Chandeliers of the Aurora factory

The choice of ceiling chandelier for your home is a very important and responsible thing. Properly selected lighting device will provide a sufficient amount of light in the room, and also emphasizes interior features. Moreover, with the help of a good chandelier, it turns out to visually expand the room, emphasize its advantages and hide small flaws.

The modern market presents a wide range of various models of lamps. Recently, the products of the domestic factory “Aurora”.


Consider the main advantages of Russian goods:

  • Decent quality. These chandeliers are the result of the collaboration of Italian, German and domestic manufacturers. All products are strict quality control, marriage is excluded. By purchasing the lamps of this brand, you get a first-class product that meets European, international standards.
  • Availability for everyone. To purchase a chandelier “Aurora”, not necessarily go for her to another city. To date, there are a large number of online stores that offer operational delivery of goods anywhere in the Russian Federation. Just place an order on the official website and wait for your parcel.
  • Acceptable value. The company offers a large selection of lighting devices for any budget. You can easily find economical options and luxurious expensive models in the catalog. Due to the fact that the production of ceiling chandeliers is carried out in Russia, the total cost of goods will be significantly lower than if the chandeliers were made in Europe. You do not have to overpay for transportation.
  • Stylish and modern design. The creators of such lamps carefully follow the fashion trends in this area, as well as for the needs of consumers. There are devices made in various styles, from classics to modern.

  • For the manufacture of ceiling chandeliers manufacturers Use all sorts of materials: tree, plastic, metal, bronze, glass and so on. Such a lamp will become a real decoration for any home. You can easily find exactly the device that you can not fit into the interior of your apartment.
  • Long service life. Lighting devices of this brand are highly resistant to wear. They do not lose their pristine beauty for many years. On average, the lamps regularly work for twenty years.

Consider the main categories of ceiling chandeliers, Who offers the domestic company “Aurora”:

  • for bedrooms, living rooms, corridors and hallways;
  • with malachite, onyx;
  • Large and small.

The store catalog contains a special line of lighting lights for low ceilings.

Buyers especially identify some products. It is worth considering the most popular models.

Vaccari ceiling lamp

This chandelier is an impersonation of luxury and sophistication. Its design implies the placement of six light bulbs. Frame made of bronze and onyx. Elegant sparkling pendants on the chandelier are made of high quality crystal.

The size of the device is relatively small – forty centimeters. This option is ideal for living rooms in a classic style. It will provide a sufficient amount of light in the room, and also effectively decorate the interior.

Faucella chandelier with malachite

Perhaps there is no such person who would not be amazed by the beauty of Malachite. This amazing natural stone fascinates. All sorts of shades of emerald color shimmer.

Bronze chandelier decorated with such material will give your interior with refinement and sophistication. It is perfect for a large hall or dining room.

Bronze Two-Route Light

This elegant and beautiful device is ideal for a small hallway, corridor or any other room. The design consists of only two lamps. At the same time, the chandelier will provide a sufficient amount of light.

The base of the lamp is made of bronze. It is supplemented with sparkling and transfusing pendants from crystal. Transparent balls and threads create impression of weightlessness and grace. This model will fit into any atmosphere, while it will be well completed.

Hexillapaya chandelier Magnolia

The magnificent combination of massive bronze and fragile crystal creates an incredibly beautiful composition. This lamp model will perfectly fit into the interior of your bedroom – especially if the room is decorated in an antique or classic style.

Such products emphasize the status and good taste of their owner.

Reviews of real buyers

To make a more complete picture of the company’s products, consumer comments should be carefully examined. To date, analyzed a large number of reviews about modern products. Many buyers are very proud that the Russian manufacturer offers decent goods.

Other buyers speak of a good value for the price and quality of lamps. Chandeliers work regularly for many years. At the same time during operation over time, they do not lose their brightness and attractive appearance.

For the overwhelming majority of consumers, an important advantage is a wide range of ceiling chandeliers, buyers please different design options. When making a purchase, there are no problems when searching for a suitable model for interior.

About how chandeliers and lamps of Aurora factory are produced, see the following video

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