Features of LED spotlights 20 W

Know the features of LED spotlights 20 W need to consumers. It is useful to figure out how 20 watt searchlight is shining in the general case. We offer to familiarize yourself with the review of LED-spotlights 20W, their matrices and other technical features.

Main characteristics

LED spotlight 20 W is quite modern and convenient. In addition, it is more economical halogen devices. It is guaranteed optimal protection against adverse effects. The default is most often electrical protection corresponds to the level of IP65. Therefore, you can not be afraid of exploitation, even in a particularly dusty environment and when water jets get.

At dachas and in the gardens, this device is quite reliable. The powerful and efficient diode matrix allows the device to shine very effectively. It becomes a good replacement even for traditional lamps for 200-300 W. At the same time, the engineers managed to make the technique much more compact and more convenient than before. Unlike a number of other lighting devices inside no toxins, which is very important for families with children; There is no risk for pets, and for wild fauna.

LED technology is designed for much longer exploitation than habitual incandescent threads. Guaranteed and superiority over halogen lamps, which were recently considered the abundance reference. Mount the LED spotlight is not more complicated than the luminaire of the traditional sample. No need for any launchers and other auxiliary modules. Connection is made to ordinary home power grids.

Usually 1 W Power Diodes is enough for 1 m2 of useful space. Of course, there are a lot of green and other obstacles to spread light, you can take devices with power reserve. Most often, the angle of light dispersion is 120 degrees. The allowable network voltage ranges from 190 to 260 V.

To prevent errors, you need to specify these parameters with each order, since sometimes they can still differ.

Among LED lamps on 20w deserves attention SDO-10. This product is available under the domestic phase brand. Designers declare that they provided compliance with the international electrical safety standard IP65. Main settings:

  • Color temperature 6500 K;

  • Standard home network voltage;

  • Sizes 12.1×11,8×32.3 cm.

The model is optimized for the illumination of the landscape and architectural objects. The housing is performed by aluminum casting. For protection use tempered glass. The power supply cannot be separated from the spotlight. Net weight is 230 g.

Similar power has PFL-C3 from Jazzway. It is also designed to be powered by home network. The manufacturer guarantees the light stream of at least 1700 lumens. An important advantage may be a relatively thin case. The mass of the device is 270 g; It is possible to use it at 40 degrees, and when heat is up to +50.

A decent alternative to two specified models – Wolta 20 W. This device gives the light stream to 1800 lm. Surface can be painted in white, gray or silver color. The manufacturer promises that after installation on the household plot of such a searchlight, you can forget about it for 5-7 years.

Resistance to wear and dust getting conforms to the highest requirements; Net weight is equal to 311 g.

Child Nuances

Restor to the fact that the lamp has a power of 20 watts, it is impossible. Be sure to pay attention to its designer characteristics. Regardless of the subjective opinions of individual people, this moment is no less important than the practical properties. Of the technical parameters, the emitted light stream is of particular importance. One powerful LED is exactly attractive than a comprehensive assembly.

It is necessary to figure out whether a stationary or mobile device is needed. The possibility of carrying is valuable for construction and tourism, for hunting (fishing) and security bypass in the territory. The level of protection on the IP scale should be sufficient, however, too reliable cover is not justified. Color Temperature Choose to your liking.

Of course, you need to get acquainted with feedback on a specific model, and with its technical passport.

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