How to choose a big sofa for the living room?

Sofa is one of the main objects of furniture in any living room. Therefore, it is very important when choosing to take into account the mass of various criteria and nuances to choose the most optimal model that is ideal for each specific interior option.

Big sofas are usually purchased for large living room area. Such furniture is very roomy, convenient and comfortable. Large sofas are produced from various materials, may have a different form, design and appearance.

Criterias of choice

The choice of the sofa for the spacious living room is not so complicated as for a small. Huge sofas in the living room are indispensable in cases where you have a very big family or often gather houses big companies.

There are many different models of large sofas.

When they choose, attention should be paid to the following criteria:

  • Upholstered furniture should have a coating, which will be quite simple;
  • Convenience is one of the most important criteria;

  • Functionality is good if the selected sofa model will provide a place for storing bed linen or other personal belongings;
  • Number of seats and size of the bedroom;
  • Sofa shape – You can find direct and angular models, oval and p-shaped, as well as modular products;
  • Types and materials of the manufacture of upholstery, frame and springs – the quality of these items will directly affect the service life of the furniture.

Design Options and Dimensions

When choosing a specific model of upholstered furniture, it is necessary to consider for how much seats it is calculated. Think out how much households and guests you would like to place on the sofa in the living room, it is from this that you need to repel.

Straight 3 meters long sofas provide for the presence of five or six seats.

If you need a sofa with a greater capacity, pay attention to the corner models, as well as on sofas with a ottoman, as they provide additional two places. With such a model of upholstered furniture, you will not need to additionally install chairs or chairs.

An additional plus of angular furniture – a spacious place to sleep.

Another modern version of the upholstered furniture is a modular sofa. To date, he also enjoys great popularity. Its convenience is that individual moduli products can be changed between themselves and arrange as it will be convenient at the moment. Modular sofas may include elements such as docks, chairs, couches and even sun loungers.

The advantages of modular models can be attributed:

  • the ability to divide the room into separate zones;
  • the ability to periodically change the appearance of the interior due to the permutation of individual sofa modules;
  • Convenience and comfort.

The sofa in the living room can perform both the function of seating in the recreation area and the function of a full-fledged bed.

Slowing sofas with a sleeping place may have different transformation mechanisms:

  • Sofa book – unfolds with the help of raising the horizontal part, which then after clicking should be omitted. The advantages of this mechanism can be attributed to the ease of decomposition. However, such a sofa will not be able to install close to the wall;
  • Euro book – To get a bed, the seat must be raised, and put the back in its place. Such models are very reliable, easily folded, have a smooth surface and are very comfortable for sleep;

  • Corner model “Dolphin” – the second part of the bed must be pulled out for a special looting. Lay such a sofa easily and conveniently, but it does not provide a place for storing bed linen;
  • “Accordion” – For decomposition of furniture, the seat need to lift and roll out a sleeping place. The advantage of this sofa bed lies in a spacious bedroom, but it is a bit more difficult to put this design than other models;

  • Model “Colding” – has a dropped design on the wheels, for the decomposition of which the bottom must be pulled forward. Sleeping place is also quite spacious and very comfortable, the roll-out mechanism is reliable and will serve you for many years. But pay attention to the fact that the wheels can leave traces on the floor covering.

Another important parameter that should be considered when selecting upholstered furniture – the depth of the seat. The optimal is considered the range from 55 to 90 centimeters. Consider that for each person a comfortable will be a different depth of the seat, so the acquisition of a sofa with pillows will be the very correct solution, which are led by the back and thus allow you to adjust this parameter.

Design options

When choosing the appearance of the sofa, it is necessary to take into account that the product should fit into the overall interior style of the living room.

You can find sofas made in the following styles on sale:

  • Classic – products are distinguished by their smooth forms and the presence of a set of drapes;
  • Modern – upholstered furniture in the modern style is very comfortable and functional, it does not contain catchy elements, has a completely neutral design that will harmoniously fit into each interior;

  • Minimalistic – products are made in strict rectangular forms, the design is very laconic, often the models are not equipped with armrests;
  • Baroque – furniture is decorated with many patterns, has carved legs and armrests. The height of the legs is about thirty centimeters.

If you like the original and unusual furniture, you can stop your choice on a semiconductor sofa. This design of the product will not remain unnoticed, it will look very stylish and modern.

With semicircular, as well as P-shaped sofas, it is possible to distinguish between the recreation area from the dining area and the corridor – it is very relevant for the studio living room.

Folding models of upholstered furniture for sleep must certainly be reliable, comfortable and comfortable. Therefore, if you plan to sleep regularly at the sofa purchased, before buying, do not hesitate to lie down on it to make sure the convenience of the product.

Determining with the color of upholstered furniture, it should be initially solved: whether it will be a bright emphasis in the living room or should merge with a common interior. Depending on this, and the color of the product should be chosen.

Also, when choosing a sofa selection, you can be guided by the following designer rules:

  • The sofa shade should be at least a couple of tones lighter wall decoration;
  • Upholstered furniture can be in bright colors that should obviously differ from the rest of the interior;
  • You should not use in the interior at the same time a lot of saturated elements – a bright decoration of walls in combination with a bright sofa will not look too successfully, the focus is better to do on something one.

Filler and upholstery material

The coupling of the sofa must be high quality, with neat and even seams. The fabric for upholstery may be the most different, the main thing is that it is practical, easy to care and wear-resistant.

One of the most durable materials for upholstery is the skin. Leather products made in dark colors look stylish and elegant, they will serve you for many years and do not change their appearance. However, not all people are comfortable sitting on leather sofas. The disadvantage of this material is also the fact that any scratches on it will be very noticeable, and it will be impossible to eliminate them. The minuses include the high cost of leather furniture.

Other good materials for the upholstery of sofas are Vellar, Tapestry, Shenylloy, Jacquard, as well as artificial leather and suede fabrics. Shenille and jacquard are most popular, since care is most simple as possible and convenient, these materials are very durable, as well as they are resistant to burnout.

Seat elasticity depends on the sofa filler. If the seat is too soft, after a while it can gradually pushed, and the product will lose its attractive appearance. From the soft seat is also not too comfortable to get up, especially people aged. It is for these reasons that it is better to choose a model of a sofa with a fairly elastic seat.

And for the folding model it is very important that it was comfortable not only to sit, but also to sleep.

Based on this, it is not necessary to purchase upholstered furniture with cheap polyuretophane fillers that will quickly begin to join. The optimal solution will be sofas with spring blocks, with a thermal layer or coconut fiber. Such a sofa model will be equivalent to orthopedic mattress in terms of comfort and convenience not only rest, but also sleep.

Buying a large sofa in the living room requires a solid approach. However, if you are thinking out and correctly select the form, size, design, materials and appearance of the product – the purchased furniture will delight you and all your family for many years.

On how to choose a sofa, see the following video.

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