Examples of living room repair in a private house

Living rooms in private houses are distinguished by variety of sizes and shapes. Most often there are rooms with an area of ​​approximately 20 squares. This area is enough to embody any designer’s design. But there are small rooms, or, on the contrary, large with a plating window or with two windows. In any case, the hall is the main room of the house, carrying a special aesthetic load, so the repair in it should be qualitative.

Preparatory work

Start repair follows with a sketch of the room and the definition of its exact size. Then the design project is compiled, in which everything is provided to the smallest detail. It is necessary to choose the style of the future interior, think out what the household will be engaged in the updated room. From this depends the zoning of the room.

You should decide in advance with furniture, appliances and lighting devices. A clear idea of ​​the future interior will allow you to properly place wiring, sockets and switches, highlight zones, calculate the budget.

The room is released from furniture and technology. Should be decided in advance what kind of construction work. If only cosmetic, it is enough to get rid of old wallpapers and cross them on their own, and if a capital renovation is to be held, you may have to invite specialists.

For serious repair, you remove the old finish, dismantle the wiring, windows, doors. Sometimes in private houses from the living room leads a staircase in the residential premises of the second floor. If it requires replacement, the staircase also needs to be dismantled.

Windows, doors

Purchasing doors and double-glazed windows, you should have an idea of ​​the style that will result in the end. Such styles like Eco, Scandinavian, Rustic, Country, Baroque and others, requiring finishing from natural materials, plastic double-glazed windows will not fit. Can be replaced with wooden. To date, they are produced in good quality and diverse colors. The same requirements also apply to the door canvase.

Doors are swing, sliding, folding, wooden, plastic, from MDF combined, with a mirror or glass. They can be replaced by arch.


Batteries in the living room should not only make their warmth largest room as much as possible, but still have a presentable view.

They are a few species:

  • Cast iron radiators – familiar classic type. They look at cumbersome and not aesthetically, but otherwise, they cope with their responsibilities perfectly with their duties, have good heat transfer and low price.
  • Steel – Simple, not expensive, but with a low efficiency.
  • Aluminum – with high heat transfer, but with them it is possible to use high-quality water, which is unacceptable in the conditions of the apartment. In a private house, you can establish a heating system with purified water.
  • Bimetallic batteries – Just perfect: beautiful, elegant, easy and effective.


Before starting decorative finishing works, you need to prepare the walls well. First they align their starting putty, then the finish. If the walls are strongly deformed, it is better to use drywall. With it, you can create niches, columns and other geometric structures to joy designers. Plasterboard is attached to a metal frame, then covered with finishing putty and decorative trim.

Prepared walls are covered with wallpaper, it is inexpensive and cozy. With the help of their image, you can “play” with space: horizontal drawing it expands, vertical – pulls out.

Light color visually increases the territory, the dark wall gives depth.

Walls are painted with water-mounted, acrylic or water-dispersed paints. This is the most budget finishing option. It is not necessary to paint all the surfaces in one color, you can play on accent or contrast shades.

Decorative plaster enjoys in great demand. She hides the irregularities of the walls and has no restrictions in color. For families with young children, there is a good opportunity to save the walls – arrange them with panels to the level of reaching children’s handles. This material is made of wood, plastic, cork cover, MDF, as well as laminate and glass.

In private houses, one of the walls of the hall can be cleared to the ground. Brickwork will become an excellent support for Loft style. The original finishing solution is natural or artificial stone.

The only minus of this type of finishing is a high price.


In private houses, ceilings are usually high, and there is no need to hide the real dimensions for glossy or mirror surfaces. For the stretch ceiling, you can choose a matte cloth. Using drywall, curly and multi-level structures are obtained, they are well combined with the elements of the stretch. The easiest and cheapest version of the design is the wallpaper, they are selected in the tone of the walls. Of the disadvantages of such a material, you can note instability to moisture. It looks good and just painted ceiling.


