LED spotlights 200 W

200W LED spotlights received widest popularity and demand due to the ability to create bright filling light. Such a lighting device provides excellent visibility on the area of ​​40×50 meters. Powerful spotlights are equipped with linase LEDs, which means a change in light beam.

LED spotlights 200 W

LED spotlights 200 W


A characteristic feature of the LED spotlight – power 200 W. It can be safely argued that today it is the most optimal solution in the field of lighting large zones and objects. Because of this feature, such floodlights are not suitable for internal limited spaces – they simply be blind.

For bulk space, LED lighting is considered the most comfortable, for example:

  • golf courses and large parks;
  • Find areas from 30 acres;
  • architectural objects up to 3-5 floors, large industrial, construction, warehouse areas, children’s and sports grounds.

LED spotlights 200 W

LED spotlights 200 W

Benefits of LED searchlights:

  • Easy installation;
  • high degree of protection according to IP65 standard;
  • High brightness of the glow – 16-18 thousand lm;
  • long service life – up to 30-50 thousand hours;
  • Operation temperature range from -40 to +40 degrees;
  • High energy efficiency – ultra-low power consumption;
  • A wide color range – from a warm red to a cold blue spectrum;
  • LED-spotlights do not require adapters, they are connected directly to 220 volts directly to the power supply, the power supply itself is installed in the charging body.

LED spotlights 200 W

The disadvantage of diode spotlights is their high price. But with the right choice of the device, this deficiency is leveled by a long period of its work and the lack of need for maintenance.

Below is the top 5 diode spotlights with a capacity of 220 W.

LEDVANCE Floodlight 200W / 15600 / 4000k Black IP65 15600LM – O-4058075183520

Russian production lighting appliance with the following technical characteristics:

  • Power – 220 watts;
  • Temperature – 4000 K;
  • Case Color – Black;
  • Voltage – 220-240 Volt.

The power of the light flux is equal to 15600 lm.

LED spotlights 200 W

Characteristics of the Chinese diode instrument:

  • Power – 220 watts;
  • Light stream – 20000 lm;
  • reliable insulated driver;
  • Operating voltage – 170-264 volts.

The lamp is equipped with an aluminum reflector, concluded in the aluminum body of black.

LED spotlights 200 W

Symmetrical spotlight with LEDVance flood LED 180W / 6500K Black IP65 20000 lm 100 deg – O-4058075097735


  • opal diffuser;
  • Tempered glass for homogeneous lighting with reduced gloss level.
  • Durable Aluminum Case, Modern Design.

The product is ready to connect, equipped with a pre-installed cable length of 1 m.

LED spotlights 200 W

GTAB series diode lamp with General GTAB-200-IP65-6500 motion sensor – GL-403108


  • operating voltage – 220-240 W;
  • Power coefficient – 0.9 PF;
  • Microwave Wide Agricultural Motion Sensor, SMD LEDs with increased light output.

The device has high efficiency due to low power consumption.

LED spotlights 200 W

Philips Essential Smartbright Led Flood BVP176 LED190 / CW 200W WB Grey Ce – PH-911401629604

Floodlight floodlight. The lighting device from the manufacturer from the Netherlands with a long service life – up to 30,000 hours, has:

  • power – 220 W;
  • temperature – 5700 K;
  • Driver included;
  • Type of lenses – PC-UV [Polycarbonate Bowl / Cover UV-Resistant];
  • The light flux of the device is 19000 lm.

LED spotlights 200 W

Tips for choosing

Before you buy a 200W LED lamp, it is necessary to decide which degree of efficiency is needed. Based on this, it becomes clear how powerful the light stream will need – there is no need to overpay for the device, whose opportunities are significantly superior to the needs of the site for which it is bought. The following criteria are the price and duration of high-quality service.

In addition, you need to consider a few more parameters:

  • The appointment of the lamp is a mast or alarm, accent or fuel;
  • Requirements for the total mass – Will remote power drivers be connected to optimize the cost of the device and its installation;
  • What type of lighting is required (vertical or horizontal), providing a standard to minimize blinding;
  • Connection power supply properties – constant or variable current supply;
  • Provides management automation protocols, types of sensors, will be connected to solar and wind sources of energy;
  • Height, area and crossing of the illuminated space, the degree of strength of the winds, climate features, vibration resistance, electromagnetic compatibility, and finally, the installation and installation method.

LED spotlights 200 W

LED spotlights 200 W

          LED lamps for street use are required to have a high degree of protection against aggressive environmental impact – IP65 marking.

          LED spotlights 200 W

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