Lusters for a living room in a modern style

The living room is one of the main rooms of any house. It is not just a place to receive guests, but also a business card of the owners. The room serves as a peculiar figure of taste, individuality, solidity and wealth of the owner of the house or apartment. Many draw up this part of the house in a modern style, which includes many original and distinctive design directions. In order for the interior to play in the favorable light, it is necessary to correctly select the lighting device for the living room.

Features of choice

For chandeliers in the living room are characterized by the following signs:

  • Products must have impressive dimensions. In the living room chandelier is not just a lighting device, but also an important element of the interior. It attracts attention, often serves as decoration of the room. The area of ​​the room is also large, so it is important that the chandelier is not lost in the overall setting.
  • An important feature is the power of the product. Often in the living room installed only one device in the form of chandeliers on the ceiling, and its light should cover all corners of the room. Choose either powerful bulbs or devices with lampshade reflecting light from the source and creating additional light overflows.

  • The appearance of the product must necessarily match the style of the room. All items – from the frame to the ceiling – you should choose so that they are harmonized with the basic style concept.
  • Pay attention to the height of the room. It is one of the fundamental factors when choosing chandeliers. Some models are acceptable only for high ceilings, while others are universal.
  • The choice of chandelier is the presence of children and animals in the house. Active apartment inhabitants can damage too fragile products of large sizes.

  • It is important that the factor of cleaning the surface of the device. Some models have a very intricate design and fragile texture, which complicates the process of eliminating dust from their surfaces.
  • The chandelier price varies in the huge range, so you can choose almost any model that meets your financial opportunities.

But remember that there are exclusive models and products from expensive materials that are far from everyone.

Given all the features and factors of choice, you can easily purchase a suitable chandelier for your living room.


For living rooms decorated in modern style, various types of chandeliers will be suitable. There are two main varieties of structures:

  • Ceiling. Frame of similar products is densely connected with the ceiling. They are very compact and mobile. In most modern destinations, such structures look unexpectedly compared to the classic. But in a number of futuristic concepts, quite impressive dimensions of lighting devices with intricate plafones are allowed.

Suspended models are often accompanied by additional lighting in the form of built-in ceiling lights that form a bizarre composition around the main light source.

  • Suspended chandeliers more characteristic for classical directions, but in modern, such structures are also used. They appear in a less pompous embodiment, without marching crystal suspension and excessive shine. For modern suspended plafones, either minimalistic design, or the predominance of geometric forms, depending on the selected direction.

Often for the living room are not alone, but several suspension chandeliers located in one row.

Temporable users can order a ceiling chandelier for an individual design chandelier, which often implies complex work, weave forms and textures.


For modern chandeliers, the material is selected depending on the style of the interior. The main types of raw materials for the manufacture of upgraded models are:

  • Plastic. The undoubted advantage of such a material is a combination of strength and ease. Plastic is easy to care, similar products can be safely installed in a room with active children.

But there is a risk that the material will be exposed to too high temperatures.

  • Glass is a more fragile material, but it greatly reflects the light. At the expense of glass overflows, you can increase the lighting spectrum in the room and create elegant light glare. It is also a budget alternative to expensive crystal products.

  • Metal – one of the most durable materials. Of it often make elegant frames in the form of suitevital interlacing. But the material is durable, it is easy to care and is practically not affected by the composition of cleaning products. Usually the durability of such structures explains their high cost.

  • Wood – Environmentally friendly material that is perfectly combined with different interior directions. Wooden products can be both compact and overall. In most cases, they are not very expensive, but they are difficult to care.

The tree has a low moisture resistance and easily exposed to temperatures.

Textile is a very popular material for creating ceiling. Usually the design of such lamps is quite simple, but it can be found in many modern styles.

Sometimes more expensive materials are used, such as crystal or decorative stones, but such products can not be found in the modern interior.


There are quite a lot of modern interior directions, and each of them has its own unique features and features. For the living room you can use any, the main thing is to remember the features of the design of lighting instruments in accordance with the selected concept.

  • Neoclassicism – upgraded version of the classic style. It has no pompousness and cordlessness, so the chandelier should look exquisite and air. Products are not supplied with plenty of sequins and glass, but their design remains suitable and quite complicated.

According to the overall concept, the chandelier should not play an accent role and strongly stand out against the background of the overall range of the interior.

  • Based on Plafons List Style high tech Lies geometry. Strict round or rectangular shapes are typical for this style.

Very often in this style, the main source of light is supplied with embedded lamps. Products resembling a set of curved rods are often used as suspended structures. At the ends of each of them there is a small light bulb. Together they create an inimitable effect of a flowing waterfall.

  • In the eclectic direction The chandelier can play both neutral and an accent role depending on the distribution of colors in the living room. This style implies freedom in choosing design. The lighting device can fit tightly to the ceiling or, on the contrary, be a rather massive design with candelabras and colored glass.

  • Eco-style Very popular for the design of modern living rooms. If you choose the ceiling structures, it should be a chandelier adjacent to the ceiling surface to the surface of the ceiling or not too massive geometric product.

If you prefer suspended products, you can install small designs to be located in a row.

Feature of eco-style chandelier – Plafones from natural materials.

  • Based on style Contemporary lies simplicity and conciseness. Foreign chandeliers with a complex design are not allowed. Even having large dimensions, the chandelier does not overload the interior. It will look even more profitable if complements the interior geometry.

  • An increasingly fashionable trend becomes the design of living rooms in the style of chalet. What suspended that ceiling chandeliers of this direction are stylized under natural materials. The lamps are built into the shapes made of deer horns, imitating wood bark or other natural components. The basis of the frame is usually metal or wood.

  • Another exotic style is African. It gives the living room a special atmosphere, and the chandelier is an important detail of the interior. The advantage have round-shaped products. They can be under the very ceiling in the form of a flat model or hang on the cable.

In the last species, the ceiling is often drawn up with textiles and contains many decorative elements.

  • Living room Loft style A priori is deprived of bulky lighting structures. Classic version of lighting appliances – mounted on the total axis pendant lamps. They are not equipped with intricate fluctuations, the form of products is usually simple and laconic.

Sometimes chandelier is allowed with the imitation of the candelabra, but it is made in a rather rough style and is not equipped with a large amount of decor.

Each style has its own special characteristics, but the general advantage of lamps for all directions is the relative simplicity of design, ease of caring for the design and the ability to choose among a large number of models.



Choosing chandeliers in the hall, it is important to remember that they perform several roles at once in the interior, and carefully approach the purchase of the product, given all the characteristics. With a properly selected lighting device, even a small living room will become spacious, and the large room will turn into a truly warm and cozy. The chandeliers in the living room in modern style will allow the selected interior concept to wake in a truly new light.

How to choose the right chandelier for the living room, look in the following video.

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