Italian chandeliers: luxury and chic

For many people, designer Italian chandeliers remain the object of adoration, and not in vain. Italy dictates fashion in the lighting market, sets the tone, while the quality of the models remains at the highest level.

Features and advantages

Italy – a country of ingenious artists and sculptors and magnificent architecture. It is safe to say that since the time of the era of the Renaissance, Italy dictates fashion not only in clothing, but in everything that concerns the dwellings.

So it happened that many are ready to pay for exclusive in addition to excellent quality. It is on a similar combination of features that are specialized by Italian manufacturers, offering high-class models, often made in a single instance. Unique luxury works are works of art. Each measurement is carefully verified, be it the size of the ceiling, glass thickness, or base diameter.

In their work, leading manufacturers are used only high quality raw materials. Here it is impossible to meet cheap materials, however, and for the high costs do not chase. Truly high-quality media a priori cannot be too cheap, but no one seeks to throw the price. Italian manufacturers often arrange sales of goods to raise sales dynamics. Thanks to this, they manage to constantly update the range.

Among Italian models can be found and quite democratic samples. Their price is significantly lower than existing analogs due to some aspects, such as the smaller size and lack of light bulbs in the configuration. For many, listed tricks become a real chopstick, allowing you to choose a high-class Italian chandelier even with a limited budget.

Luxury Italian models are used not only for renting housing, but also in museums, palaces, other public institutions.


Ceiling elite lamps of Italian production are produced in two main configurations.

  • Ordinary suspended design is a traditional chandelier. The suspension model can be made with a lampshade from the fabric, however, most often Italian masters prefer to use glass and crystal. Along with these models there are exclusive swarovski crystals and unusual porcelain painted patterns.

  • Designer Overhead chandeliers Suitable for rooms with low ceilings. They are made of hard materials, including metal, glass, mirrors. Flat overhead models in the Italy market is presented much less.

Basically, this is due to the fact that there is no possibility of using all the familiar ways of finishing, and the chandeliers from Italy are distinguished by the presence of a large number of decorative parts.

There are specialized models: Baby, for kitchen with glass suspension in the form of vegetables, large multi-tiered samples for the living room. Each of the listed has special characteristics, for example, a model for the living room should have an increased light output.

Recently, more and more Models with remote control, Making a chandelier is easier and more pleasant. Managed models are especially convenient in the bedroom, because it disappears the need to rise from bed to turn off the light. Special mention deserve designs with dimmer, allowing to regulate the amount and brightness of the light produced by one lamp.

Similar models are good and in bedrooms, in the living rooms, and in the dining room.


Ordinary Italian chandeliers are large chandeliers made with abundance of various decorations. Since the source of inspiration for masters is the work of the past, it is not surprising that such pompous is present in everything, including in the size of the chandelier. The production with a scope was touched by not only the diameter, but also the height of the samples: low chandeliers are quite rare, and they cannot be called typically Italian options.

Multi-tier structures, on the contrary, not the first hundred years held at the peak of popularity.

Each eminent brand considers its duty to release the line of models in which only the modern spirit will be reflected without a decay of the old. In particular, this refers to samples of modern styles: High-tech, modern, loft. In such cases, the height and diameter should not always be impressive, but it is worth noting that one of these values ​​still remains the overall.

For example, for modern style, you can always find a flat chandering of small diameter, but it will be equipped with a long suspension of glass crystals.

Little chandeliers relate, rather, to budget options and rarely selected in residential rooms. Basically, they are considered for non-residential premises, such as a bath, entrance hall, corridor. They are least moving on classic Italian chandeliers, but many brands still try to preserve their originality by adding typical details of the finishes: flowers, crystals, forging.

Thus, with a great desire, you can find chandeliers of any dimension, but the priority remains behind large majestic samples.


Unusual forms among models from Italy are not so often. More preference is given to the classics and time-tested time. However, those forms that meet are affecting the imagination. Made of exquisite materials, the original designs look expensive and immediately capture the attention of the viewer, acting as a bright accent.

Among Italian samples, it is rare to meet simple models, often each of them is a work of art.

The greatest interest is the options for modern interiors. They are made in the form of a composition of broken wire, twisted suspended slats and the like. A distinctive feature is a uniformity of colors: the unusual design, the smaller color spread is used.

