Varieties of children’s nights

Fear of darkness inherent in many children. The light gives a feeling of confidence and tranquility, while immersion in darkness and darkness gives the reason for the stormy child fantasy to draw various monsters. In the dark, children feel intuitive fear, feeling unprotected, so healthy and full sleep is impossible. Today, this problem is easily solved: trademarks offer for sale a lot of kindergarten varieties – comfortable functional lamps, manual and automatic “fireflies”.

Features and varieties

Children’s night light – the original attribute of the kid room. This is a small lamp with soft scattered light, which allows you to create a relaxing atmosphere in the room. It is installed near the baby bed in such a way as to have enough lighting, allowing the mother to see the baby. However, the location should not be too close: otherwise the lamp will interfere.

Such a thing is more suitable for parents, repeatedly standing in the night to the baby to change the diaper or check of his well-being. The accessory does not hit the eyes, so the household will not wake.

The accessory does not hit the eyes, so the household will not wake. This accessory is considered relevant for children after three years, if for some reason they appear inexplicable fear of dark. Fear can be associated with the lack of light, if the child was originally used to fall asleep with a soft night light day.

According to psychologists, the night light should not be included constantly, This means of necessity, which is desirable not to use throughout the night. Otherwise, the habit of falling down with the light will turn into a prerequisite for full sleep. Even if the night light design is very original, it’s not a reason to make it an attribute of calm: he is auxiliary subject of the family, where there is a kid.

However, the benefits of the night light still have: it eliminates the eyes of a sharp light, which creates a colossal load on the retina and the visual nerve. Night lighting is not only weak: it is also distinguished by an interesting effect. Such lamps have low power consumption and minimal heating.

Children’s night lights are functional and help:

  • Rid a person from stubbling in the darkness of different items;
  • Remove the tension preventing relaxing and sleeping;
  • Create a having and cozy atmosphere.

In addition to the functionality, such products are unique accents of the children’s room, introducing special good and magical notes into it.

A rich assortment of children’s lamps offers a lot of varieties, each of which has its strengths and weaknesses. They are included in the rosette or operate from batteries (external or network), may have a keyboard control mechanism and a control panel. By type of light source, children’s night lights are divided into LED and sensory.

In such products, gas-discharge lamps and incandescent lamps are involved, because they differ:

  • high power consumption;
  • heating the housing, provoking fire hazard;
  • a minimum service life;
  • sharpness of the glow;
  • fragility.

The most popular models of children’s nightlifts include:

  • Model in a socket (plug). Budget version of the ruler, a point device, characterized by security, not having electrical wires, for which you can hooked, however, illuminating the minimum of space and completely not suitable for the design of the European standard, when the outlets are installed low from the floor. It gives unobtrusive lighting, may have a twilight sensor, notable for compactness, pleasant design, minimum energy consumed, so it is characterized by a long service life.
  • Night Little Picture. A classic or musical suspension into a crib, designed with fitting in the form of a clothespin, convenient for attachment anywhere in a crib, independent of the remoteness of the outlet, as it works from the battery. In most cases, such lamps are equipped with batteries for recharging, which significantly extends their life. Devices can be projectors, installing directly on the back of a crib. It is convenient in cases when there is no table or stand for bed near the crib.

  • Universal lamp. The “two in one” principle model used as a night light and a table lamp equipped with functionality in the form of adjusting the lighting intensity, however, more suitable for older children (for example, preschoolers and elementary school students). May have four levels of illumination, changing when touched to the top. It is quite interesting and easy to operate night lights, which long-term use quickly fail.
  • Night Light Brand. Wall-mounted model is different from the usual sconce form and design. Such a night light is notable for a wide range of models, is a budget version of the line, shines brighter analogues into the outlet, which allows you to use it for reading a fairy tale at night.

The disadvantage of the accessory is the intensity of the glow: it is quite strong, which can interfere with the child relax and fall asleep. Therefore, manufacturers produce models with the regulation mode of the intensity of the glow. Such nights are relevant not only for kids: they are great fit adolescents.

  • Mobile with projector. LED lamp, designed to relax the child before bed, equipped with the possibility of creating light compositions in the form of fixed or monotonously moving along the walls and ceiling of stars, fireflies, good cartoon characters, which has a soothing effect while tracking through the eyes and relaxes the child (the functionality may imply musical accompaniment). Fashionable and stylish night lamp, which is fascinated even for adults, however, has two minuses: the cost is high compared to familiar analogues and not always a high-quality assembly.
  • Models with light motion sensors. “Smart” lamps with a reaction to the degree of illumination of the room, capable not only on their own and turn off, but also to adjust the level of brightness of the glow (react to movement). Plus models are versatility: they are suitable for children of any age, however, require a gentle conversion (moisture in hurts the sensor). Minus products is the impossibility of repair. In addition, such devices are characterized by a high price.

