LED lightening

Today, the beautiful LED lighting will not surprise anyone. It meets everywhere. LED light bulbs are present in various household appliances, gadgets, shop windows, billboards. Currently, many interior designers appeal to such a variety of lighting.

What it is?

The LED is a lighting device, which includes semiconductors. It is designed to convert the electric stove into light radiation. LED lamps are very different from classic lighting types. And it’s not just in power consumption, but also in brightness. In addition, such modern lighting devices can have different colors, and not just standard cold and warm options.

Pros and cons

LED lighting has become insanely popular due to its economy. Such lighting devices essentially saved electricity, especially if you compare them with older arc, slight and discharge light bulbs. Various devices with LED lamps are durable. A diode that makes the combustible semiconductors, is a crystal. Over time, he will not fuss and does not go out. For this reason, the simplest light can smooth up to 100,000 inclusions.

Another important advantage of diode lamps is their harmlessness. Such devices are made from environmentally friendly materials that are not dangerous to human health. Many consumers choose exactly LED lighting devices due to their high efficiency. Such products emit bright light, so with their help you can illuminate a fairly large area. In modern production of diode lamps, more practical glasses are used. Such high-tech lighting devices provide optimal and uniform distribution of lighting in a particular space.

Plus LED lighting devices are their irregularity. Simply put, such models give 100% of light immediately after switching on. You do not need to wait until they completely warm and give a saturated light. Complete with some devices are special controllers. With the help of such elements, you can control the level of brightness of the lamp and even its color.

Modern diode light bulbs are distinguished by low heat transfer. Simple lamps along with the light emit a lot of heat and heated strongly. LED varieties of heat almost do not emit. Almost all electricity in such devices is spent on the creation of high-quality and bright lighting.

Modern lamps are absolutely silent. That is why they are so often treated for libraries, hospitals, offices and other premises, in which there must be silence. Ultraviolet radiation does not come from diode lamps. Incandescent bulbs, luminescent and energy-saving copies generate ultraviolet that attracts insects. LED bulbs do not possess such properties.

It is worth noting the compact dimensions of such light bulbs. LED light sources are very small. But in some situations this characteristic is a lack of. For example, if a sufficiently powerful light stream is needed, since it will require a large array of LEDs.

Quality LED light bulbs are resistant to the effects of negative environmental factors. Similar lighting devices are not afraid of vibrations, temperature differences, high humidity or aggressive ultraviolet rays. Due to its wear resistance, LED lamps are often used not only in home interiors, but also in industrial facilities or on the street.

However, there is such lighting and its cons. For example, LED light bulbs are more expensive than classic devices. But this criterion is purely conditional, as the purchase of such a modern lamp will noticeably pay off in the future.

Diode light bulbs cannot be installed in freezers. They poorly carry the constant effects of low temperatures. Such conditions have a negative impact on the structure of the LED. In such an atmosphere, the light will not last long. First, its light will become dim, and then it will burst at all.


Modern diode lighting is different.

Such durable luminaires are suitable for internal lighting. In residential spaces they are used very often. Apartment LED lamps have a variety of forms and dimensions. They screw in conventional patrons of a particular diameter. Also in stores you can meet light bulbs going in a set with a built-in furniture lamp, as well as a mounted or stretch flow.

For such environments, point and drowning lighting will also be suitable. Also light bulbs can be installed in the walls, ceiling and even the floor.

Also LED lighting can be an office-administrative. In the premises of this type, compact lamps are most often applied, which do not occupy a lot of space and do not attract too much attention. For this purpose, embedded or overhead models for the ceiling. The most common are round or square lamps.

LED light bulbs are widely used to illuminate retail space. As a rule, special lighting devices are selected for such spaces – downlights having directional lights, as well as special track lamps that need to be installed on busbar. The main task of such copies is to ensure the most comfortable and high-quality lighting, which will not cause eye irritation and fatigue.

With the help of competently selected trade lighting, you can make an unobtrusive emphasis on certain goods and attract great attention to them. Such an effect has functional lamps with adjustable brightness.

