Suspended chandeliers

Suspended chandeliers are a classic that always remains relevant. Similar models fit in almost any interior of an apartment or house with high ceilings. If you decide to purchase a suspended chandelier, it is important to consider the design features, material, shape and color so that the new thing is harmoniously fit into the interior. In large stores of home products you can choose a chandelier for every taste due to a wide range of products.


Modern pendant chandeliers are extremely diverse. They may differ in many parameters – for example, features of fastening, design and lamps. To properly select an option that perfectly fit into your interior, it is important to take into account several factors at once.

First of all, it is necessary that the lamp turns out to be functional. If you are looking for an option for a dark room, for example, for an entrance hall or bathroom without windows, it is better to choose a model with a variety of powerful lamps. If you select a suspended chandelier into a bright room, you can limit the two-three lamps.

In addition to properly selected lighting, it is necessary that the design of the ceiling chandelier fit successfully into the design of your room.

Suspended chandelier stands out in the interior, so it must harmoniously look together with wallpaper, furniture, carpets and curtains.

Often, it is difficult to choose a suitable chandelier in the already furnished room, so designers recommend picking a lamp at the planning stage of your interior. However, in a large assortment of modern stores, you can always find several universal options that will fit almost any atmosphere.

Finally, attention should be paid to both technical issues. Chandeliers can be suspended differently, so it is important to pay attention to the attachments. In addition, you can choose an adjustable chandelier chandelier if there is a need.

There are chandeliers that allow different lighting options, and some modern models with the control panel will allow you to turn on and off the chandelier without getting up from your place.

Consider how the chandeliers of the design and design are distinguished. If you go to the profile store, among the suspended luminaires you can see the following options:

  • Single mounted chandelier is an option with one lamp. It can be located in different ways – in the direction down, to the side or mastock. Fixtures with adjustable beams will be especially successful – so you yourself can decide where you want to direct light. Single models are not suitable for lighting dark and spacious premises.

Often they are used in small rooms with light windows. Often, such lamps are acquired as an additional lighting.

  • Paired or Triple Hanging Plafones on Bar – This is another interesting design option, they are attached on two suspensions. Such chandeliers look quite modern and interesting, but they are mostly suitable for narrow small rooms. Most often, the model on the rod is placed in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

If in a spacious room or in the studio apartment you want to divide the space with the help of light, the model on the rod is also organically fit into such a concept.

  • Three-barrel and five-growing pendant chandelier – This is a classic option that will fit into any interior. Despite the fact that many models of such chandeliers may seem slightly old-fashioned, now you can find interesting modern options. The design of such a lamp must fully depend on the interior of a particular room.

For large spaces, it is better to choose five lamps, and if your room is minority, a three-rise chandelier is suitable. The advantage of the model is that the light is evenly distributed throughout the room.

  • Light chandeliers harmonious fit almost any interior. At the same time, regardless of the power of the lamps and their quantity, the light from such a chandelier will never be bright. Choose this option for residential rooms with light windows, if in the evenings you like soft scattered light.

  • Multi-tier chandeliers – This is a practical solution for a spacious room – it is these models that will provide the best lighting. Often it is the models on the chain or on the hook. At the same time, it is better if the ceilings in the room are very high, and the interior is filled with various details, otherwise the multi-tiered lamp will be very cumbersome.

  • Electric chandelier, which is attached to the ceiling – an excellent option for additional lighting in residential rooms. If on the table or on the floor you do not have a place for a lamp, this option can be placed on the ceiling above the desktop or near the bed, using a shoe suspension for the lamp.

  • Freely hanging plafones now also enjoy popular. Such models look extremely interesting, give the interior of lightness and grace. This is a stylish and beautiful option that is predominantly suitable for low-arm rooms, because the lamps are directed vertically down and the area of ​​their lighting is quite limited.

  • Lusters-lamps with “rain”, That is, with stacking suspensions, it looks very interesting in classic interiors. At the same time, such chandeliers will also contribute such chandeliers into a modern situation. Plafones in such suspension chandeliers are very interesting – sometimes they are almost not visible under glass, and sometimes they are made in the form of candles. Such chandeliers attract attention to themselves and create an unique atmosphere indoors.

Tips for choosing

Choose a suitable chandelier is very important. For each type of interior, their models are suitable. Consider how to properly pick up a stylish chandelier, depending on the setting of the room:

  • Classic In the interior always in fashion. In addition, it is not difficult to choose a pendant chandelier in the classic style. For a simple and incommable option, you can always find a three-barrel or five-clothes model with the body of the color you need. If you want your setting in the classic style to resemble the palace, you can try multi-tiered chandeliers or models with “rain”. Especially relevant such options for high ceilings.

  • For apartments weathered Country style, The lamps with wooden elements are best fit. Most organically can look at the wooden barbell or ceiling cups on an interesting wood framework.

  • If you prefer the situation In the style of minimalism, It is worth choosing the most simple models of lamps. It will be good to look for single plaffones and chandeliers on the rod.

  • Supporters Eclectics In the interior may not limit themselves by the framework of one particular style. At the same time, it is very important that all the variety of parts in the interior looked harmoniously and created a single ensemble. If the interior is already filled with details and combines more than three main colors, it is worth choosing an invisible classic chandelier. If the situation is quite concise, you can pick up an unusual bright lamp.