  • Systems with sound sensors. Night lights with lullabies are highlighted by a sound recognition feature, triggered when crying a baby, conversation, spoke to the sound of a pleasant and soothing lullaby song or the sounds of the sea, nature (equipped with a CD player). Such lamps will help you tired for mom’s day, however, the baby pretty quickly understands that this is not her voice and does not fall asleep if he wants to eat or simply cuddle to native motherhe.
  • Salt lamp. In addition to basic models, there are also special systems that are relevant for children with predisposition to allergies and kids with weakened immunity. These are salt lamps with large salt crystals, when turned on which the salt, located inside the night light, simultaneously with heating ionizes air. Inhalation of its vapor contributes to the strengthening of immunity, relief breathing, getting rid of cough.

In addition to the main varieties, it offers models-clocks that are a controversial type of lamp.

They cannot be called suitable for babies and babies of the nursery: night lights with a clock are designed with a music signal for a clearly set time. The sharp sound of the melody can scare a sleeping baby, so the benchmark for the clock is a significant disadvantage.

At the location of the lamps are:

  • Wine (plugs and sconces);
  • desktop (projectors and systems with sound sensors);

  • supervised (suspension with fixation in the form of toys-circle with a lamp located inside the device);
  • Portable (convenient devices with the possibility of moving around the room in case of searching for the desired things that are mobile and can be located anywhere, for example, on the table near the bed).

Models and forms

Among stationary, mobile and combined models offered by trademarks, you can pick up any option, especially since most products have coasters and fasteners. A model range of nightlines for children is huge. Manufacturers try to take into account all the whims of buyers, presenting them to attention, besides the classic line, products in the form of plastic and soft toys, as well as the original option – night light pillow.

The most popular forms of night lamps demanded by the kids’ parents are:

  • star;
  • turtle;
  • snail;

  • Puzzle;
  • Sun;
  • kitten;

  • moon;
  • egg;
  • Tetris;

  • Lego;
  • Rainbow;

  • dog;
  • flower.

Figure-shaped lamps (for example, in the form of a star, flower-night lines) are performed with streamlined edges. Some models are equipped with a chameleon lamp.

In addition to these forms, the topics are relevant as:

  • Cosmos and starry sky (open sky illusion, stars with sparkles);
  • Northern Lights (colorful multi-tone shades);
  • marine motifs (fish, sharks, dolphins, turtles);

  • Characters and compositions from cartoons (Ninja, Hulk, Spiderman, etc. );
  • Fabulous sketches (castles, palaces, magic forest);
  • Moonlight (unobtrusive shade spilling around the room).

Lamps-toys are the most popular varieties, they are notable for the fact that they can be the most different and bright shape (in the form of a common soft toy or close to familiar plastic models) are equipped with a different set of functions, being fabulous characters telling fairy tales and burning babies.

Tips for choosing

In a huge selection of night lamps for children, it’s easy to confuse. To purchase what is really needed, you should consider several factors:

  • “Correctness” of lighting. The light coming out of the night light should not beat the eye, the right version – soft, scattered and muted light. Desktop cone lamps should be eliminated from the list: a child’s eye view on a light bulb can have a negative impact on the vision of the kid.
  • Color spectrum. Selection of lighting temperature allows warm solar, neutral, green light. They do not force their eyes to adapt to lighting. Cold more unpleasant and requires addictive eye, annoying red worth excluding from the list at all.
  • Material. The product made of plastic is not worth considering: when heated, it highlights the room to the air of harmful toxins, which is negatively reflected on the health of all households. It is worth paying attention to the quality of fixing mounts: the raw material must be reliable.

  • Availability of relevant documentation In the form of a certificate of quality and compliance with safety technique (with a passport and written warranty of the Seller).
  • “The correctness” of sound effects. Melodies published by the device should not irritate the hearing. When buying is required to check the built-in melodies. It is necessary to give preference to the lullabies and sounds of nature, intense and fast compositions are not allowed. If the device is equipped with several melodies, it is better to listen to them all so that in the future do not regret harsh sound.
  • Modes adjustment. This factor is important at least high-quality and operational characteristics: systems with the additional possibility of adjusting the intensity of light or sound manually convenient and allow you to customize the night light clearly at will.
  • Quality, Ergonomic Form and Security. The lamp should be durable, resistant to random mechanical damage, breaking into fragments in the event of a fall and attempt to disassemble it. The product for fastening in the crib should not be smell and wires: better if the night light is on batteries.

After studying the basic parameters of the choice, it is worth paying attention to the design: it is important that the lamp causes the positive emotions of the child.

