Trench torches

Proper lighting creates a cozy atmosphere in the apartment. Thinking room design, any expert will try to create an additional light source in each room, which will help create half. The modern selection of cozy and warm lighting on the market allows you to form the necessary situation in any designer solution. Create a unique design will help lamps of all kinds. Among other things, lamps are allocated.


Torsher – floor lamp on one or three legs-stands. The second option is called tripod or tripod. Abazhur also has a variety of species and materials. They are made of tissues of different types, glass, and even paper with metal. The appearance of the lampshar depends only from the imagination of the designer. It can have any colors, shapes and sizes.

One of the main advantages is the possibility of changing the height of “legs”.

Due to this, you can change and fit the lamp for any needs. You can, for example, provide light scattering lighting in the ceiling, or read the book in a soft and calm light in the evening. Trech flooring is distinguished by special stability and its unusual view. Thanks to a wide variety of designer models, three-legged lamps can drastically change the style of your room.

Advantages of models

The main plus of the flooring is that they do not need to be mounted in the wall. We must not forget that the lamp on the legs is very mobile and does not require much effort to their movement. Plus to all, it does not need additional furniture for its placement, such as for a lamp on the bedside table.

In addition to physical and design advantages, it is the flooring on three legs that create a cozy and warm atmosphere, resembling a lantern or a tree decorated with garland.

Properly selected lamp can visually increase the height of the ceilings of the room. Competently selected lamp and the length of its “legs” will ensure the execution of your idea.


Among all tripods, the following can be distinguished:

  • Fixtures of directional light that allow you to focus the flow of light into the required direction. This type is called a lamp chief spotlight.
  • Floors with scattered light have a light and transparent fabric lampshade, which gives the light to penetrate all directions.
  • Some types of lamps on the legs are equipped with an absolutely opaque lampshade, which sends the light first on the ceiling, and only then it falls to the rest of the room.


For lampshar use cotton, flax, paper, metal, glass, plastic and other materials. The basis itself is usually done from wood. This is the most supportive material for the stand.

Flooring on a wooden tripod decorates carvings that gives him a unique design highlight. Metal tripods harmoniously look in modern interiors.


Torsher – an indispensable part of the place to relax and read. In whatever room it is neither located, everywhere will look like the floor lamp. In such a place, you can put a comfortable chair with a banquette and a small table, a tumba or acto, equipped with my own tabletop. From above you can install bookshelves. This corner will create in the apartment heat and comfort.

  • In the living room It all depends only on the style of the room itself (retro, high-tech or other). Floors will look great at any point of this room, no restrictions. Often, designers advise to create harmonious images, putting two lamps on both sides of the fireplace.

  • In the bedroom It is reasonable to put such a detail of the bed decor, since they are most often used to read. Some models have additional tables to save space. You can put a laptop on it or put a book. It will be the most reasonable to take a lamp with adjustable light.
  • In the dining area It is customary to put lamps that will improve the mood and nullize appetite. Such a result will give a floor lamp with lampshade of warm colors.

Beautiful interior options

  • Classic tripods are suitable Art Deco and flooring with embroidery and fringe. For the style of the same name, these floor lamps are a mandatory part. They are high, slim, with expansion up.
  • For modern and high-tech Suitable options on the curved “leg”. Such “arched floor lamps” features a futuristic design.
  • In the styles of Neurokko and glamor Black and silvery tripods from rhinestones, transparent and translucent materials, stainless steel.

If you can’t decide on the style, select the standard style and color models. They are suitable for any interior. The original idea becomes group lamps. To do this, buy several landslides of one model with a variable length of “legs” and fix them at different levels. This design looks extraordinary and interesting, giving the room its individuality.

Selecting the flooring, you can stay on the model of the same color as the dominant color of the room or with a couple of tone difference.

An excellent option will be a lamp that is not combined with anything, so it will focus on. Universal is considered to be lampshade of white or creamy.

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