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Thanks to eternal values, the interior design of the house or classic style apartment always remains at the peak of fashion. And one of the important tasks to recreate the unsalted classics in a given space is undoubtedly the corresponding style of special soft lighting.

To keep all the traditions and not to break the harmony in the interior, the choice of lighting devices must be taken particularly carefully.


In the modern market, the choice of lamps in the classic style is so huge that sometimes it is not easy to stop your choice on some one liked model. Unlike other lighting, classic style lamps have a number of features:

  • Nobility and simplicity of lines, grace without excesses – the main feature of all classic lamps.
  • For the manufacture of lamps in most cases, natural natural materials are used, such as glass, metal, wood, crystal and ceramics.
  • Gilt and silver are widely used to highlight decorative elements.
  • Strict and traditional forms can harmoniously fit in almost any interior.

  • The traditional classic lamp has a strong and reliable, often wrought metal base and glass ceiling.
  • The most popular colors in the design of classic lamps are black, white, gray, brown, as well as gold and silver.
  • Due to its popularity, this type of lamps has a large number of modifications of various forms, colors and sizes, which allows you to satisfy even the most picky consumer.


Like any other lighting devices, classic lamps are divided into basic views, among which you can distinguish suspended, overhead, ceiling and autonomous. Consider the classics of the genre in more detail:

  • Most popular classic suspended Chandeliers with many suspension, Typically, made of high-quality crystal or faceted glass. Meet both single-tier and multi-tier models. In this category, outside of all the competition, many years remain inimitable chandeliers from Austrian Crystal Swarovski.

They can be deservedly attributed to subjects of this art, which are able to give the premises a special solemn atmosphere.

  • Another type of popular chandelier, which is often used in classic style premises – Horn lusters with a variety of elongated lamps that mimic the shape of the candles. Sometimes these models can also be multi-tiered.

  • Wall-mounted classic lamps and sconces presented the most numerous models. Most often these lamps, imitating lights, vintage lamps or candlesticks, decorated with folding crystal suspension. The main difference between their design – sophistication and restrained luxury. In the classic interior, such lamps are usually placed in pairs, on one horizontal line, forming a strict axis of symmetry.

  • Classic Table Lamps and Floor Floors. As a rule, most of the models of this type have strict forms, covered with tissue lampshade, can be decorated with crystal suspension. This is an excellent option for decoring a bedroom, living room or personal account. Made according to modern technologies in compliance with the rules of the classic style, they will help to create an atmosphere of comfort and calm.

Recently, the neoclassic style is gaining great popularity in the design of the premises, which also requires a special approach to interior lighting. This style requires soft, scattered and multi-level light.

To achieve the best effect designers use the entire arsenal of all kinds of lamps: from classic chandeliers and wall browsing to LED backlighting and built-in spots.


Most often, the manufacture of classic lamps use natural materials and most common them:

  • High quality glass, Processed according to special technology or crystal, perhaps the most popular and most beautiful among all materials used in the manufacture of lamps and chandeliers. As a rule, crystal lighting devices are designed to illuminate living rooms and halls.

  • A natural stone Frequently used as a frame-based framework in desktop or overhead classic lamps. In production most often used yashma, malachite and onyx, as the stone is too heavy, it is not used for suspended ceiling chandeliers and lamps.

  • High quality color or transparent glass, or their combination, glass can also be matte or textured. One of the best for the manufacture of lamps is recognized by Murano glass, a feature of which is that chemical dyes do not apply for its manufacture. To give all sorts of shades, Murano glass uses only natural minerals, which are added in the form of powder during melting to the main mass. Lamps from such glass wonderfully look in the bathroom or in the corridor.

  • Elegant Worn metal Chandeliers and wall scaves will look exquisitely and stylishly practically in any room. In this case, the forged base of the luminaire can be supplemented with thin colored or matte glass beeps decorated with an oriented painting.

  • To decorate lamps in the classic style is often used Gilding or Bronze, The basic principle of paint – spraying or galvanization. This technique is most popular in the manufacture of lighting devices in a modern neoclassical style.

Choosing a classic style lamp for its interior, it is necessary to remember the main rule of harmony – all lighting devices must correspond to the overall design of the room.

You can also not forget about the main purpose of the lamp, choose exactly the instance that will meet all your requirements.

In the video you will get off to watch overview of classic lamps in the interior.

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