Along with round or fantasy chandeliers, there are square or rectangular multi-tiered structures. They are made from deliberately expensive materials, such as crystal and metal with applied gilding. All this helps to level the effect of a simple form, making a chandelier in Italian interesting, intricate and attracting look.

Theoretically, you can find a chandelier of any configuration, however, the most advantageous plaffones performed in the genre of floristics, that is, repeating buds of any flower. What is noteworthy in Italian production most often duplicated calla. When recreating such an unusual form, a glass of different colors is used: white or transparent, smoothly passing into green. Also, the metal base must certainly resemble the leaves and bends of the selected plant.


As mentioned above, only the best representatives are used as materials for the manufacture of Italian chandeliers.

  • For example, popular models from Murano glass. For centuries, the secret of its manufacture was kept in the strictest secrecy.

The difference is that models of various configurations and colors can be made from Murano glass.

  • Crystal chandeliers love for unusual overflows of crystal. It is more brilliant than Murano glass, therefore, with the help of such a chandelier, a more pompous appearance is created.

  • Chandeliers from ceramics look most just among the listed options. Ceramic plaffones are usually complemented by any floral pattern that gives them a little rustic.

Bases are most often made of metal. Forged models are made from various alloys, including noble, for example, bronze. Less often bases are made of wood. This is due to the fact that wooden products are capricious and require special care. For example, they cannot be wiped with an ordinary damp cloth, be sure to use a special polyrol for wood.

Each of the listed materials for the base is well combined with materials for plafimons, however, often the bases and without plafimons look quite worthy.


The most frequently selected transparent and white models, but bright color specimens are found. For example, options with green belafones can be selected in many rooms depending on the color intensity and design features.

Purple chandeliers look exquisite and elegant, however, with purple color it is worth be careful. It is categorically not suitable for living rooms, but perfectly fits in bedrooms or workers. Violet lampshade often lies around an ordinary crystal chandelier, making the atmosphere of the room more mysterious.

Red saturated color models are good in different styles, both in modern and classic. They often play the role of a bright accent, dragging all the attention. Beautifully looks combination of red with silver or gilding. In the first case, the duet is more discreet, and in the second – deliberately luxurious.

Thus, it is not possible to allocate some specific colors when choosing an Italian chandelier. It can be performed both in the monocet, so be absolutely multi-colored, for example, when it comes to imitation of buds of colors.

Universal is the choice in favor of colorless models.

Fashionable brands

The market presents quite a lot of famous Italian manufacturers. Each of them offers new product collections, including the most advanced developments in the world of light design.

The most famous are the following:

  • Divinare;
  • Lightstar;
  • Luce Solara;
  • Lussole;
  • N-light;
  • Odeon Light.

Each of the listed firms has proven itself well. One part specializes in classic models, and the other – on modern solutions.

ARTE LAMP, LIGHSTAR, N-LIGHT, LUNION AND ODEON LIGHT Offer traditional Italian design. As a rule, each of the listed brands carefully monitors the classic appearance of its new products.

Divinare, Luce Solara and Lussole produce more original and unusual specimens, which, nevertheless, are complemented by classical details. A similar mix looks boldly and bold, allowing simultaneously to give tribute to tradition, and bring notebook novelty to the interior.

If there is a choice between buying products of listed brands or other representative, it is best to stop at one of the listed brands. Each of them has proven itself well and is a time proven.

How to choose?

The selection of the lamp must be correlated with the functional purpose of the room, as well as with its features. For example, for low ceilings should not be chosen by a complex multi-tiered design, while for high ceilings an unsuccessful choice will be a small modest model.

  • Hall – home room at home, so that the chandelier for the living room should choose pompous and majestic. As Italian models are distinguished by a brilliant design, they look good in the role of the main accent in the room. Pay attention to the fact that the chandelier harmonized with the surrounding.
  • In the bedroom The choice of chandeliers is carried out in the same way as in the living room, except that it is important not to overdo the brightness of the lighting. Ideally, you should choose a model equipped with a dimmer. Pay attention to models with tissue lampshades, as they create more intimate scattered lighting. Textile lampshade can be located and around a crystal chandelier.
  • In the parishion It is worth choosing or a small modest chandelier, if we are talking about an apartment, or a pompous design, if it is selected in a spacious hall with a staircase. It should be based on the features of the hallway itself, since it will appropriately to look and an intricate model will look, and the most simple.


