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Lighting devices – an important component of the interior, without which the room will be unfinished. In addition, they should differ high functionality and have a long service life. Italian scaves are famous for their quality and fit into the design of any room.

Features and advantages

Italy – the birthplace of exclusive items of furniture and accessories. Family companies with century-old history pay special attention to the production process and regularly submit to the court of buyers unique designer lamps, which are often the only one of their kind.

The secret of brands from Italy is tribute to traditions and regular introduction of innovative technologies. Thanks to the observance of this balance, an exclusive product is obtained, known outside the native country.

Woods are installed on the wall using fasteners. Brands offer both compact and larger models. They can be located apart, symmetrically or groups – variations depend on the idea of ​​the author. Wall accessories illuminate the space around themselves, perform an addition to chandeliers and lamps.

What is the difference between Italian lamps:

  • Quality of used raw materials. For the manufacture of products, natural materials are taken, characterized by durability and attractive appearance. Manufacturers offer accessories from Murano glass, bronze, high quality raw materials. When the lamps are cleaned, a crystal, handmade textiles, crystals. When it comes to premium accessories, even precious metals are taken, for example, gold and silver.

  • Variety of design. Luminaires are made in a variety of styles and directions. In the collections of brands there will be strict classic accessories, affecting the abundance of decor and references to traditional areas in design. For modern interiors, minimalistic sheds are suitable, made in a quiet color scheme and devoid of coupling elements. There are also experimental products in which saturated colors and non-standard forms are combined.

In addition, large brands are ready to make products according to individual design.

  • Long service life. Made of high-quality materials lamps have excellent operational properties. With the right caring, the model will serve the year and even decades, providing good lighting both in small rooms and in the premises of a large area.

There are accessories operating on the basis of energy-saving or diode lamps that allow us to reduce electricity costs and get rid of the need to change items.

Luxury accessories are usually equipped with a variety of decorative elements and are distinguished by a large size. They imitate the vintage candlesticks, decorated with hanging parts and look appropriate only in the premises of a large area. Italian sconce is distinguished by warm, soft light, pleasant eye. Rays are evenly distributed around the room, due to which dark zones remains there.

Traditional flowers for lighting devices from Italy are calm, pastel tones, sending to century-old peace and harmony, continuing to live for many centuries. Because the scabs resemble accessories that the old palaces and residences were decorated and allowed to mentally return to the past.

Since the historical styles are often taken as the basis, even in modern models, traits Baroque, Rococo, Art Deco or Modern. An option is possible when the designers are boldly combining different directions, getting a measure of extravagant design.


Italian factories occupy a leading position in the lighting instrument industry and are known far beyond the country. Many companies originate from a small family business that started from the production of accessories to order and gradually acquired an increasing scale. Despite the big competition, the factory focuses on the development of the original design and the introduction of unique technologies, because each collection turns out unique and finds its consumer.

Famous Italian manufacturers:

  • Archeo Venice Design. The history of the factory begins in 1919. From the very beginning, she sought to create not just lighting devices, but the real works of art, because the exhibits of Venetian museums were taken as the basis of the design. Now the models are based on the features of traditional styles, upgraded with modern trends. Luminaires are shaped, however, are decorated with classic patterns, suspension; Appearance can combine elements of Western and Eastern traditions.

  • Aldo Bernardi. Plafones-spheres, smooth lines, lack of angles – Characteristic features of brand collections. The company produces porcelain accessories, ceramics, brass, bronze. The models are decorated with manually drawings, and innovative technologies are used for the manufacture of glass lamps. A wide color palette includes both bright pastel and motley tones.

  • St Luce. The brand is known for innovative design lamps. It produces Loft and High-Tech-style sconce, distinguished by a bold color gamut and an unusual shape. The basic material for creating accessories is metal, the cold brilliance of which refers to industrial design, the interior of factories and plants.

  • Alivar. Laconic accessories with a minimum of decorative elements suitable for interiors in minimalist style. The factory appeared relatively recently – in 1984, because it regularly monitors modern trends and regularly releases new design collections. Basic Linek Flowers Perform Gray, White, Black. Materials used metal, glass, high quality plastic.

  • Casa Nobile. A young company that appeared only in 1993, despite this, she quickly took the leading position in the selected industry. The company manufactures classic style accessories adapted to modern interiors. Elite models are decorated with twisted bases, imitate the vintage candlesticks and are installed in the cabinets, libraries, living rooms. There are also more modern sheds made in monochrome colors.

  • Flos. The brand specializes in the release of elite interiors lamps. The company appeared in the 60s of the last century and immediately won the consumer’s attention, releasing accessories from an unusual synthetic fiber. An innovative solution was the basis of the future FLOS policy, which puts the introduction of new technologies to the chapter. The design prevails geometric shapes and strict shapes, restrained tones, minimum decor.

Examples in the interior

Compact models with a minimum decor, massive lamps for large rooms or stylistically neutral accessories – in the collections of Italian brands there are all these brands. Saws are installed in bedrooms, living rooms, libraries, cabinets and correlate with the style of the room and the color gamut prevailing in it.

The classic requires the use of paired elements, located symmetrically to each other, for example, from two sides of the fireplace. In this case, the sconces made in bright colors and decorated with gilded elements.

As for the Italian style bedroom, models with massive base and lampshades decorated with smooth vegetable patterns. Saws are located near the bed to be easy to turn on and off without getting off the bed.

The gaining solution will be the acquisition of lighting devices, the color of which is only somewhat different from wall decoration. In this case, the interior will be deprived of contrasts and sharp transitions, due to which the eyes will be rest.

For the classic-style living room made in beige and sand tones, small scaves are suitable with two light bulbs. Such accessories look dynamically and at the same time traditionally.

Glass plander, having rounded shapes and curved in the form of pear, give the room atmosphere of antiquity and coziness. In this case, you can give preference to small models performed in a single style with other lighting devices.

Sleeper-pink scores with crystal suspension will become part of the Eclectic style room. For the room, in the interior of which the features of rococo and modern directions are combined, lamps with trapezoidal plates, fastened to the wall with the help of curved parts. For the manufacture of accessories use metal and glass, round base is made in brighter colors than wall coating.

So that the room looked harmoniously, the sconium is selected in single tones with curtains, furniture, bedspreads. The room is suitable for romantic agents seeking to create a fairy tale atmosphere.

Italian lamps at the EUROLUCE exhibition Look in the following video.

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