How to make loft lamp?

Loft style interiors are characterized by the presence of a large number of chandeliers and lamps that provide space with scattered light. They have laconic forms, performed from metal, glass or wood. These lamps are easily suspended on chains and ropes than emphasize the originality and uniqueness of the urban style.

Character traits

Unique features of urban design found their reflection in the organization of indoor lighting. This design requires the use of the most diverse light sources to solve the functional tasks and room decoration. All sources of light in the industrial style are ergonomic and technologically, are performed in laconic geometric shapes and have strict colors. They suggest the use of fragments of engineering communications in harsh colors.

The use of decorative painting, canvases and lampshades with funny “Visulkov” here is not allowed.

There are no restrictions on the location of light sources. The lighting system includes a large chandelier, wall scaves and flooring, placed in random order. Usually indoors are located:

  • hanging products on ropes or chains with adjustable length;
  • Stands with massive supports, including sliding type and freely moving throughout the room;
  • Lighting devices on wooden panels with lots of lamps that create a slightly scattered room lighting;
  • Point mini lamps for the zoning of the room;
  • LED backlight (in the corridor, under the roof).

Necessary materials and tools

Selection of materials for self-making chandeliers and sconium due to visual characteristics of the style, imitating factory workshop. In this subject, colorful colors and textile decor objects are unacceptable. Registration here is limited to practical, functional elements – it can be a shiny chain, steel suspension on a wire or industrial switch.

Usually, for the manufacture of loft lamps, they use with their own hands:

  • Metal – trimming of sewer pipes, steel corner, channel, as well as cutting fragments and other volumetric elements;
  • Plastic and glass – in the form of a panel for placing light bulbs and protozoa lamps;
  • A tree with minimal decorative processing – spil and fragments of unedged logs and boards;
  • stainless steel, brass, as well as chrome elements;
  • pieces of wire, wires and steel cords;
  • Headlight Cases, Radiator Reflector or Street Lantern with Reflectors.

For decoration of chandeliers and sconce in the urban style, facing materials stylized under retro are widely used, there are glass bottles, plastic containers, plastic, and old lamps and cable. All these decor elements must necessarily have a muted color gamut. For style typical dark green, gray, steel and bronze colors. Accent staining of individual parts of the central chandelier is allowed – it can be one plane in orange, yellow or mustard color. All other devices must be made of wood with saved texture or raw metal.

Ceiling luminaires are used to zoning rooms. The most popular solution – fixation of lamps to the beams to large chains. Such a device allows you to adjust the direction of the luminous flux in the chandel.

Pretty in demand in the spacious premises decorated in the style of Industrial, wall sconces. These lamps must have high functionality and ease of form. They usually attach on chains or hooks. All devices must be supplied with ergonomic switches.

Table lamps can be used in a wide variety of functional areas. Typically, such lamps are supplied for two lamps of compact curved pipes with valves. In the rooms where concrete prevails in the design, the lamps are better made of glass and wood.

To create stylish floor modules in the course, you can start sofa or spotlights. Very original in the premises of Loft style looks street lamps.

In homemade luminaires of any type, all metallized surfaces are desirable to artificially be, and their design will complement decoupage from fragments of posters and old posters.

Making your own hands

The original lamp in the subject of the loft can be made independently, using for this literally unnecessary garage trash. For example, to emphasize the industrial themes can the usual stand from trimming of any pipe, valve and beam of wires. For the manufacture of the luminaire itself, spent parts and spare parts from ordinary lighting devices will fit.

From brass

Stylish atmospheric lamp can be performed from brass elements. You will need the following materials:

  • Lamps – 5 pcs.;
  • Brass tubes (short and long) – 10 pcs.;
  • Central pipe, the longest – 1 pc.;
  • Fitting on the diameter of the tubes (with it will be mounted rays of the lamp to the main pipe) – 1 pc. (with five removal for fastening rays);
  • suspension to beams;
  • Hinges with corrected length – 5 pcs.;
  • Cartridges for lamps – 5 pcs.;
  • electrically the required length;
  • insulating tape.

Stages of work.

  1. First need to make wiring. Cocks are twisted and connected wires. The cable is carried out through the tubes, then with the help of hinges of the tube of different sizes are connected to each other.
  2. The ends of the wires are cut so that no more than 3-4 cm remains for twisting with the central cable. The edges of the tubes are screwed into cartridges.
  3. The rays-tubes of the future lamp are screwed into the fitting, and then the wiring is made – the black wires are connected to black veins, and white – with white.
  4. Open areas of conductive compounds are wrapped with a tape and is pointed out inside the central brass tube – on it and the whole design will be held.