  • For a youth room Different creative models are suitable. You can choose chandeliers on the barbell or single suspended options in a modern minimalistic style, and you can pick up a stylish color chandelier with an unusual shape.

Among other things, you need to take into account the necessary level of room lighting.

In the living room or bedroom it is necessary to choose enough bright options with several powerful lamps.

If you are looking for an option for additional lighting, single chandeliers are suitable. They are often installed for a bar rack or for a coffee table.

Forms and sizes

The size and shape of the chandelier is important. It is from these parameters that it may depend on how organically the lamp will fit into the interior of your home.

Consider the most important and interesting characteristics of the design of modern chandeliers:

  • The model can be short, that is, hanging right under the ceiling, or long. For long models it is extremely important to have high ceilings, otherwise they will hang too low above their heads and create a feeling of discomfort.

  • Large diameter chandeliers are suitable for spacious large rooms. If you choose a miniature lamp, most likely he will fit into a small room or suitable for additional lighting.

  • Classic chandeliers have a round or oval form, and rectangular models can be considered for modern interiors.

  • Pay attention to the additional lamp design. There are models with leaves, flowers, curls or openwork metal frame. If such options are combined with the room atmosphere, they can look very interesting.


The color of the suspended lamp largely determines its appearance. The most fashionable and popular colors are now the following:

  • Under silver – This is a neutral version, ideal for all modern interiors. A simple metal frame in cold gray shades does not stand out in the interior and complements any design.
  • Under Gold – This is an extravagant version that is suitable for the interior in the style of Baroque.
  • Bronze It will be great to look in classic interiors – she is not as striking as gold, but gives the setting a special atmosphere and perfectly combined with classic wooden furniture.

  • Wooden Models under the antique – this is the perfect solution for cloth-style apartments.
  • Chandeliers Wenge With a smooth wooden case, perfectly fit into fashionable modern interiors in the modern style, and also like minimalist lovers and will be able to supplement the modern youth room.
  • You can consider I Bright options – Violet, Red, Orange, Lilac and Blue Lamps. In a simple restrained interior, such lamps will become a bright accent.


Before buying, you should pay attention to the material from which the chandelier housing is made.

Distinguish the following options:

  • Metal carcass It is considered the most practical. Due to the variety of models, you can choose a metal model in any interior – you can choose a color for nickel, gold or bronze.
  • Glass Luminaires are very fragile and quickly dirty, but they can look in modern interiors, they can be very stylish and unusual.

  • Wooden housing – This is a practical solution for the setting in the style of country or colonial style.
  • Plastic Modern chandeliers are distinguished by an unusual shape and a variety of colors. They will enjoy lovers of unusual design.

If you want to buy a really high-quality model that lasts you for a long time, you should pay attention to the brand and the manufacturer’s country. .

Think about what lighting you want in the whole apartment – if the interior of the rooms is approximately one-style, it is possible to take all chandeliers and suspensions from one collection

In stores now you can find lamps from Russia, China and Europe.

The most popular next brands:

  • Italian St Luce brand releases unusual design pendant chandeliers that are suitable for modern interior.
  • In Russia, the Aurora factory is known – under this brand produced both lamps in the classic style and more neutral options in the style of minimalism.

  • Chandeliers produced in Poland under the Spot Light brand are high-quality modern models for relatively low prices.
  • Chinese chandeliers are distinguished by the most attractive cost. The most popular brand is Strotskis.

Connect chandeliers to the ceiling

Connect the chandelier you can independently or cause this business of professionals. Technical fastening nuances will depend on the specific model you choose. Sometimes the chandeliers have a hook mount, and in other cases the base is required directly to the ceiling.

Be prepared for the attachment of the suspension luminaire can take some time.

The most frequent problem with which consumers face is adjusting the height of the chandelier. If you are not sure, at what height you want to place your chandelier, it is better to take a model with adjustable length.

Models with a chain can also be shortened by removing several links. Nevertheless, in many cases, the height of the models is fixed, so it is better to measure the height of the ceiling before buying.

Accommodation in the interior

Garmoniously enter the new suspended lamp in the already established room atmosphere is not easy.

To make the chandelier well in the interior, take a note of several interesting design ideas:

  • If you choose a wooden model under the interior in the style of country, under the setting in the colonial style or under the classically decorated room, try to the color of the wooden furniture and the lamp the coincided completely. If you find the appropriate option does not work, it is better that the colors are as different as possible.
  • In the interiors in the style of eclecticism, as well as in modern youth interiors, it is not necessary to be able to combine different metal colors together – if there are silver-colored objects in the setting, the lamp for silver or bronze can look extremely interesting.

  • For the most bright lighting of the room, choose chandeliers with glass – the light will be reflected from the transparent surface. Plafones from stained glass, on the contrary, will make light more dull.
  • For a spacious room, it is not necessary to choose one big chandelier. Very effectively can look at several lamps, if you place them around the perimeter.

  • Now in the fashion studio fashion, as well as combined rooms: for example, a kitchen with a dining area, and the bedroom – with the cabinet.

Disarming space is the easiest way with light.

You can choose two lamps with different designs – one will serve for the main lighting, and the second will be additional.

The ideas of placement of chandeliers in different interiors can be viewed in the video below:

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