Luxury Art Deco Style Chandeliers

    Ar-Deco style chandeliers any interior will do spectacular. They fit perfectly into the decor of country houses, urban apartments and public buildings.


    Luminaires from this line are characterized by crystal inserts and non-standard forms. Most often they are made of matte glass, complement the bronze, gilded and chrome elements.

    Direction Ar-Deco originated more than a century ago, his homeland is France. This style is characteristic of the presence of zigzag and step elements, the effect of sun glare.

    The peculiarity of this direction is that it does not combine decorative elements in the overall composition, but, on the contrary, it crushes it, making focus on every detail.

    Materials for the manufacture of such chandeliers serve:

    • glass;
    • metal;
    • ceramics;
    • crystal.

    Luminaires made of natural materials often have a lacquered surface. They are hanging in rooms with high ceilings, above the stairs. The choice offers options with monochrome plafones and multicolor products decorated with ornaments.

    Among other features, such chandeliers can be allocated:

    • neutral color palette;
    • a variety of configurations;
    • large size;
    • Symmetric location of parts;
    • Bright light lamps.

    Art Deco light instruments are released in silver, brown, black, beige and other shades of neutral gamma. Their form can be a step, trapezoidal. For decoration, painting is often used, elements of stained glass, crystal suspensions, wooden “Lace”.

    Lamps of this type are recommended to hang in the central part of the room. Options with lots of plafoons and powerful lamps should be selected. Plafones decorated with vegetable pattern and mosaic especially spectacularly. Such chandeliers are ideal for offices, halls where meetings are held for residential premises.

    Luminous devices in the Spirit of Ar Deco combine the uncomplication and originality inherent in the avant-garde. They are distinguished by the clarity of the lines, the right outline. Plafones The chandelier may have the shape of a trapezoid, triangle, circle.

    Multi-tier models decorated with crystal spiral suspension, perfectly complement the interiors of rooms with multi-level ceiling structures, niches in the walls.


    Art Deco-style ceiling chandeliers are very popular. They are classified for several varieties.


    Such models are chosen for spacious premises with high ceilings. Multi-tiered lighting device is an excellent choice for the living room, it will make the interior memorable.


    Exotic luminaires have extraordinary forms. Similar models like people who are not afraid of interior experiments.

    With Plafonami

    Luxuriously looks chandeliers in the spirit of Ar Deco with plafoughs. Curved elements crowned with glass beams, focus on. Such models buy for living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms. Plafones may be different forms and direction.

    Speecually looks configuration in the form of candles. If you want to create an elegant design, choose a model with black plasters.

    Other options

    Crystal chandeliers are one of the most spectacular. They contribute to creating a unique atmosphere, symbolize bohemian luxury. Chandeliers with crystal inserts were popular in Soviet years. Owners of such beauty perceived as wealthy people. Light appliances with inserts from crystal personify the desire for ordering, and this is an integral component of the directions of Ar Deco.

    Modernity of interiors, weatheted in such a stylist, can be emphasized with the help of lamps with geometrically correct forms.

    Special attention deserve options from Murmansk glass, reminiscent of the appearance of artwork. They will make the decor of the room unique.

    How to enter an interior?

    Before buying a lamp, you need to analyze the interior, as this direction is quite capricious.

    Products in the Spirit of Ar Deco can easily enter into the “Scandinavian” design, room, weathered in the style of Loft. But such a lamp will be inappropriate in a regular apartment, the walls of which are caught by wallpaper with a floral pattern furnished by modular furniture. It is noteworthy that if the whole interior is designed in the direction of Ar Deco, the chandelier should be selected very carefully, avoid abundance of parts.

    One of the key requirements of the selection of the light instrument is the available “air” in the room. The room must be spacious, with high ceilings. In compliance with these conditions, you can buy a luxurious chandelier and organically integrate it into the interior concept.

    The model with large ceiling can be purchased not only in the living room, but also in the kitchen, of course, if the room is spacious.

    If the living space is small, and the chandelier really liked, it is necessary to try to free the place – get rid of the old furniture, unload from extra things, open niches with shelves.

    Beautiful examples

    The light device with black beams is distinguished by originality and organically combines with the walls of the wall behind the headboard.

    An unusual chandelier with the design in the Spirit of Ar Deco is easy to make an interior highlight, focusing on.

    Luxury Chandelier in the Art Deco style can easily transform the interior of the living room.

    The choice of lighting devices is very large. It is important to choose the right model, to find a chandelier who will perform practical and decorative functions in the interior.

    Overview of beautiful chandeliers in the Art Deco style in the video below.

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