Italy produces modern and classic models. The classic is done with a bias in ancient and tradition, while any vintage model will not look like a rustic. Vintage in Italian is chic and glitter of palaces and locks.

  • The most common representatives Classic Style, Baroque, Rococo. Each of these stylistics allows in abundance to use decor tools, such as suspension, gilding, shine. Interesting models of the Gothic style performed from artificially aged iron.
  • For Country Style Also used extreme-aged compounded classic chandeliers, preferably performed from ceramics or glass. Harmoniously looks and models with fabric lampshairs.

  • Modern style styles Loft, Modern, Ecological Require a special approach. Since it is absolutely able to abandon any decor Italian manufacturers cannot, it is best to choose some one unusual detail of the finish: texture, color, shape. Only in such cases, the chandelier will look quite acceptable. Pay attention to the collections in accordance with the selected style.

Often firms initially make stylized chandeliers so that they fit as much as possible in the interior.

How to distinguish from fake?

To distinguish a fake model issued for the original Italian, it is worth paying attention to several important factors:

  • The first and most obvious item is the weight. Models from Italy are performed from good-quality materials, each of which cannot be called light. Therefore, the chandelier itself will be addicted quite a lot, while it will be equipped with strong brackets or other locks. Fakes are manufactured using plastic parts that weigh several times less, in connection with which fasteners will be completely different quality.
  • Pay attention to the price. Remember that the genuine Italian chandelier will not be able to cost little. This is due, firstly, using good materials, and secondly, with an affiliation to an elite price segment, which a priori significantly exceeds even the average level. We are not talking about sales conducted by official representatives of the company.
  • The seller must provide a quality certificate, proving that the chandelier is bought directly from the specified manufacturer, and not at some Chinese firm. Without this certificate, all other methods of checking are useless and do not guarantee the purchase of really original.

Beautiful ideas of stylish interiors

Below is the photo gallery of interiors, complemented by luxurious Italian chandeliers. Each of the ideas are given a brief comments regarding the relevance of choosing a particular model.

  • Despite the fact that in this room there is a beam ceiling, classic extrietary crystal chandeliers with gold-plated bases fit more than harmoniously. They produce a sufficient amount of light so that it is not lost in the niches on the ceiling and adequately lit the dining table.
  • The duo of unusual Italian LED chandeliers looks ultracerable, while while maintaining a gloss and commitment to traditions due to the choice of material. White glow is not traditional for options from Italy, which encourages the idea of ​​a separate purchase of light sources and chandeliers.
  • The extrusion design of transparent glass on a brass base looks quite simple, but at the same time exquisitely. Thanks to such a “friendship” such different sides, the model perfectly fit into the interior with environmental notes. Separate attention should be paid to the harmony of the combination of chandeliers and other lamps: they are chosen in full color unity.

  • The modern model is also perfectly combined with floor lamps due to a single design: both there, and there is a crystal beads with a crystal beads. Due to the fact that the suspension of different lengths are selected, the effect of “torn edge” is created by adding the indoor.
  • Against the background of the white ceiling, the dark chandelier looks sometimes better than transparent, especially if it duplicates the main colors prevailing indoors. Complex design, abundance of jewelry and soft yellowish light – a classic set, distinguishing samples from Italy.
  • A rare case when the Italian chandelier is made in simple design and is supplemented with fabric lampshades. Please note that it plays not so much the role of the subject-illuminator, how much does the room divides the functional zones, emphasizing the living area.

  • For the bedroom you can choose intricate structures consisting of any single material. In this case, the designers abandoned the ceiling in favor of metal gilded suspension. Such a long narrow chandelier visually pulled the room by adding her heights, despite the low location of the chandelier.
  • Italy often produces exclusive options to order, as in this case. Such a solution was developed specifically for this complex interior. The chandelier is made in a relatively simple design, while while staying a very interesting element due to its form and the gigan.

  • A small spiral design is an excellent alternative to a large classic chandelier, especially if the room dimensions do not allow the classic sample. All distinguishing features are preserved, with the exception of a large chandelier.
  • Some models are perfectly suitable for different styles. This applies not only to classic lamps, but also modern. The specimen on the photo is perfectly complementing many modern destinations, such as modern, high-tech, minimalism. Unfortunately, the role assigned to this chandelier is more decorative, so it will have to use spot backlight or local lamps to create a necessary level of light.

Interesting ideas of Italian chandeliers See in the video below.

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