Unusual lamps in the interior

    Lighting in the house or apartment is one of the alignment and uniqueness of the interior. It is properly the next light will be able to raise the mood to you and your friends, as well as save your vision.

    Unusual original lamps will be able not only to serve the owners not one year, but also to create a real festive mood on the eve of various holidays.


    Many designers trying to decorate the interior of your housing create truly masterpieces. Lamps for any room – bedrooms, dining room, baby, throwing bizarre shadows, leave unforgettable impressions of you and your loved ones. After all, it only looks like it seems that the lamp is an ordinary thing, and in fact only the true talent of the designer or artist will allow you to “bloom” to your room and become exquisite or playful.

    The light source can be positioned anywhere in the room. Still in Soviet times without, for example, floor lamps – lamps, it was impossible to imagine any apartment. Today, unfortunately, they are very difficult to contemplate in any modern design, and in vain. They were not only a decoration of a modest apartment, but also a very functional subject of interior.

    In the living room

    Usually the living room is the most spacious room in an apartment or house. Therefore, if the area of ​​the room exceeds 16 square meters, it is necessary to install not one lamp.

    Moreover, they must be in a single style, and the color scheme of wallpaper and the entire interior is desirable to withstand, too, in one color scheme.

    Light in the living room should be bright, but soft, not cutting eyes. If you do not want to repeat, but decided to “shine” with an unusual design of the light source, then in this case the original umbrellas are suitable, made of small umbrellas for a cocktail: glued in the form of a small bowl, they will become a source of fun mood and positive.

    Ideally, the living room will watch outdoor flooring-nights, which will be able to become a center “chicken” of the entire interior. In general, the word “sticking” came to us from French and translated as a “tripod” – a bowl with burning oil. From the distant past we have a long leg with lampshade.

    Abuirs of decorative lamps can be made in the style of country or Provence – Flax, cotton, in the Baroque style – Luxury Atlas or Velvet, Dear Wood Breed and T. D.

    Metal lamps in the form of a vase – an original approach to the decoration of the classic living room. If you are jubilt with high-tech style, choose steel structures with a glass lamp shade of any color, and you will become the owner of the exquisite room.

    As an original idea, the lamps “bowl” will look up – they can be placed on the table. The modern interior of your living room will be able to add and lamps in metallic style, and any – built-in, geometric shape.

    For classic style, choose lamps in the shape of vintage candelabers, with pendants and decorations.

    Fashionable designers offer decorate the living room in oriental style. In it, the lamps of bronze, with gold, unusual mysterious form play an important role. They will become a decisive moment in your interior.

    For example, Turkish manufacturers often offer lamps made using the old technology of laying a mosaic on the glass “OPAL” – a sort of medieval style, bright and unforgettable.

    East light sources in the shape of vintage jugs, vessels with vesizes and brass fittings can light up in the living room.

    For kitchen

    Many hostesses prefer the “highlighted” coverage area over the kitchen table. However, this option is ideal for spacious cuisine, when the main light lights the entire room, and several decorative luminaires allocate only space above the table, creating a unique cozy atmosphere.

    Suspended lamps in the form of geometric shapes, from birch bark or super desolative from glass cans or glass bowls filled with multi-colored liquid – all this can make the unique your kitchen zone.

    By the way, if your kitchen is made in the style of Provence, you can replace the color liquid in the columns, and set flowers in them – a successful solution.

    If you prefer a single point to light the kitchen, you can hang over the table with a chandelier chandelier, when the lights are located on the “feeding” from the single metal bowl of the metal tubes, and in general design resembles a space aircraft.

    Suspended chandeliers above the table in the form of multi-colored balls will successfully look both in a small and spacious kitchen. But the lamp is from the present crystal in the form, for example, the ship will create a luxurious splendor in your dining room.