The choice may be random or based on the overall idea of ​​the room design. From the line of unusual models it is worth excluding bulk creative toys: they can scare a child and are not at all suitable for the baby.

No less important when buying take into account the age and sex of the child. For girls, they select more cute night lights with rainbow pony, hearts, flowers of different shapes, fairy and other magical characters made mainly in favorite shades of Barbie. Models for the boy are noticeable in blue, green, “marine” paints, space and other topics (rockets, airplanes, cars, sneakers, soccer balls).

Options for night feeding are more laconic: their purpose is strictly in creating minimal lighting at night. Luminaires for a teenager are more creative and functional, although not every younger kid like the flashes of drawings on the walls. Therefore, those who have never learned to sleep without light, more often choose the models in the outlet.


Raw materials for the production of children’s night lamps diverse. Some products are performed from ecological wood (birch plywood), covering its water-based paints, which contains toxic chemicals, heavy metal salts and harmful organic.

Other materials are ceramics, plastic, plastic, matte glass. Lamps “Home Production” are more creative in the choice of night light components. Tin jars, fabric and even paper go. However, if we are talking about a child, not all such products are safe.

The line of claimed models of night lamps for children includes many companies that are marked by revocation of real buyers. Among the popular manufacturers can be distinguished by several:

  • Tiny Love – Original mobiles in a crib with the rotation of toys in a circle and around their axis, pleasant melodies and volume control, as well as a silent mode and control panel. Users note that melodies are pleasant, kids are actively watching the rotation of the toys, while a small night light gives a soft scattered light.

  • Fisher Price – Multifunctional mobile with a good set of features and a projector that can be used separately. Baby parents note that the device is thought out to the smallest detail, pleasantly outwardly and in use, gladly infant with smooth melodies, clear pictures of the projector, the possibility of movement and that is especially important: smooth sacrament of sound and light.

  • Tomy – musical projection model with funny pictures that are nice to watch. This original object assistant Mom, who sets the baby to sleep, is characterized by a budget value. Thoughtful parents note that the “help” of the device affects not in each case: some children the noise of the working device prevents from falling asleep.

  • Merry – Original lamps on batteries in the form of soft toys-turtles, pleasant to the touch. Cheap night lights who like children and attract their attention with three different shades of the glow: blue, green and pale orange, have several operating modes and a timer function that allows automatic shutdown. Good lamps that create a relaxing atmosphere and soothing children before bed.

Location options in the interior

The location of the children’s night lamp in the room depends on two factors – the locations of the crib and the characteristics of the model:

  • Colorful wall-mounted night lights can be located near the bed, pick up their shades under the general idea of ​​design, supporting the flower-colored floral topics with colorful butterflies;
  • A wall-mounted model in the form of a birdhouse will be appropriate to look at the interior of the nursery, if you arrange it on top of the glued wood motive;

  • An option-projector with maritime paintings is perfectly suitable in the child’s child’s room, which can be placed on the wall at the head of the bed;
  • Baby is better to buy a small-sized functional mobile phone with a projector night light, the holes of which are directed to the ceiling and do not have a lot of sequin;

  • You can do without carousel: bossing a compact star-projector with small and kind images of toys;
  • Few people are indifferent to multicolored smiley balls, acquiring special magic in the dark: funny emoticons, being on the table near the bed, will cause positive emotions and have a relaxing effect;

  • You can beat the theme of the fear of the world by the faithful friend-dog guarding the dream of a child: the original lamp in the form of a dog will cope with this, delivered to the floor near the children’s bed;
  • Soft toy-night light Turtle and girls, and boys: depending on the color, it will give colorful glowing stars on the walls and the ceiling of the room, and the drawing is designed in such a way that it does not strain the eyes of the abundance of light;
  • No less interesting model-projector in the form of a butterfly: sitting on a bedside table, it will gently disperse the light, dressed up a children’s room in the starry sky pattern.

Table lamp in the design of the kid’s room is undesirable: she hits the eyes, because the baby is located low and, if desired, sees the lamp itself.

Children’s night light – an interesting way to diversify the design of the children’s room and calm the baby before bed. However, it is impossible to fully rely on this accessory, including it for the whole night. Using it if necessary, it is necessary to gradually reduce the use of the lamp as protection against fear, otherwise the child will not be able to overcome the fear of dark without the help of a psychologist.

It is undesirable to use the night light as salvation from fear: this is an incorrect position. If you constantly talk about it, it will postpone the child’s memory. It is better to designate the accessory as a beautiful focus of the room, special and magical. If age allows, you can, when buying, considering the opinion of the child, taking it with you to the store.



Overview of night lighter models in the children’s room Watch in the following video.

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