Nowadays it is difficult to do alone alone for lighting the room. A large room broken into the plots requires zonal backlight. It can be small additional chandeliers, sophibes, floor lamps, table lamp.

Beautifully highlights the room LED tape hidden in the ceiling frame. With it, you can also highlight pictures, mirror or shelves with collections. All this abundance of light is controlled by a remote control, changing the color gamut, brightness, switching gradually various zones.


The hall is the most visited place in the house, so it is necessary to treat the floor with all seriousness.

The abundance of material on the construction market allows you to choose an outdoor coating for any interior and wallet:

  • Laminate – the most popular finishing material, it perfectly imitates different wood species, is easily mounted and durable enough in operation. It should not be kept in premises with high humidity, but the living room does not apply to. Under the laminate you need to make a flat tie and store the substrate.
  • Parquet represents material from various wood species. It is environmentally friendly and looks great, but requires special accuracy in operation and careful care.
  • Carpet used in cold rooms, it is soft to the touch, pleasant in appearance. The disadvantage is in difficult care.

  • Linoleum – for inexpensive repairs. This is a kind of classic of the genre, it is simple in laying, moisture-resistant and easily washed.
  • Cork coating refers to natural materials, it is pleasant to the touch, his stealth in children’s rooms. In care, it is not necessary to apply aggressive chemistry.
  • Self-leveling floors – Modern beautiful seamless coating. Special surprise causes the floor with a three-dimensional pattern applied to it. Laying the bulk surface is quite complex, it is better to entrust it to experts.


When the repair is finished, the most pleasant moment comes – the content of space comfortable furniture, the decoration of the windows, the placement of lighting devices and pleasant little things.

Pursuing the interior, you should pay attention to the configuration of your living room. In rectangular room furniture is placed along the walls. In the square room you can use the center for arrangement of any zone. Most often there have a relaxation area with upholstered furniture and a small elegant table.

Cabinets, pencils, racks, cabinets, shelves should look like the chosen style dictates. Sometimes a hidden furniture is required with imitation of free walls, or, on the contrary, poured complicated.

In a small room, light furniture will visually create space, but at the same time it should not be a lot. Against the background of light walls, dark furniture looks good.


The choice of style is the responsible stage in the formation of the interior, it must coincide with the aesthetic needs of people living in it, otherwise it will be uncomfortable in the living room. Style is determined even before the start of repair work.

  • Classical the design is tested by time, so never bored. He does not imply nothing unexpected or screaming. Solid furniture, natural tree in the finishing material, dense soft curtains, a lot of expensive smallest things, stucco – in all this there is a taste and a special chic.
  • Provence came to us from the south of France. The interior in this style is very sweet, filled with pleasant baubles, tablecloths, curtains, rushes, vases with flowers. At the same time, it is natural and simple, synthetic materials in its component are unacceptable.
  • Full opposite of Provence – High Tech Youth Style. The main elements are metal and glass, no decor, only cold simplicity.

  • Minimalism Says for himself – just too little. This is a concise style with a small number of furniture, with simplicity, brought to the absurdity.
  • Loft came to us from the West, when the factory premises were given during the big depression under housing. This style is represented by coarse furniture, a wall with an open brick masonry, using the lattices in the interior.
  • StyleFusion loves glass in any manifestations.

  • Baroque – screaming splendor, bordering a border. It is appropriate for antiques, antique furniture, crystal and a lot of gilding.
  • Country – Rustic style, prefers natural materials, textiles in fine cage, light furniture, simple decorations.
  • Ethnic style tie to the traditions of any particular country, for example, Japan or France, and try to comply with them. Such an interior to taste to travel lovers.

Choosing a style for the living room, it is not necessary to follow its full execution, it is better to inherent in its tastes and feelings. More than three colors are not recommended in any interior. Badly looks overloading furniture and oversaturation with trifles.

Any style in the living room of a private house will be good if you put a piece of yourself and make repair with your own hands.

Living room interior design ideas in a private house, see the video below.

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