Chandeliers Odeon Light

    Modern lamps not only give light, but also decorate the room. Chandeliers Odeon Light – one of the best options that combine quality and style.

    About brand

    ODEON LIGHT – Famous Italian Brand. The company specializes in the production of various lighting devices. Not the first year she takes a leading position in the European market. Won the company and confidence of Russian buyers.

    The range of the brand includes moisture protection, wall, suspended, ceiling lights, table lamps, sconces, flooring, chandeliers. Production uses ceramics, metal, wood, glass, crystal, plastic. The combination of high-quality materials with fashionable Italian design is the distinguishing feature of the brand products.

    Previously, all production was concentrated in Italy. Today branches of the company are also in Russia. In this case, the production process fully complies with European standards and is not inferior to the quality of foreign models. You can purchase Odeon Light lamp in one of the branded stores or from brand partners.

    Also available is available for ordering in the official online store.

    Features and advantages

    ODEON LIGHT chandeliers enjoy great popularity. The secret of such success is their indisputable advantages.

    • Quality and security. In the manufacture of instruments, the latest equipment, reliable and safe materials are used. Before selling, each product is conducted test testing.
    • Variety of models. The range of the brand includes chandeliers for every taste. These are luxurious Baroque style models, and elegant classic options, and ultra-modern avant-garde lighting. A variety of sizes, styles and design solutions allows you to choose the ODEON Light chandelier to any interior.
    • Wide price range. In the company’s collections there are expensive luxury models, and quite affordable, but no less attractive products.

    Flexible pricing policy allows each buyer to acquire a beautiful and high-quality chandelier, regardless of its financial opportunities.

    Review models

    Among the huge range of companies have models that are particularly popular.

    • 2006/4S. Perfect option for modern home-tech style or minimalism. Laconic geometry of forms here is combined with the refinement of openwork plafones. The refined gloss of chromium steel is complemented by the radiance of multifaceted crystals.

    Transparent shockproof glass gives the model special lightness and airiness.

    • 2565 / 7C. Elegant classic with modern elements perfectly fit into a refined living room or bedroom. Snow-white flafs gently and evenly disperse light. The luxurious curtain of crystal beads hides the place of attachment of the device to the ceiling. And the light bulb, highlighting the crystal from the inside, provides the magic game of light in translucent faces.

    • 1989/8. This model is also a classic option, but in a more strict execution. Resembling an atmosphere of an ancient castle, a model with wrought elements looks very solid. Despite the laconicity of the design, such a chandelier can say about impeccable taste and even the owner.

    This option will be appropriate in the classic interior, and in the setting in the style of “Loft”.

    • 1297/8. Another chandelier performed in the spirit of Middle Ages. Elegant metal bars painted in the color of noble bronze are complemented by ceiling in the form of candle holders.

    Light bulbs in the form of candles – a spectacular final touch that creates an imitation of exquisite suspended candelabra.

    • 2208 / 7C. The original model in modern style will enjoy fans of unusual solutions. The basis of the design is the possibility of free formation of its appearance and direction of light flows.

    All plafones are fixed on long elastic “legs” capable of bending in any direction and keep the specified form. Matte plafones are decorated with elegant wavy lines, especially noticeable during the highlighting of their light bulbs.

    You can manage lighting yourself, making it soft and scattered or focused and bright. The silhouette of the chandelier will change with the design of the structure.

    • 2688/5. This unusual model will not only decorate the modern interior, but will be his highlight. Fancy bends of glass fascinating, shimmering in the rays of lamps.

    Chrome details harmoniously complement the unique design.

    • 2599 / 9C. Another interesting ceiling lamp will become a beautiful decoration of a small room. The canvas consisting of crystal crystals, as if hung in the air, sparkling with transparent faces.

    Six halogen light bulbs highlight it from the inside, enhancing the effect of magic.

    • 2252/3C. A small chandelier on 3 light bulbs from a floristic collection will especially like romantic girls. Graceful White Plafones in the shape of lilion flowers are complemented by decorative gentle-purple roses.

    Green leaves, wrapping a thin framework, complete flower arrangement.