Modern and economical diode lamps are used to illuminate industrial buildings. For such purposes, wall mounted, suspended, embedded and overhead devices with moisture protection properties are ideal for such purposes. It is desirable to pick up bulbs that are not afraid of temperature differences, dust and various damage. Industrial lamps can have a variety of forms and dimensions.

Suitable LEDs and emergency lighting. Similar options are needed for cases when the main light is turned off. Emergency lighting devices need to be used everywhere. It can be both industrial buildings or shopping centers and hospitals, stations, shops and t. D.

Emergency type lamps are two types:

  • Instances of centralized power supply. These varieties feed on the central emergency system.
  • Autonomous options. They are already ready-made kits in which all the necessary elements are located in the inside.

Also, emergency specimens are divided into reserve and evacuation. The first models provide maintenance of the required level of lighting in social and industrial premises. Evacuation lighting devices are needed to indicate the way to exit.

Today, external LED lighting is widely applied. Lighting devices of this type are divided into several types:

  • Console. Such lighting devices are necessary for lighting urban streets and country space, as well as highways, pedestrian crossings, railway stations. Such varieties are distinguished very uniform, high-quality distributed and extensive lighting, saving electricity.

  • Architectural. To such a type of lighting appeal to illuminate different sculptures and buildings. For such purposes, a bright LED tape will also fit.

There are 6 types of architectural lighting:

  1. Hidden.
  2. Local.
  3. Pouring.
  4. “Graphic arts”.
  5. “Illuminations”.
  6. “Media Fasad.

Hidden lighting devices are mounted so that the source is not noticeable, and only the light comes from it. As a rule, similar options are used to highlight a segment of the facade of the building or creating interesting light compositions. Local illumination of LEDs is most often used if you need to focus on a specific element of the structure. For example, it can be window designs, luxurious columns, beautiful cornices and other attractive details.

Pulmonary lighting devices are useful for full lighting of one or another object. They can give uniform or uneven light. To organize this type of lighting, it is customary to use more powerful models of lamps, which are characterized by a large dispersion angle. Such elements are installed at the required distance from the object. Most often they put on land or support.

This type of diode lighting, as “graphics” represents the backlight of buildings and other objects with special devices with an optical component. In such models there are special lenses and light reflectors, with which you can leave on the facade of the building a beautiful pattern or drawing. For the type of lighting “Graphics” you can also use LED ribbons. The type “Illumination” consists of bright garlands, light figures or moving lights. Typically, such options are used to design shopping centers or entertainment establishments. Often to beautiful light bulbs appeal for festive home decoration.

MediaFasad is a screen of various dimensions and forms. As part of this design, there is a diode mesh collected from several modules to which LEDs are installed. As a rule, such bright and attractive attention models are used to form beautiful advertising, television and T. D.

For a large area, it is best to use powerful spotlight lamps. Most often, such options are treated for industrial space, stadiums, large construction sites, car parking. The power of the LED spotlights can be 25, 50, 100 and more watts. They are present from 15 to 30 LEDs.

Such powerful devices are attached to special lighting supports or building walls. If we are talking about the lighting of the scene, the diode lamp should be attached to the rack or use mobile portable options.

High-quality landscape lighting is very popular today. Such devices are used for street lighting of the backyard, garden, pool, basketball court. Such devices can be lawn, designed for tracks or embedded in the walls.

Multifunctional LED bulbs on batteries. Such devices can be used both at home and take them with a picnic. It can be a simple table lamp, a decorative decoration, a portable suspended light bulb with a tent or gazebo, car light bulb.

For the design of the private house, a light bulb with a motion sensor is ideal for. Today, such options are very popular, as it is economical and allow you to learn about the penetration of a foreign person or an animal. Such light bulbs light up at the moment when a live object falls in the field of action. After some time, they go out.

Beautiful and original linear lighting looks. Especially often such lamps perfectly correct forms can be met in office buildings and business centers. With such lighting devices, you can make interesting geometric compositions on the ceiling or walls.

LEDs may be present in automotive lamps. Such instruments are used to illuminate the cabin, and are also present in stop signals. Not so long ago, such light bulbs began to use for neighboring and far light.

Varieties of lamps

Lamps differ from each other not only by the method of use, but also by the type of LED used.

