Description of Navigator spotlights

Description of Navigator spotlights It is extremely important for the lighting needs of various farms and industries – from warehouse and shopping to construction and industrial. This brand is profitably highlighted among other goods with its set of characteristics. Assortment has LED rechargeable lights-spotlights 10-50 W and 100-200 W, street halogen spotlights 500 W, models of other capacities.


Speaking about Navigator spotlights, it is necessary to emphasize their high performance and modern level of performance. Basically, these devices are designed with the exercise. Therefore, it is characterized by the level of electrical protection is not worse than IP54. The company diligently selects the best components and reliable structural materials.

In addition, it is worth emphasizing other properties of the lighting products of this manufacturer:

  • resistance to mechanical effects;
  • reliable insulation of the inside of dust and water ingress;
  • Maintaining decent lighting characteristics during the entire period of use of instruments.

Overview of LED models

If you need to use searchlights with a capacity of 10-50 W, then the NFL-M model can be an excellent choice. Color coefficient is more than 75 units. Light diffuser has a matte. The reflector is made of first-class aluminum.

Other parameters are as follows:

  • Valid voltages – from 165 to 265 V;
  • Color temperature (depending on the subspecies) – 4000 or 6000 K;
  • Case of gray or black color;
  • Electrotechnical Protection Level – IP65.

Street rechargeable flashlight LED NFL-M1 has a capacity of 30 or 50 W. The level of electrical protection – no worse than the previous sample. Matte dispersion reduces the probability of temporary blindness even as a bright flow. At the same time, the aluminum reflector allows you to achieve high power of exactly directed beam.

The area of ​​dispersion of this small in size is quite large.

Main characteristics:

  • operating voltage – from 190 to 240 V;
  • Color temperature – 4000 or 6000 K;
  • The flow of light is 2400 or 3900 lm;
  • Gray color case.

Sometimes a diode floodlight is required with a capacity of 20 to 200 W with a light capacity of up to 85 lm per 1 W. In this case, NFL-01 can be considered a good choice. The outer shell of the device is performed from a strong aluminum-silicon alloy (the share of silicon accounts for 12%). The concentrated light stream is provided with a special diffuser.

The category of impact resistance for the international standard is IK08.

Important properties:

  • The dispersion angle of light is 80 degrees;
  • Operating temperature – from -40 to +40 degrees;
  • The stated service life – 40 thousand. hours;
  • Voltage – from 200 to 240 V;
  • Light flow – 1700, 2400, 4100, 5950, 8100, 12750, 17000 lm (in various versions).

100 W projector is a NFL-100 model. As in the previous case, the stated service life is 40 thousand. hours. The stress of the searchlight varies from 165 to 265 V. Light intensity – 7200 lm.

Consumers can choose a gray or black version of execution.

There are in the ruler and energy-saving spotlight with a motion sensor. NFL-M-SNR apparatus comes in cast aluminum housing. The sensor recognizes movement at a distance of up to 12 m. Light on light can be configured from 10 to 600 seconds. Light level – from 3 to 1000 lk.

Halogen and metal halogen spotlights

Choosing a simple halogen spotlight, you can give preference to NFL-pH. Case made of cast aluminum. Used solid glass.

And also it is worth emphasizing:

  • Steel reliable grille with chrome coated;
  • Network cable 1.8 m;
  • Adding special halogen lamps into the package;
  • the ability to choose a black or yellow color;
  • Lamp power 150 or 500 W.

NFL-FH model has a good aluminum case. Again, a durable glass has been installed. The power of the lamp is 150 or 500 W. Used Standard R75 Cartridge. Case painted in white or black.

The basic variant of metal halogen spotlights is NFL-MH. This device:

  • has the degree of electrotechnical protection IP65;
  • Equipped with especially durable glass;
  • Works at a temperature of -40 degrees;
  • has a power coefficient of 0.8;
  • suitable for metal halogen, and for sodium lamps;
  • Differs the efficiency of over 70%.

As a good alternative, you can consider NFL-MH SMS / SMA. This floodlight is equipped with a strengthened arc from reliable steel. Thanks to the radiator located in the rear of the device, the optimal heat distribution is ensured. The required level of electrical protection is achieved in many ways due to the Silicone Sealer. The total mass of the device is 4.75 kg.

An important role is played by a good electromagnetic choke, compatible with sodium high pressure lamps.

Vividly look at one of such searchlights, you can on the video below.

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