Track LED lamps

Lighting must be almost everywhere – from apartments to large industrial enterprises. With its arrangement, you can use several types of lamps, allowing you to get the right effect. Among all this diversity, track lamps are gradually gaining. Their advantage is high flexibility and adaptability, which makes them increasingly popular.

Design features

Track luminaires are lighting devices that are fixed on a special bus line. Several devices can be placed on one such frame. The tire feature is that it is often performed in the form of a metal profile, in the grooves of which are fasteners of these devices.

Depending on the shape of the tire, it can be divided into several types:

  • cross-shaped;
  • flexible;
  • straight;
  • P-shaped;
  • M-shaped;
  • rectangular.

Make these elements from aluminum alloys, as they are very well handled.


Track type lighting systems are relatively new products that have already found wide use. It consists of such a device from several structural elements:

  • Lamp. This is a standard lighting device that does not differ from other suspended models. The shape and size of the frame depends on the manufacturer and the application environment.
  • Conductive element. Special cables that pass throughout the tire can act as it.
  • Transformer. This mechanism is intended to reduce voltage, as many lamps today work from 12 or 24 V.
  • Suspension – This is a design that allows you to fix the lamp on the vertical or horizontal surface.

It should be noted that the mechanisms of lamps are often complemented by special retractable systems. This allows you to change not only the direction of light, but also, if necessary, the height of the lamp above the surface. Such a system is important if the stream should be changed depending on the technological process.

Application area

Track luminaires are often equipped with directional light systems. It does not allow you to get full-fledged lighting using only one attribute.

Therefore, they are often used for industrial purposes in several places:

  • shop windows where they highlight a specific product;
  • museums;
  • offices;
  • Advertising shields and other similar systems.

In everyday life, similar types of lighting devices are rare and used, mainly in the style of Hi-tech or techno. The optimal solution of the tracks are in the formation of functional or decorative lighting. Many designers use track lamps when arranged modern kitchens and living rooms. With their help, they divide the room for several comfortable areas.


There are several classifications of systems with rail luminaires. Depending on the location of these products are:

  • Ceiling. The most common type of tracks, which allows you to get full-fledged home lighting.
  • Wall mounted. Perfectly suitable for highlighting paintings or organization of point lighting of a certain area indoor.
  • Embedded. The most complex systems, since their installation requires special skills and preliminary surface preparation.

Another criterion for classifying track systems are the parameters of the conductive element:

  • Devices capable only at a voltage of the network 12 V. Often, LED modifications have such quality.
  • Single-phase. Luminaires can be included directly into the household electrical network.
  • Three-phase. The most powerful systems that are found only at industrial facilities and are rarely applied in everyday life.

Type of lamp

Track lamps are used in various fields. Therefore, they can be equipped with several types of lamps:

  • Halogen. Luminaires of this type are characterized by high light power. Used mainly to organize lighting on industrial facilities.
  • Metal halogen. By properties, these designs are very similar to the previous view. Used use is also limited to offices and industrial enterprises.
  • Led. LED lamps are the most modern option. Different designs with low power (up to 50 W). At the same time they consume much less electricity than other modifications. Here are also dimmed devices that allow smoothly change the brightness of the lighting.

Advantages and disadvantages

Luminaires on tires are distinguished by a unique design and high-quality performance.

Their popularity is due to several positive characteristics:

  • Long service. Some models can work more than 50 thousand hours.
  • Simplicity and versatility. Luminaires are relatively easy to lock and connect. At the same time, they can be located almost on any surface, which allows you to choose the desired option for a specific type of interior.
  • Quality of light flux. It can be changed using dimmers, which makes them more versatile.
  • Strength. Often this concerns LED models, where the diodes are reliably protected from vibrations and other similar effects.
  • Minimum level of service. All operations for their replacement or repair can be performed manually in the presence of a small experience.

But track devices are not universal, because they do not allow fully replacing all other types of lighting. Among their disadvantages, several such features can be distinguished:

  • High price. It is due to the fact that the system consists of several elements, which are somewhat more complicated than in standard modifications.
  • Directitude of light. Most types of lamps give a directional stream that does not allow to cover the entire area of ​​the room. Therefore, they are used to illuminate certain zones.

Criterias of choice

Track lamps today produce many companies, which makes it difficult to buy in the store. When choosing these structures, pay attention to several indicators:

  • Power and type of light flux. Often, many lamps are characterized by a directional beam. This allows you to concentrate human attention only on a certain zone. But there are modifications that the flow is scattered. Such models are combined with the previous option, which allows you to create an optimal level of lighting.

Please note that power also affects the energy consumption level. Therefore, it is better to give preference to low-power modifications.

  • Network Parameters. As already mentioned, there are track systems that can be connected directly to the household electrical network directly. But there are devices that need a downstream transformer.
  • Colour temperature. From it depend on the parameters of light.

It is important that he is not obsessive and not threatened his eyes. Today, lamps are produced, both with cold and warm glow.

  • The angle of dispersion. Similar value indicates the area that the lamp can cover using a light flux. This value may also vary in a wide range, so it is important to pick it up for your needs.
  • Materials and design. There are no universal recommendations here. The main thing is that the system does not warm during operation and was safe. Track style is selected depending on personal preferences and interior features.
  • Manufacturer and customer reviews. These criteria are among the main, as they allow among all the diversity to allocate high-quality models.

You should not buy devices of unknown brands at a low price, as there is a high risk of their quick breakage.

Many specialists do not recommend buying devices that consist of several LED points. These modifications are already outdated and do not give high quality lighting. When choosing LEDs, it is important to take into account the presence of a yellow point in the midst. It is only present in the most modern modifications, but the power of such an appliance must be at least 40 W.

Glass is also one of the important factors affecting the lighting. The optimal option will be a lamp with tertiary optics. This system allows you to distribute the flow of light evenly, in contrast to satin glass.

Track lamps are unique systems with sets of benefits. They not only allow to expand the functionality of the room, but also give the style originality and practicality.

On how to mount a track LED lamp and connect it, see the following video.

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