoise shades resemble the sea and rest, giving others the feeling of calm and serenity without leaving the house. According to many specialists, such a color is the source of energy.

Since the turquoise palette is quite extensive, be sure to pay attention to the most sought-after shades:

  • Heavenly blue. This shade will certainly charge you with vigor for the whole day. But you should not cry with very saturated colors, if there is not enough light in the living room. Many designers and decorators recommend using a heavenly blue color as an additional. In such a color you can safely choose textiles. Miscellaneous Pillows, Carpets and Some Other Accessories, which can be an excellent accession of the living room in the marine style. Bright celestial shades will help make a room more spacious and fresh, it will be nice to be absolutely all.

  • Blue in combination with blue. Such a tandem of colors is considered soothing mind. In the living room in which such shades prevail, peace will prevail. Many experts recommend choosing furniture in such colors and various textiles. However, if blue shades are very bright and saturated, it is better not to cherish with them, in order not to make the room gloomy.
  • Green-blue color considered very popular to choose. With the help of such a combination, you can get the most unusual shade, the most popular are the green and blue furniture objects with pearl with pearl tump. Not uncommon when in such colors you can choose very beautiful wallpaper. In addition, such colors are perfectly combined not only with sunny, lemon and yellow shades, but also with gray and silver. The design of the living room in such colors and shades is ideal for creative and bold personalities, who are looking for inspiration not only in everyday life, but also in the home environment.
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Turquoise color can be called universal because it is ideal for people of all age categories. In many foreign countries, this color has a symbolic meaning at all, marking generosity, love and well-being in the house.

Choosing a turquoise color and its shades for living room design, you probably won’t lose.

How to combine colors?

Turquoise perfectly combined with white, dairy, beige and gold colors. With the help of skillfully selected combinations of shades, it is advantageous to issue not only a spacious room in a private house, but also a small living room in the apartment.

Paying special attention to the combination of colors, do not forget that turquoise can be both basic color and optional. If you are a creative person, then let the will of your fantasy and do not be afraid of experiments.

To create a sea effect, try to choose not acidic shades of turquoise, and more natural and muted. It is also not bad to look at the photo wallpaper in such colors on which the sea will be located.

In modern interiors, turquoise textiles with red and raspberry colors in the interior are very often combined. Such combinations are very unusual, but if we think about the design to the smallest detail, it will be very attractive.

Turquoise is also well friendly with yellow and olive colors. Especially profitable such combinations look at expensive classic and noble interiors.

Also, experts recommend paying attention to the beneficial combinations of pink with turquoise, gold, silver and orange.


Turquoise is the color that will always look stylish and fashionable. From year to year, it becomes more popular and in demand, because with its help you can diversify not only modern, but also classical interiors.

Turquoise will be advantageous to reflect the nobility of classic styles, for example, baroque, ampir or ar-deco. As separate accessories and parts of turquoise, it is very profitable for Loft, Techno and Fusion styles.

Scandinavian style Especially loves turquoise shades, gray, silver and other colors. By itself, this style is a bit cold, so it is very often used for its “revival”, however, contrasting furniture, however, the main colors are gray, blue in all shades and white.

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In retro style Turquoise color most often used in the upholstery of furniture. Often, when in shades of turquoise can be found unusual curtains and carpets.

In African and various ethnic styles turquoise color is also used very often, but not in pure form, but in detail. In turquoise color, various pillows can be made, not very bright accessories, vases and other decor items, which are used in the interiors of such a style.

Turquoise surfaces

When people think to make a living room in turquoise shades, the first thing that comes to mind is to choose a seabed wallpaper. On the one hand, it is true, because in this way turquoise color can be revealed in all its glory.

The smaller the room, the lighter the tint of turquoise as a wall covering is worth choosing.

Easy sea colors will not spoil even the most spacious living room. The main color of the walls is recommended to dilute with various wall accessories, lamps and paintings. Turquoise pearl walls with pendant shiny white ceiling will be very profitable.

If there are niches in the room, they can be arranged in another color, which will be beneficial to be combined with turquoise. So you will avoid excessive monophone in the interior.

When choosing turquoise wallpaper with drawings, be careful, Sometimes for the living room it is best to choose one-photo wallpaper or striped options.

As for the flooring, it is worth to give preference to parquet or laminate in natural milk and brown shades. Beige and sandy shades of wood are always beneficial with marine tones. If you choose carpet, do not forget that it is much more difficult for him to care than for other flooring. However, it is always appropriate in the living rooms.


If the living room is not a lot of space, then try to acquire compact furniture, which will be beneficial to combine with turquoise walls. Be sure to pay attention to the sofas made in several colors, one of which can be white, and the other blue. Such furniture will ideally supplement the interior in turquoise tones.

Small coffee tables can be made of plastic, wood or glass. The latter are most preferable because the glass creates a more air sensation and does not look at cumbersome.

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To emphasize the energy of the room, you should pay attention to the brighter furniture. Also, a braided sofa and chairs can be a good option, which can easily fill the room with comfort and summer sea warmth.

If you are not sure that the choice of proper furniture and accessories are able to you, and you can spoil the whole interior, best use the services of professionals who will surely return to your most interesting ideas and preferences.

Decor, light and accessories

With the help of correctly selected accessories, you can make any room interior more complete.

As for the living room, here you can accommodate the following items:

  • Glass vases with alive and artificial colors, for example, with tulips. Any green plants in pots will also be suitable, which will be perfectly combined with turquoise color on the walls.
  • If the room has a fireplace, then you can hang a family picture or mirror over it. And on the fireplace sheal, you can place small figurines and candles. The main thing – do not forget about fire safety.

  • On the coffee table you can arrange a small vase with stones, shells or flowers. To complete the maritime style on the wall, you can hang decorative anchor or steering wheel.
  • Small accents can be placed using additional artificial point lighting on the ceiling and in niches, if any. And as a central lighting, you should choose a chandelier. With blue and turquoise flowers, crystal and glass.

Turquoise color can not be called male or female, however, if we are talking about the design of an apartment for a young man, the marine color of the living room can be easily diluted with chocolate shades and even black.

“Women’s” apartment requires a slightly different shades, for example, dairy, pink and other pastel. No exception and use of gentle-violet color in combination with turquoise.

To recreate a decent interior at home or in the apartment, you should see the real projects where the shades of turquoise are used. Thus, you will have a more complete picture of what you should pay attention to when creating such an interior, and you can also decide whether the design will suit you in such shades or not.

About how to make a living room in turquoise tones, you will see in the following video.

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