    Embedded lamps occupy a special place in the interior of the kitchen – it guarantees maximum lighting. Lightly popularity now have light sources in the style of high-tech, with halogen light bulbs and illuminated different colors. Original embedded lamps from crystal or sandstone, with gloves made in silver or gold rims will make your kitchen unique.

    In the bedroom

    Bedroom is always a personal space. And it is unusual lamps that will be able to add a “highlight” in your preferred style.

    Japanese-style lamps, made under a tree with a papyrus paper, will be able to add secrets room created to reduce all problems. Perfectly fit into the eastern style of your room and matte scabs of light colors with hieroglyphs applied on them.

    Country style will emphasize cheerful lamps in the form of decorative plates, lamps-candles with a batch wax that.

    If your bedroom is performed in the style of “Provence”, choose the original lamps using floristic elements – in the form of baskets with flowers, with elegant lines. Large scabs can be made of stained glass, aged frames, photos.

    Logical completion of the design of the bedroom can be matte lamps, providing muffled light. Embedded metal lamps will look good, suspended bras with crystal decor.

    If you prefer the original style, manufacturers can offer you lamps under the “straw”, paper or gypsum.

    In children

    Selection of lighting devices in children’s depends on the age of your child. The power of the lamps here can be 40 W instead of 60.

    For young children, you need to choose lamps bright and interesting shape. Ideally, there should be several light sources. For example, if you have chosen a chandelier in the form of a doll or a sun, then point lamps in the form of toys can be adding to it. The main thing is that they were safe for your baby.

    Embedded lamps near the bed or table are required if your child is scary to stay in the dark room.

    The main requirement for such a sconce – security, that is, a closed plander.

    The appearance of such a nightnail again depends on the preferences of your baby.

    For garden

    Cottage or garden plot – a place where not only grown useful products, it is a recreation area, when you want to relax the soul, and in the evening to communicate with close to intimate themes. In order for both the eyes and the soul rejoiced at such moments, you need to decorate your recreation area with appropriate lighting.

    If you successfully combine the functionality of the illumination and its decorativeness, then your country area will become a romantic area: a group of dragonflies or butterflies on a twist, which will be stuck in the ground and delight the eye in the afternoon, and in the evening glowing in the grass, will be a rapid exterior addition.

    The original solution for the country rest will be the volumetric pots with flowers, glowing at night or stone stylized marble or a piece of amber.

    Do it yourself

    Unusual lamps can be done with their own hands.

    The original source of light can be a product collected from ordinary kitchen clothespins. First we work on the frame – 3 circumference of different diameters, bonded together. From above – place for cartridge, clothespins – decor.

    You can choose simple wooden or plastic products. It all depends on your taste and preferences.

    If you decide to install several bright lamps at the cottage, use ordinary glass bottles.

    It is enough to pour in them multicolored beads or colored sands, polished glasses, in general, everything that can reflect light. In the neck of the bottle, you need to fix a small flashlight with silicone glue – and everything, the lamp is ready. For greater originality, use the container of different capacities and forms.

    Vintage lampshade from burlap will have to be like a proven bedroom. And if you not only make it from burlap, but also twist the flower out of it, then no worshipers differ in your invention from the designer thing.

    If you are familiar with the endows of origami, then the lamp shade in the form of a bird, gently scattering light, can be a bright decoration of children’s or kitchen.

    The former cage for birds painted into crystal white color with bird figures inside will become a unique source of light in the room of a young lady.

    Well, and of course, candlelight lamps. Candles are associated with elements of romance and mental experiences. Make lamps in Moroccan style: decorate or color an ordinary glass jar, apply a stained-in circuit, put the candle inside and hang it to the tree branches above the table of your cottage. Unforgettable dinner you are secured. If there is no stained circuit, wrap the bank with lace or satin ribbons or enclosure it beads. The main thing is creative and with soul!

    Unusual things will always decorate your interior, and if the impressive lamps reflect the taste of the owner, the premises acquire an individual character and gives the positive to all those present.

    Examples of lamps made by your own hands, see the following video

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