    • 2585/5. Another popular version on spring and colors. Aerial model consisting of a variety of gentle roses and silver leaves, fascinates with its beauty.

    Transparent purple crystals, imitating buds, sparkle and overflow, filling a chandelier unusual shine.

    • 2279/5. For registration of the children’s room, the brand offers a pretty model with textile plates. Neutral white base color allows you to easily enter the device to any environment. And bright pictures depicting cats like any baby.

    Such a chandelier will look harmoniously in the girl’s room, and in a children’s boy. Five light bulbs will ensure excellent lighting, and a cheerful color will raise the mood even in the most gloomy day.

    • 2441/4C. Another children’s option is characterized by brightness of shades and original design. The base in the form of a fabulous cloud on a purple stand is decorated with multi-colored colors. Four matte glass lamps gently illuminate the room.

    Even in the off state, such a chandelier will be able to become an interesting element of the interior. Given the floral topics and purple-pink gamut, this model is more suitable for girls.

    How to choose?

    So that the new chandelier pleases the eye and fully fulfilled its functions, before buying it is worth considering several important points.


    The size of the chandelier and the number of light bulbs in it should directly depend on the area that must be covered. In the spacious hall, you need a large lighting device. In a small room there will be enough compact model with three light bulbs.

    When counting the number of lamps in the chandelier, it is also worth considering the presence or absence of additional light sources (point lamps, bras and t. D. ). But if the additional backlight allows you to do the central device with a small amount of light bulbs, the chandel size must still correspond to the size of the room.

    This condition is explained by visual perception. After all, in a small room, a massive chandelier will look too cumbersome and inappropriate. Conversely, in the spacious hall, a small ceiling lamp is simply lost.


    The chandelier is located in the center and, accordingly, is an important element of the interior. It is worth considering the type of room, and the design style, and the color gamut of the finishes and furniture.

    For a living room decorated in the Baroque spirit, a classic chandelier is suitable with an abundance of crystal, exquisite beams, sophisticated with twisted elements. It is permissible imitation of Kandelabrov.

    In the romantic bedroom, the topics of flowers, models of matte glass with patterns and pendants of glass or crystal will be appropriate. In the kitchen will charmingly look options with stained glass, as well as concise models of round and cone-shaped.

    If you prefer minimalism and high-tech, pay attention to the chandeliers of chrome metal and glass of unusual forms. For layout in Loft style brand offers options with forged and wooden elements.

    If the room decoration is very keen, you can choose the original lighting device that will be the setting of the situation. If the room is pissed by paints, all sorts of prints and accessories, it is better to stop the choice on a more laconic model, which will harmoniously fit into the interior, not standing out, but competently complementing it.


    White and black colors are universal and easily fit into any atmosphere. The same applies to glass and crystal. Transparent sparkling elements look perfectly surrounded by any shades.

    As for non-ferrous chandeliers (green, pink, purple and t. D. ), they should be chosen with caution. The shade of the lighting device must be harmonized with other flowers in the room (upholstered furniture, wallpaper, interior items). Such a model and owners of an apartment decorated in neutral colors.

    If the chandelier has metal or wooden parts, they must also correspond to the setting. Chrome looks great in the cold colors, and the metal in the color “Gold” is well harmonized with warm shades.

    Pay attention to the fittings of the furniture, the color of the metal of other devices (desktop lamps, sconce).

    As for the wooden finish, it should also be harmonized with other objects. For example, you should not buy a chandelier with the color of the “wenge”, if your wall is made in the shade of “Walnut”. Better pay attention to other models.


    Chandeliers Odeon Light celebrate excellent quality products, including elite, and inexpensive models. Like customers and stylish design lighting, and ease of their installation. Chandeliers really decorate the interior, create comfort, the space illuminate.

    Customers and official website of the manufacturer praise, where you can easily find the desired option and quickly checkout. Managers willingly advise and help with the choice.

    All details of the devices are carefully packaged, which allows them to overcome any distances to a meeting with the new owner. The appearance of the chandelier fully corresponds to the photo, so you can safely order your favorite model without risk to be disappointed in the purchase.

    How to properly collect a new ODEON LIGHT chandelier, you can learn from the video below.

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