Round LED lamps

Round LED Lamps – Devices designed for artificial main or decorative lighting. Classic form devices are presented on the market in a wide range. They are used to illuminate trade, administrative and residential premises, medical institutions, offices and other objects.

Features LED lamps

The basis of such lighting devices are LEDs. The power of the device depends on their varieties and quantity. Its indicators fluctuate in a wide range (from 5 to 80 W). LED appliances have a low operating voltage, thanks to which the risks of their fire are excluded.

Interesting fact: lamps with LEDs are practically not heated. Because of this feature, they can be mounted in the stretch ceiling or furnishing items.

Round-shaped devices contribute to the uniform distribution of the light flux.

They also differ:

  • high contrast;
  • good color reproduction rates (the index is 75-85);
  • Low current consumption (from 0.35 A).

LED lamps for outdoor or internal lighting light up instantly when supplying voltage from standard power grid 220 V.

Varieties of round lighting devices

Such lamps are available in an extensive manifold. Depending on the purpose and location of the installation, you can select models in the desired color scheme with the required technical characteristics and dimensions. Devices:

  • Different with mounting type. Come furniture, wall, ceiling, mortise, suspended.
  • Possess various sizes. Devices with a large diameter are suitable for the main lighting of large rooms: living rooms, halls, halls, outlets. Small and medium perfectly fit into small objects. They will not “lose” space and visually reduce it.
  • Different with the number of LEDs. There are models with one or more lamps.

  • Have different color of the glow. It happens white cold or warm, as well as neutral.
  • Produced with a remote control or without. Dimmable lamp (with PU) is easy to operate. With the help of the console it is possible to adjust the lighting intensity in the room, without getting up from the sofa or workplace.
  • Can be equipped with a built-in battery. Such options are the best solution for organizing emergency lighting system. With a planned or emergency power disconnection, they will provide minimal glow to complete the work at the enterprise or safe evacuation of people.

Luminaires can be for internal or external installation. Street models are designed for decorative illumination of architectural structures, buildings, parking lighting, squares in the dark. They are made of durable materials resistant to adverse weather conditions. Also on the market presented anti-vandal models.


LED lighting devices possess the following advantages:

  • Low energy consumption (more efficient up to 70% compared with other types of lamps).
  • Long service. Lamps with diodes are designed for continuous operation for 50,000 hours (approximately 12 years of operation during the daily turning on the device for 10 hours).
  • Environmental safety. In LED devices there are no mercury and other substances dangerous to human health and the environment. Thanks to this spent appliance, specialized disposal is required.
  • Lack of extraneous noise when working.

  • Vibration resistance, mechanical strength and reliability. Luminaire Case – Monolithic Design made of aluminum alloy or superproof plastic. Such a “shell” is a reliable protection of internal parts from drops, blows and other mechanical impacts.
  • Lack of flicker. Diode lamp ensures smooth glow. Due to the absence of a stroboscopic effect, it does not cause stress and eye fatigue.
  • High quality lighting. Light emanating from LED devices in its indicators as close as possible to natural solar radiation. He is comfortable for eyes.

LED types of lamps – cost-effective solution. They do not require financial costs. For their work, it is not necessary to buy specialized start-adjusting equipment. Instruments also do not require maintenance.


Despite numerous advantages, round LED lamps have some disadvantages.

These include:

  1. High price. The LED lamp will have to pay much more than halogen or mercury lamp. However, every year diode technologies are becoming more and more affordable.
  2. The possibility of premature failure. The durability of such lamps can be less than the manufacturer declared, since it depends not only on the working potential of diodes, but also on the efficiency of the heat sink and service life of the driver.
  3. Small light flux indicators.

Despite the disadvantages, every year an increasing number of potential consumers prefers precisely LED round lamps. They are convenient in the installation, economical, safe and durable. All these advantages with interest compensate the above minuses.

Choice rules

Before buying a lamp-circle, it is important to study the technical characteristics of the device and choose a device with regard to its installation and features of the room. For private facilities, the best solution will be the purchase of an average power device (5-12W). The larger the area of ​​the room, the more powerful equipment will be required for its high-quality lighting. It is also important to consider the type of diodes and manufacturer. Prefer the goods of famous and proven grades – so you will protect yourself from buying low-quality products.

Pay attention to the degree of protection of the device (IP index from 20 to 68). The higher the value, the more protected the equipment from dust, dirt and moisture.

For wet premises (bathroom, kitchen) it is advisable to look at the high index models (from 40). Manufacturers often indicate which surfaces can be mounted device (ceiling, wall, tensioning). When choosing, you need to consider this information.

Also worth paying attention to the appearance of the device: its design, color, sizes. Round flat lamp suit to any interior and style.

With the help of such devices it is possible to make a highlight in the design, zonate space, arrange light accents. The market presents a huge number of round models, which means that everyone can choose the best option and originally arrange the room.

How to install LED lamps in the bedroom do it yourself, look in the following video.

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