  • SMD (SURFACE MOUNTED DEVICE). Light bulbs of this type are among the most common. Surface Mounted Device LEDs are installed directly on the surface of the board (this is the name of this). There are a great many different models that differ from each other by the current indicators and the light flow values. Such varieties of light bulbs are characterized by high-quality heat sink. Thanks to these characteristics, they are very durable and wear-resistant.
  • Powerful and heavy duty LEDs. In such light bulbs there are diodes of type 5630, 5730. They are designed for current up to 350 mA. Lighting devices with similar lamps are very powerful. Such varieties need additional cooling.

  • COB (Chip On Board). Lighting devices with such LEDs are not bad uniformity of the light flux.
  • Philament diodes. The technology of manufacturing such light bulbs is still under development, but is already very popular. One filament gives 1.3 W. Such varieties are inexpensive and have excellent heat sink qualities.

Fastening options

LED lamps are attached to:

  • hooks (for linear and suspended lighting types);
  • suspensions with base rings;
  • adjustable racks with bolts (most often used for stretch ceilings);
  • Lighting supports and walls (for spotlight lighting);
  • Double-sided scotch or plastic brackets (for LED tape).

Where you can use?

LED lighting devices can be chosen for any conditions, whether it is a common residential apartment or an industrial premises. Similar options are ideal for decorative lighting. Multicolored illumination especially spectacularly look. They can be both static and blinking, running and changing colors.

Embedded ceiling lamps are suitable for stretch ceilings. They have simple structures, so every user can change the light bulb. Speecually and attractive in the courtyard of a private house will look beautiful landscape lighting and copies for the terrace on the country. There are lawn lamps or models that are installed along the tracks and paths. Also for lighting can be used light bulbs on railing or fence.

In addition, LED bulbs are often installed in the garage or cellar. To do this, it is not necessary to buy models with a large dispersion angle.

How to choose?

Select quality and durable diode lamps are needed in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Light flow. This indicator does not affect the power of the lamp. It can characterize only its power consumption. Light flow in diode light bulbs is changed by lumens. It is for this designation that you need to pay attention when buying a device.
  • Radiation color and spectrum. To determine the color scheme, such a concept is used as a color temperature. This indicator is measured in degrees of Kelvin. The less the digit changes, the more warm is the color.
  • Color reproduction index. This indicator is necessary in order to find out how many other colors are notable in the light bulb. It is measured in the range from 0 to 100. The higher it is this indicator, the more high-quality color rendition.
  • Light flow direction angle. LED lamps are ideal for point lighting. As a rule, they have a small angle of orientation not exceeding 120 degrees.
  • Design. The design of the lamp must approach the interior in which you plan to place it. This is necessary in order for the subject to not be knocked out from the general ensemble, and harmoniously completed it.
  • Manufacturer. It is recommended to turn to popular and well-known manufacturers, which produce really high-quality and durable lamps.

Beautiful interiors

  • Built-in ceiling lamps can be installed along the edges of a multi-level light ceiling, and in its center hang up the usual metal chandelier. Such details will look harmoniously in the ensemble with red walls and gentle brown floors. Put a white corner sofa in such a room, a wooden tube under TV and complement the window with white blinds.
  • Cool light light lamps Will look spectacular on the background of a glossy multi-level ceiling of a dark blue shade. Externally, such design resembles a beautiful starry sky and is suitable for living room or bedroom.

  • LED Blue Ribbon You can decorate a white kitchen set. Attach it at the bottom of the hinged cabinets. Such unobtrusive details can decorate and revive kitchen furniture.
  • Linear backlighting can be added to the staircase. Attach such lamps to the bottom of each stage. If the staircase is made in white, and the upper part of the steps is finished with wooden panels, then it can be supplemented with white or gentle yellow light bulbs.

  • Against the background of light stairs with forged railing will look a diode tape blue. A similar tandem will be very stylish, attractive and elegant.
  • LED Blue Ribbon It will look attractive at the bottom of the white kitchen headset, located in a room with peach walls and a floor laid out on a white tile.
  • Linear or tape lamps You can decorate a mirror in a bright bathroom. Just attach the lamps behind this subject and complement such a tandem another ribbon on the opposite wall. To do this, you can cook a square niche.

How to independently install LED lighting, look in the video below.

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