It turned out a stylish chandelier in the style of Industrial. It will only remain fixing it on the ceiling overlap and screw the light bulbs.

On the rod

Desktop lamp in urban design can be built from light bulbs and several steel rods. It will be spectacular to look at the working functional area of ​​residential premises, as well as in the office space. Basic materials and tools:

  • long metal pipe;
  • corners and tees for connecting blanks;
  • chains (ropes, rope);
  • metal harvesting of cylindrical shape;
  • drill;
  • cable equipped with a switch and socket;
  • glue pistol;
  • insulating tape.

Stages of work.

  1. All metal blanks must be cleaned from dirt and degrease.
  2. At the ends of the metal rod fastened the suspensions (rope, cord or chain).
  3. The basis of the structure is equipped with electrical equipment. Wire leads, fixing to suspensions, and the cartridge is installed on all testing modules. The future lamp is complemented by metal lampshade and screw the light bulb.
  4. Before hanging, it is necessary to adjust the position of the main rod – if you wish, you can hang it at an angle to the ceiling or in a horizontal direction.

From water pipes

Working with metal tap pipes requires the skills of thread cutting. In the absence of such skill, you should stock up from the old pipeline – there are already a thread on them.

To create a stylish sconce, you will need:

  • corners and tees;
  • segments of steel or aluminum pipes of several lengths and diameters (these parameters choose the master itself);
  • Electrical Elements: Lamps, Cable, Cartridges, Switch;
  • Hoven for metal, as well as largs for carving formation.

Work description.

  1. It is recommended to first make an approximate drawing. You can determine the required amount of blanks and their length. IMPORTANT: When planning work, it should be borne in mind that the lamp will be pretty heavy.
  2. It seems more effectively a lamp with a tree structure, for which it is necessary to form the same number of branches from each side (they screw the cartridges in them).
  3. After that, with the help of aerosol paint, toned the whole design and leave to be dried.
  4. If the type of lamp is fully satisfied with you – you can safely attach it to the ceiling and turn the light bulbs.

From plastic

From plastic or metalplastic pipes, you can also build a good lamp in the style of Loft. For the manufacture of a budget economy model will be required:

  • trimming plastic pipes with thread;
  • Required fittings;
  • Compact light bulbs;
  • Paint in the canopy (silver, gold or bronze).

Production algorithm.

  1. First you need to draw a diagram and think over the connection type of parts. The design may have a complicated form or simple symmetrical.
  2. Upon completion of the preparation and processing of all materials used, the main elements of the design are stepdown together in accordance with the Scheme with Fittings.
  3. The collected products are evenly painted from all sides, dried, and then turning paint again.
  4. It remains only to hang the finished lamp to the ceiling overlap.

Work examples

In the interiors of this style usually use unconventional wall decoration. In most cases, imitation of concrete or brickwork, as well as coarse plaster. So that these surfaces harmoniously looked with the lighting system, the simplest options are used for the backlight.

Industrial lamps

In the industrial interior, the lamps of this type should combine in their design a variety of metal elements, cords, cartridges and light bulbs. They can be connected in arbitrary form in accordance with the idea of ​​their creator. Large elements of the housing are usually painted in dirty-white, graphite, silver or other low-speed shades. They are harmoniously combined with texture walls in the urban room.

Chandeliers may contain bright elements. For example, a red inscription, anxiety sign, a radiation danger symbol and so on.

Retro lamps

It should be noted that such lamps in the subject of Loft do not imply the use of plated lampshades from the grandmother’s chest. In the design of such lamps, wooden or metal bases from the failed flooring are used, which are fixed by unusual caps. It may be roughly trimmed wooden elements or even used hole drum from washing machine.

All sorts of gears, large rings and other mechanical elements are acting as the main decorative elements. Such a lamp will create a special atmosphere in the style of steampunk.

Original designer ideas

Considering stylish urban chandeliers and sconces on the pages of designer magazines, it can be noted that in most cases they are made of elementary materials. It is not difficult to make such a lighting device, it is enough to just remember the location of its elements, as well as the way they are connected. An independent creation of a light source will allow you to significantly save money and create an original thing that has every chance of becoming a central element of interior design.

In the next video, it is told about how to make a lamp in Loft style with their hands.

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