Unusual stylish chandeliers

Unusual chandeliers having bizarre forms and made of unusual materials are able to transform any room, becoming his highlight. There are a lot of interesting designer ideas to pay attention to. From this article you will learn about what options for creative and stylish lamps exist, and how to choose them correctly.


The main feature that combines all unusual chandeliers is their dissimilarity on all the lamps familiar to us. When creating, designers are inspired by almost all since the urban landscapes and ending with the surrounding nature. Therefore, such chandeliers can consist even of metal pipes or simple branches.

A non-standard approach allows you to make any room more stylish and emphasize a good taste of those who live in this room. The chosen chandelier may contrast with a common design or, on the contrary, as much as possible to fit into it.

Models and forms

Lamps highlights not where they are located, and the form and material of execution. Therefore, even simple cascade or pendant lamps can be non-standard:

  • Ceiling. The center of attention is always the main lamp that is located under the ceiling. That is why it is always chosen with the greatest thoroughness. Ceiling luminaires can be of different sizes: both massive and very small.

The most common form is the elongated lamp. As the basis of the lampshar, a variety of materials, starting with a tree and ending with textiles or metal.

    • Wall mounted. This lighting option serves as an additional light source. The original garland looks out of several small lamps, or animal figures, soccer ball in the grid .Such stylistic solutions look unusual and, depending on the design of the room, you can choose almost any form of these lampshes.

    • Desktop. A wide variety of desktop lamps is also pleased. Such lamps may look like a real work of art. Often they are made in the form of some animals or statuettes. Can also be used textile or glass lampshade, decorated with elegant painting.


    Original design lamps are suitable for registration of any room. In the bedroom or living room with modern design, fashionable laconic lamps look good. Nothing hinds your fantasy – lamps made in the form of branches, balls, wardrobe items or even musical instruments will emphasize your individuality and identity of design.

    But in the classic interior will be appropriate, though interesting, but more restrained solutions.

    For example, a chandelier made in the form of a bowl or lampshade, supplemented with fabric pendants or beads, well will fit into a similar style. The classic also should not be boring and monotonous, especially if it comes to the details.

    The most unusual chandeliers

    Among all existing lamp options, some lamps have received special popularity and fame. Let’s look at a few extravagant chandeliers who should pay attention to and to you:

    • Bentham figures. Hans Wang Bentham is a Dutch artist and a designer who creates unusual chandeliers in the form of animals, symbols or figures. One of the most famous desktop lamps from this Creator is a product made in the form of coat of arms of the USSR, and consisting of crossed sickle and hammer. Or his favorite creation is a skull.
    • Balloons. If you want in the room to always reign atmosphere of the holiday, you definitely should pay attention to the lamps made in the form of balloons. Such products offers one of the famous Spanish firms Estiluz. Luminaires in the form of balloons are made in different colors, and due to the fact that they are shining from the inside, it always looks interesting and bright.

    • Underwater reefs. If you have never managed to see underwater depths with your own eyes, you will be delighted with lamps made in the form of colored reefs. Such chandeliers create Olivia d’Aboville. For this use durable and reliable material – polystyrene. Consolidate such a chandelier you can both on the ceiling or wall and on the floor.
    • Lamps from horror films. Creation brand Liquid Blood Lamp can serve as a details for shooting some horror. Such luminaires consist of a white base and red decorative elements resembling blood pouring out of the people. It looks spectacular, so not all will risk using such lamps.

    On this, of course, the variety of options does not end. See different design collections of lamps, and you can find original models that are perfect for making your room.

    Accommodation in the interior

    Lamps of unusual shapes and colors can be used in almost any room. The main thing is to take into account the style of the room and the mood that the selected lamp should create.


    In the kitchen, you can use lamps that resemble the devices used in cooking. There are many options here. For example, you can create a lamp from plastic spoons with your own hands or choose a product resembling a real grater, an inverted cup or a plate. Choose this option of the lamp and you can create an atmosphere of tea party in your kitchen with a crazy hat and Alice.

    The main requirement for luminaires that are used for the decor of the kitchen is that they must be made of a material that is easily cleaned.

      The most popular materials are, of course, metal and glass. It is also important that the dimensions of the lamp correspond to the parameters of your room. Every free centimeter is valued in a small kitchen.

      Living room

      For the living room you can also pick up different extravagant lamps. Along with classic products, modern creations from crystal look good in this room. It may not only be transparent, but also color. The basis of crystal can also complement various decorative parts that give the chandelier of individuality.

      You can also find unusual and stylish chandeliers made from Czech or Murano glass, or decorated expensive crystals from Swarovski. The combination of light and colors makes it possible to achieve an interesting effect that decorates the room. I wonder the flooring, lamps and lamps, made in the form of a branch or a separate part of the tree. This material is not only environmentally friendly, but also looks interesting, giving the interior of individuality.


        The room for recreation is recommended not to experiment too experiment and use those lamps that set up a pacifying way and relax. In the bedroom you can install several sources of additional light. Beautifully looking lamps with imitation candles, abundantly decorated lampshades.

        As the basis of the lamp, a real candlestick can be used or any other antique product that you will add light sources.

          Well, if the light that lamp gives, you can mute. So you can even fall asleep with soft backlight or read in bed, without interfering with anyone.


          Separate attention deserve lamps for children’s bedroom. Here the sources of inspiration for designers most often serve cartoons or fairy tales. Classic lamps made in the form of animals or fairy-tale characters – it is not always trite. You can always find something more unusual, because many designers otherwise rethink the standard form or image.

          There can be used some non-standard color, changing the form or style in which the character is performed.

          Children’s nights often complement such details as musical accompaniment. Melody should be very pleasant, having to sleep. Very happy and such an option as a game with light or the ability to design on the wall or ceiling constellation.

          As you can see, spectacular lamps can be used in different rooms in order to make a room more interesting and stylish. In addition, a unique light source can even try to create with your own hands. Inspire the creative ideas of famous designers, and you will have to create something your own and definitely deserving attention.

          How to make a chandelier with your own hands, look in the following video.

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