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Lighting devices play an important role in any stylistry. In addition to the main purpose, they pretend the interior top and holistic. One of the most cozy and homely comfortable areas of design is the style of “Country”, which arose in America, which contributes to the premises a sense of peaceful, heat and comfort. He is a fashionable trend of country houses, thematic restaurants and hotels.

Chandeliers in the style of “Country” have a number of features and are noticeably stand out against the background of other analogues.


Ceiling chandeliers must fully match style characteristics, decorating the room. The large ceiling lamp, located in the center of the spacious room, automatically becomes a key element of the interior, so its choice must be solid.

Country lighting devices combine ethnic motives and natural. With external simplicity, they are allocated by elegance notes. These lamps contribute to the interior with a tint of some old. In the manufacture of chandeliers in the above direction often use objects with history. It can be real wheel from cart, blackened chain and much more.

Some models are decorated with vegetable pattern, textile materials and other decorative elements.

Stylistics features

Before talking more about the features of the chandelier, it is necessary to figure out what is the style of “Country”. This direction has absorbed the spirit of antiquity, reflected in the use of objects of special textures. Being a benchmark of home comfort and heat, it is created by using a natural tree in large volumes.

The array is practically not processed or covered with a transparent varnish to preserve the natural pattern of the tree and its expressive pattern. Often, a stone is used as finishing materials.

In this stylist, natural materials are used, including cloth. Color range of textiles used soft, calm, relaxing, natural. Mostly brown, beige color and their shades. As a supplements use white, burgundy, gray, green, black tone.

To make the stylist expressive, in addition to the chandelier in the interior add wrought-iron elements, animal skins, horns and stuffed.

Features Chandeliers in the Rustic Decor

For each stylist there are certain canons, according to which it is necessary to select lamps. Wooden chandelier in a rustic style with wrought elements perfectly fit into the country, transforming a room without unrecognizability.

Luminaires in the above direction have a number of distinctive features:

  • No sharp corners, geometry and clear lines. The correct chandelier of “Country” combines soft transitions and smooth shapes (forged details in the form of curly plants can be decorated).
  • Main material for chandeliers – natural wood massif. It can domestic or foreign grade. Metal parts and fabric are used as a supplement.

  • Country chandeliers have large parameters, they are massive ceiling lamps. For full-fledged design, they need a lot of space.
  • Artificial Equity Effect – Perfect Design Design List “Country”. Designers often use rough and untreated elements that give the product special charm.
  • Natural gamma is used for lighting devices in this direction. Often shades are distinguished by the characteristic metal shine and imitation of the composition.

Variety of models

The lineup of the chandelier in the “Country” strength is diverse and depends on the raw materials used, forms, size. This allows trademarks to find an approach to each buyer who is a connoisseur of this stylistic direction.

  • Hardware. Metal country chandeliers can be made of brass, bronze and other metal alloys. In order for the product to look expressively and attracted a glance, a black color add to the alloy, thereby highlighting individual lines or parts. Metal models look more compact and careful than analogs of wood.

Such ceiling accessories are used as the main source of artificial light not often: heavy weight is an obstacle to this decor.

  • Wheel chandelier. Most popular in the “Country” chandeliers enjoy the chandeliers in the shape of the wheel of the old cart. This element acts as a basis on which lamps are placed. It is suspended under the ceiling, decorated with chains and iron parts. It can be a product based on real wheel or his workshop imitation.

Find a wheel from carts is quite difficult, but such products are rare and are called “accessories with history”.

  • Fabric and harness. Textile materials are often used for plaffones design in rustic style. The best and textured fabric is best suited, the composition of which must certainly be natural. Together with the fabric in the design chandeliers, designers use rough ropes and harnesses.

  • “Horned” chandelier. As a designer design, a rustic style chandelier is often used by the horns of various animals (elk, deer, saiga). It can be natural horns or their imitation from a natural tree treated with varnish.

It is worth noting that the above-mentioned models are the most common and popular in this stylist. The development of the design of the design does not stand still: specialists are constantly developing new models of lamps.


Considering the popularity of country style, lighting stores offer a huge variety of models. There are expensive accessories made of rare wood varieties and other natural materials, as well as budget versions that only visually resemble positions from the elite goods catalog.

Where to purchase?

Buy Suspended chandeliers in the style of “Country” can be in special online stores. This purchase is especially convenient if there is no specialized boutique with lamps in the required decor in the buyer. Online customers have the opportunity to choose the ideal in appearance and cost model.

The second way – will go to a large lighting store, which offers a huge selection of chandeliers, including in a rustic style.

Craftsmen can make a chandelier country alone. There are many lessons on the unstashes of the worldwide network about how to make a lamp do it yourself.

If you decide on this option and execute it, as a result, get a unique handmade product. Such objects are valued much higher than factory analogues.

Right choice

Country lamps and chandeliers have an expressive appearance that highlights them against other models. Before you recover in the store or place an order through a remote store, you need to accurately decide where the new lamp will be placed. Country style is better suitable for spacious rooms. However, this does not mean that in the room with a small useful area such a chandelier cannot be positioned.

Massive chandelier is perfect for large rooms. It can be a multi-level model of wood, decorated with horns, branches and other elements. Standard location – center room. When designing banquet rooms of restaurants, you can install several ceiling chandeliers. Especially successful lamps of this type look in rooms with high ceilings.

For small rooms, it is better to choose the model more compact, placing them point or around the perimeter of the room.

Glass: Yes, or not?

As a rule, for registration chandeliers in the style of “Country”, the glass is not used, but as a supplement this material is quite appropriate.

Plafones of stained glass can be part of the lamp in the above stylistics. Organically look warm shades of models, such as yellow or orange. You can also find models with matte glass.

Tips from specialists

Designers recommend not to save when buying chandeliers for a room in the Decor “Country”. If you want to organize a real rustic style, you will have to spend money on natural materials and expensive models.

Do not recommend using the chandeliers of this type in the children’s room. This applies to products with forged elements, horns and other sharp details.

For this zone, it is better to choose a lamp decorated with cloth and thick threads. This may be a monophonic fact material (beige, brown, dairy shade. ) or fabric decorated with small floral pattern.

How to create an original chandelier in the style of “Country” with your own hands, you can find out, looking at the video below.

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