Corner furniture for the living room: selection features

    Living room – room that is intended for recreation. It needs to create maximum comfort and comfort so that the whole family, going to the evenings after work, could enjoy the rest and communication with each other. In small town apartments, the living room is often pretty small. It is important to choose the right furniture that will not take all the free space and at the same time will create a pleasant atmosphere. The best choice for this room is the angular furniture, which is noticeably stand out against the background of linear analogues.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Corner furniture is not inferior to usual in functional and aesthetic qualities. Due to its form, it allows you to save space even in small rooms, while taking place in the corner, which usually remains empty, not participating in the arrangement.

    It has a lot of advantages:

    • With its help, you can disguise the various disadvantages at the joints of the walls and the flooring (needed wallpaper, damaged coating, irregularities of the walls);
    • Buying such furniture is particularly beneficial for small rooms, as it frees a lot of space;
    • The angular walls are quite compact, but at the same time functional: there are many boxes and shelves in them, the place is under the TV, so you do not have to buy a special tube for it;
    • In such furniture, it is usually enough space for storing various things, it is convenient to use.

    Corner structures will suit not only for equipment of small rooms. A large living room can also be furnished with such furniture. You can free other rooms (such as bedroom), having bought a corner wardrobe for clothes and installing it in the living room.

    The only minus such models is quite high cost due to the complexity of the design and labor-intensive, expensive production.


    There are several varieties of corner furniture for the living room, different from each other to several criteria:

    • material;
    • sizes;
    • designs;
    • cost.

    Modular type

    This kind is the most popular, as it combines convenience, functionality and a large selection of possible designs.

    Such furniture is distinguished by the presence of a set of additional elements, it can be:

    • Large armrests in chairs and sofas that can be used as a coach for food or any objects;
    • various shelves that often be laid out and serve as a small table;
    • Air corners with rollers.

    To produce such models, use a variety of modules that combine one color gamut and design. Depending on their quantity, the functionality of furniture is determined (than them are more, the better). The main advantage of this species is a wide range of functions and ease of operation: modules can be replaced as needed without buying new furniture.

    This allows you to update the interior or replace the details that have come into disrepair, while significantly saving funds.

    Corrugated type

    Cabinet furniture is quite popular, you can find a wide range of models and colors.

    The distinctive features of this species include:

    • the presence of comfortable and roomy boxes that move on the rollers;
    • shelves of different sizes and forms for any economic needs;
    • Hinged shelves that are perfect for storing small items.

    Corner wall – the most common model of cabinet furniture. In the corner of the room, a wardrobe is usually located. If it is spacious enough, and in the wall there is a lot of additional storage space, it can be used as a wardrobe.

    The complex of cabinet furniture for the living room includes several different items of furniture constituting a single composition. They are performed in a similar color scheme and one style, so the interior of the room will look over and harmonious.

    The advantages of this species include the following qualities:

    • a wide selection of models, designs and colors;
    • relatively low price due to the use of inexpensive materials during production;
    • Compatibility with any room interior styles.

    Soft type

    Corner sofa perfectly fit into the situation of a small living room. You can choose any suitable form and size of the furniture design (in the form of an angle, the letters “P” or another unusual form). When buying, you need to correctly calculate the dimensions of the furniture, take into account the interior features of the room, choosing a color, the appearance of the sofa or another piece of furniture.

    The best option for most living rooms will be the classic corner model of the pastel shade – such a sofa will harmoniously fit into the situation, the warmth and comfort of the rooms will emphasize. You can add such a sofa with additional useful objects of furniture to the tone (for example, dumps with storage boxes).

    Tips for choosing

    We bring to your attention the main points to which you should pay attention to when buying an angular furniture:

    • Dimensions of furniture designs must accurately correspond to the corner in which it will be located;
    • All materials and details of the fasteners, of which the subject is manufactured must comply with sanitary and environmental standards and be safe to the health of living in the apartment;
    • It is desirable to select furniture in one color scheme and a single style that the interior looks harmonious;

    • Do not install this kind of furniture in every corner of the room: this visually narrows the space, it is better to leave at least one corner free;
    • For small rooms, you should choose the most necessary and functional items with a large number of storage places, which will allow you to expand the free area of ​​the room.

    The subject that is worth purchasing for the living room first is the angular wall. If you have a semicircular room, this furniture is only suitable for the corner side. It is better to pay attention to the modular type of construction, since the furniture has the property to wear out, and the tastes of residents may change.

    In such a type of furniture it will be easily replaced by a broken element, or update modules.

    Corner sofa is the best option for the living room. You can choose a model equipped with additional convenient details (small table, wide armrests or other functional elements). On such a sofa it will be possible to sit with a cup of coffee and cookies or dinner.

    A spacious corner cabinet will become an excellent alternative to the wardrobe, while the need for a cabinet in the bedroom will disappear, the area of ​​the room will expand. In such a wardrobe, the clothes of the whole family can fit, which is convenient: all things will be in one place, you will not have to look for them in different places. It can contain a medium-sized mirror, which will allow you to abandon the purchase of additional mirrors or tremor. Yes, and gather somewhere will be much more convenient.

    If the wall does not provide a special place to install the TV, for these purposes you can buy an angular end. So the TV will be clearly visible from almost all corners of the room. Standard can have shelves or retractable boxes for storing various trifles.

    How to place?

    When laying purchased furniture, you must first determine the main element. Bowl of the central object is the wall or sofa, but it all depends on the purchased set and taste of the owner of the housing.

    Before going for the purchase, it is recommended to perform a few simple actions that will help with the right choice:

    • You can describe or draw a schematic room plan with furniture placed on it;
    • Choose a place that will serve as the center of the composition;
    • Choose the most necessary items, while indoors should not remain large empty places (otherwise the interior will look unfinished).

    For large living rooms, the interior will be divided into several zones (for example, to read with an angular sofa and a bookshelf or watching TV). Corner furniture (subject to competent selection of objects and proper placement) will help to decorate a large and small room.

    The functionality of this type of furniture designs will provide sufficient seats for storing even in small living rooms or one-bedroom apartments. A wide selection of flowers and styles of finished furniture or the manufacture of an individual option to order will contribute to the creation of a cozy, stylish and modern interior.

    How does the corner furniture look in the living room interior, you can see in the following video.

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